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Car hire London PowerPoint Presentation
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Car hire London

Car hire London

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Car hire London

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  1. WELCOME TO Wise Car Hire

  2. ABOUT Welcome to Wise Car Hire - The Wise Way of Hiring a Car Wise Car Hire is one of the most recommended car hire and van hire companies in London offering car rental services to new and young drivers. We have a large selection of standard, economy and even premium cars available for daily, weekly, weekend or monthly hire. We stock the latest models of cars and our vehicles are equipped with the latest tools to provide you a confirtable car hire experience. We endeavour to offer you the best of our services at the most affordable prices. We can also organise custom car rental services based on your requirements. We can also pick you up and drop you upon request and at a nominal additional cost. If you are finding it difficult to rent a car because you have an international driving licence, we may still be able to help you. Please contact a member of staff to find out how we can help you.

  3. Being a teenager, you would be left to sort out many things yourself. People trust you to take a call on your career, which school to choose, arranging for a house in a different city. Yet they seem to be less inclined to give you a car to drive. Even more so if you have to rent a car.  Car rentals for an 18-year-old need extra paper work or the car hire companies simply deny car rentals for an 18-year-old. You need a good rental that can help you get a car on rent while you are an 18-year-old. Consider a few vital points which are mentioned below before selecting a car rental agency.

  4. Major cities like London have some of the most notorious traffic. Coupled with the ever decreasing parking space available for rent or otherwise, you are left with fewer choices than ever. Increasing trends show a steady decline in new car purchases from millennial and the young generations alike. They are instead opting for rent and leasing of cars. Cases are plenty where families tend to rent a small car for the week and another preferably a luxury car for the weekend when they drive out of the city. 

  5. The UK has recently put a question on multi-year loans. The MP’sand debt charities are calling for unified structure in car loans. A recent study has revealed close to 85% of new cars are being financed by loans. This, in turn, is adding to the pressure of the already stressed economy at the time of Brexit. 

  6. CONTACT US 0330 113 0270 0330 113 0270 Yard 1, Station Crescent Westcombe Park

  7. THANK YOU Wise Car Hire