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  1. TAGS Talented and Gifted Students Program HebaDaraghmeh

  2. Introduce TAGS • Giftedness • YOU • Developing Strategies • Howard Gardner • Handouts • NEXT • Teachers’ Voice Objectives

  3. TAGS is a customized program, designed for ASP students, that will help them achieve their desired goals. As well as achieving the IAT vision to having a superior group of students who will be able to lead UAE to a better future by being model citizens having the best practices globally. Moreover TAGS will be working on developing the students’ both interpersonal and intrapersonal skills in parallel. What is TAGS?

  4. The student will have her own self-understanding as a learner and develop an awareness of her own abilities. • The student will have cognitive effective mental and logical growth, which will consequently results in a complex thinker. • The student will be a self-learner who is able to hypothesize, investigate, search, study and conclude. • The student will acquire effective leadership skills. • The student will be knowledge producer. • The student will own effective communication skills. • The student will contribute as a community partner. OUTCOMES

  5. The Great Expectation It is about

  6. YOU What is the key factor?

  7. G Gets Ideas Effortlessly I Intereseted in new things F Finds creative solutions T Tries until she succeeds E Easily Reads/ Uses language D Determined from early age Dr. Linda Karges –Bone Education Professor GIFTED

  8. So… Are they GIFTED

  9. Gifted learners must be given stimulating educational experiences appropriate to level of ability. • Only 1/2 of gifted learners receive education appropriate to their needs. • Gifted education programs fulfill both individual and societal needs. FACTS

  10. It is much more than reading books and writing papers. Independent studies may be used for solving community problems; uncovering new questions; writing histories; and, most importantly, helping a student create a lifelong love affair with learning. Teaching Gifted Students Through Independent Study

  11. Create alternative activities that go beyond the regular curriculum. • Work with students to design an independent project that they would be interested in completing for credit. • If possible, involve students in academic competitions • Create assignments, which have different expectations for different levels of learners. What can you do?

  12. “Intelligence is the capacity to do something useful in the society in which we live. Intelligence is the ability to respond successfully to new situations and the capacity to learn from one’s past experiences.” • —Dr. Howard Gardner, author, Frames of Mind and Multiple Intelligences: The Theory in Practice MOVIE

  13. Teacher Knowledge – Teachers should have a solid understanding of Howard Gardner's Multiple Intelligence theory. • While the overall concept is fairly simple, the details are more complex. For example, people who are "Art Smart" may not seem very artistic, but their intelligence reveals itself in other ways such as being able to visualize what they are learning or the ability to interpret maps, charts, and graphs easily. • Having a deeper understanding of each area will help you answer your students’ questions and guide them as they explore the concepts. • Why do you need to know??

  14. Handouts

  15. MIT will be done for the students tomorrow • Results analysis will be provided to you by Thursday • Regroup the students according to MIT results NEXT

  16. Rory, however, was exceptionally able but was also an underachiever... • Dermot was found to be dually exceptional - his exceptionality burdened down by dyslexia. Teachers Voice

  17. Angela was confused by this seeming disparity between ability and work produced. • They can sometimes struggle with simple tasks, while they excel with complex ones.

  18. Introduce TAGS • Giftedness • YOU • Developing Strategies • Howard Gardner • Handouts • NEXT • Teachers’ Voice Are we done???

  19. Let’s take off with you Thanks

  20. National Association for Gifted Children (2004). NAGC Parent Information. 20 May 2004. Network for Instructional TV, inc. (2001). Meeting the Need of Gifted Students in the Regular Classroom. 15 May 2004. Province of British Columbia (2001). Gifted Education – A Resource Guide for Teachers. 15 May 2004. “Characteristics of Gifted Children and Talented Children and Possible Associated Problems.” Queensland Association for Gifted and Talented Children, Inc. Accessed 5/24/04 from <>. MultipleIntelligencesfoadultsliteracy and Education Resources