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My Journal

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My Journal

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  1. My Journal By : TS Mrs.Grimes P4

  2. Journal Entry #1: January 2, 1849 • When I saw the news about the gold in California I was speechless. I thought we could have a chance to make it with 4 members and 1 on the way. I was thinking this could be easy money. This could’ve made us a lot money in just as little as 8 months. I left the bar on my way to tell the family.

  3. Journal Entry #2:January 3, 1849 • After that night I made it home in Macon, Georgia, I told my family about the big news. My wife was very excited. I wanted her to stay home with the baby, but she was determined to go. I was thinking she would slow us down, but she managed to change my mind. I decided to tell my boys tomorrow about the big news. Working on the farm can be hard for them.

  4. Journal Entry #3:January 4, 1849 • After the boys had rested I decided to tell them news. The boys weren’t so excited about us moving. I tried to explain to them with this economy this would be great for our family. Well we needed them on this trip that we were about to take. Even if they didn’t like it.

  5. Journal Entry #4:February 5, 1849 • We have been planning this for a month now knowing were wasting too much time. Most people most likely left the week after they heard about it. So we got up early the next morning and prepared to leave for the 8 month trip. THE CALIFORNIA GOLD RUSH

  6. Journal entry #5February 6, 1849 • The next morning we left with plenty of food and water and now were on our way. We were moving smoothly for the first few hours. Then that’s when I realized that the boys looked very homesick. They did not look like they wanted to be here at all. Rosaline was looking very tired on the carriage looking very relaxed. That’s when I knew it was going to be a long 8 months.

  7. Entry #6February 7, 1849 • On the next day of our journey it started to fiercely rain down on us. We had to take cover under a big old farmhouse for a few hours. The rain had ripped a hole on top of our horse carriage. So next time it would rain or food and closure would be ruined or wet. Sooner or later I'm going to have to fix it.

  8. Entry #7February 24, 1849 • Everybody was asleep but me. I was thinking about the rest of our journey for the next 7 months. After us finding gold, all I could think about was our new way of living. But for now, I must rest.

  9. Entry #8March 10, 1849 We kept going down the long road on the trail west for quite a while until we ran into them, THE NATIVE AMERICANS. They called themselves the Cherokees. They seemed to be so nice to us. They even let us take lodging into their camp. I went to unpack our family bags from the carriage. I pulled out my weapon to protect us, and that’s when things changed.

  10. Entry #9March 10, 1849 • When The Cherokees saw my shotgun they went crazy. They were running everywhere. They bumped into Rosaline and she fell to the ground stomach first. When I saw her hit the ground I shot the gun one time in the air, that meant nothing to them. The boys were helping the mother into the carriage. I was in such a hurry to leave I grabbed everything and just threw it in the carriage. All of us were in and that’s when we took off.

  11. Entry #10March 11, 1849 • The next day I couldn’t think about anything. The boys were shocked and Rosaline was in a lot of pain. We kept on the road for a few hours until we saw a medic that was in town. That’s when we found out that our baby wasn’t going to make it. Devastated and angry I was, but sad at the same time. Rosaline, oh sweet Rosaline was terrified. This just made me more frustrated and sick.

  12. Entry #11 March 12, 1849 • We found out we were gonna be staying for a couple of weeks in this little town. I had gotten a chance to talk to the boys for a little while. The boys were unwilling to speak about the incident. I could tell this was a hard time for everybody and nobody could relax.

  13. Entry #12 March 24, 1849 • Rosaline was now out of the town medic. After what had all happened she was willing to keep our journey going. This made me feel a little better. So that night we started back on the long trail. That’s when we saw the sign to California. We had another month.

  14. Entry #13April 26, 1849 • I thought things had been going well for awhile now. That’s when I thought we were going to be there in no time. We saw different types of animals and insects. But I still had the thought in the back of my head that it was my fault for losing our baby. It only happened once in a while.

  15. Entry #14May 21, 1849 • We were now in California. We stayed along the Gila river trail. I knew what I was doing when it came to searching for gold. We settled down in a near camp ready to find gold for the next day.

  16. Entry #15May 22, 1849 • I woke the family up at 7 o’clock in the morning, but it was too late. Most people were up way before us. So we walked up and down the river searching for a good place to start. Finally we had found a place to start. We begin panning for gold, but after a few hours we started to get frustrated, especially me.

  17. Entry #16May 23, 1849 • Today we hoped to have a better chance of finding gold. We plan on using a different technique than what we have been using. We seen others use this style on our journey. We are planning to try to use this style today and try our luck.

  18. Entry #17May 24, 1849 • We are so exciting with the results from yesterday. The new technique worked for us. We hit the jackpot. I can see our new home with Rosaline and the two boys. I can’t wait to purchase our new land and start building.

  19. Entry #18June 1, 1849 • We cashed in our findings, and it was more than we had expected. Rosaline is already starting to plan on how we are going to spend the money. She is wanting to try again for a daughter as soon as we build the new house.

  20. Entry #19December 3, 1849 • Since we struck it rich with the gold rush, we have built our dream house with enough land for our horses and cattle. Rosaline is starting to get bigger as we are hoping for a girl this time. The boys are helping out on the farm as usual with the cattle and horses.

  21. Entry #20March 25, 1850 • I must admit we have been very blessed. We now welcome our newest addition to our family, Mary Ann Jackson. We now have the girl that we hoped for. This completes our family.