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Greek religion PowerPoint Presentation
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Greek religion

Greek religion

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Greek religion

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  1. Greek religion

  2. The Greeks The people of Greece were separated into different city-states, or independent states made up of a city and land that surrounds it. The city-states had some differences and some things similar like their polytheistic belief in gods and goddesses. Greeks also united with the same language, myths, and customs.

  3. Gods and Goddesses Greeks believed Gods and Goddesses were human-like beings with very strong powers that could alter all things on Earth. Greeks also believed that the 12 most important gods and goddesses lived on mount Olympus. Mount Olympus was Greece's highest mountain, its highest peak today being Mytikas at 9,570ft.

  4. The 12 gods and goddesses The 12 Gods and Goddesses that were considered most important and lived on mount Olympus were… 1. Zeus: King of the gods; god of the sky, rain and lighting. 2. Hera: Goddess of marriage. 3. Hades: God of the underworld. 4. Poseidon: God of the sea. 5. Hestia: Goddess of the home.. 7. Apollo: God of light. 11. Ares: God of war 6. Artemis: Goddess of the hunt and wild animals; twin sister of Apollo 8. Hermes: Messenger of the Gods; god of the market. 9. Aphrodite: Goddess of love and beauty. 10. Athena: Goddess of wisdom; protector of cities. 11. Ares: God of war 12. Demeter: Goddess of harvest.

  5. The Olympic games festivals that honored Greek gods and goddesses were held often. Public feasts and sacrifices were held in each city-state to honor the gods. Greek athletes also took part in athletic competitions such as the Olympic games that are still played today. These games were held in the city-state Olympia. The first games were held in 776 B.C. However, the first modern Olympics were held in Athens, Greece in 1896. Greeks participated in events such as running, wrestling, chariot racing, boxing, and javelin. The games showed mans strength and dedication towards the god of gods, Zeus.

  6. Credits: Information provided by: McGraw- Hill; Discovering our Past, History of the World. Presentation by: Jillian Wagner: SMS, Walter block:1