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Yahoo! Mail PowerPoint Presentation
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Yahoo! Mail

Yahoo! Mail

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Yahoo! Mail

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  1. Yahoo! Mail By: Christina Andrews, Leah Pak, Sook Lee, Heidi Christensen, Diane Ngongang

  2. Introduction • Yahoo! Mail was created to help people stay in contact with other email users. • You can send and receive email at the convenience of your home, office or on the road. • It provides virus scanning and cleaning, spam guard and a filter to block out unnecessary addresses. • With 1GB of storage space and the ability to send and receive up to 10MB, you can access pictures, documents, presentations and any other attachments. • There are three major steps of using Yahoo! Mail: the signup, the use, and simple features.

  3. How to Check Yahoo! Mail • Checking Yahoo! Mail is simple with step-by-step instructions. In this power point we will go over the steps to check Yahoo! Mail. • There are five steps to checking Yahoo! Mail 1. Going to the URL 2. Entering your Mailbox 3. Understanding the Welcome Screen 4. Entering the Inbox (Mailbox) 5. Reading the Email

  4. On your browser you want type This takes you to the Yahoo! Mail sign in page, displayed on the right. Find the Sign in box to the right of the screen. Step 1: Going to the URL

  5. After locating the sign in box, type in your Yahoo! ID, and Password. Then click on the gray “Sign In” button and this takes you to your Yahoo! Mail Account. Step 2: Entering your Account

  6. Your are now signed into your Yahoo! Account and are at the Welcome screen. The Welcome screen contains navigation tools for the entire sight. Step 3: Understanding your Welcome Screen.

  7. The top left corner navigates your mail, addresses, calendar and notepad. When the mail tab is open, you have a box to the left that contains your folders: inbox, draft, sent, bulk and trash. Understanding your Welcome Screen Cont…

  8. Step 4: Entering the Inbox (Mailbox) • There are three ways of entering the inbox from the welcome screen. 1. Clicking on the message link of how many messages you have, under Welcome (Your name).

  9. Entering the Inbox (Mailbox) cont. 2. Click on the gray “check mail” box under the top left corner navigation boxes. 3. Click on the folder that says, “Inbox” in the folder box in the left corner. 4. By using one of these three ways you should now be entered in your Inbox (Mailbox).

  10. Now that you are in your Inbox (Mailbox) you are able to read your email. To read your mail click on the blue link under the subject field of the email you want to read. Step 5: Reading the Email

  11. Reading the Email cont… • After clicking the link you should be viewing your email!

  12. Congratulations! • After following all the steps you now know how to check your Yahoo! Mail!