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ZenNotify review demo and $14800 bonuses


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ZenNotify review demo and $14800 bonuses

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  1. ZenNotify – [First Revolutionary, Complete Push Notification Software, Used By Real Marketers & Corporate Companies] ZenNotify is a cloud-based software that makes you a ton of money, get you a lot of results and start getting traffic on demand. http://crownreviews.com/zennotify-review-bonus/ ZenNotify Overview Homepage: ZenNotify Official Site Product Name: ZenNotify Type of Product: Software Authors: Desmond Ong Target niche: Push Notification, Affiliate Marketing, Email Marketing, The Next Level Push Notification Software Used By Marketers and Developed By Marketers. Official Price: $47 Special Offer: 40%-OFF HERE! (The price will increase very fast!) Bonuses: [EXCLUSIVE] You will get any of the bonus packs in below: oGIANT Bonuses Pack 1 - ($12700) oSPECIAL Bonuses Pack 2 - ($9700) oULTIMATE Bonuses Pack 3 - ($9100) oHUGE Bonuses Pack 4 - ($9600) oMEGA Bonuses Pack 5 - ($9400) What isZenNotify? Have you been struggling to get traffic to your website on demand? Perhaps you’ve been taught about list building and email marketing, and it has yet to produce significant results for you?

  2. Are you tired of all the courses after courses — and not being able to generate traffic that you truly desire? You are on this page today because a close friend of Desmond Ong’s team or someone they know referred you here because he or she believes that ZenNotify and their team can help you generate amazing results online… That is pretty significant. I mean, think about it. The most successful internet marketers online all have something in common. They all have some sort of database of their prospects or customers… Most internet marketers collect “email lists”. And there’s nothing wrong with that. This groundbreaking software will allow you to: Get more traffic to your website Get more sales to your offer Replace traditional, less effective internet marketing methods Works with WordPress, E-commerce Stores, HTML Sites, Shopify Sends Attention-getting Push Notification Helps You Capture Visitors Without Emails Allows You To Run Promotions, Sales & Special Offers Gets Traffic On Demand With Just 1 Simple Click ZenNotify is a cloud-based software that makes you a ton of money, get you a lot of results and start getting traffic on demand.

  3. How Does ZenNotify Work? Special Features of ZenNotify: ZenNotify Is Packed With 10 Features Made By Marketers For Marketers! 100% Cloud Based Nothing to download or install. They host your code – just copy and paste!

  4. Simple 5 Minutes Setup Customers can set up the whole things in less than 5 minutes. Multi-websites You can paste your code to multiple websites.

  5. Their Zennotify supports the biggest browsers Chrome and Firefox on the desktop. On mobiles, the technology is available only on Android OS in Chrome.

  6. Create Notification & 10 Notification Templates Able to customizing it with your own logo, your own words, and message, you’ll be able to stand out in front of your crowd. And they have 10 proven templates with the biggest niche in the market. Schedule & Send Notification You can even schedule your notifications for a time of your choice. So if you know when your audience is most active, you can simply schedule a notification for that time. This will help get more attention and more clicks.

  7. Campaign Segment Using their segmentation feature, you can group your audience into campaign / segments, depending on any condition and you can then send notifications to particular segments.

  8. Click & Deliver Data Analysis/ Real Time Tracking You can monitor your visitors, interaction, and conversions of your notifications in real time. Unlimited Subscribers

  9. They had 3 account plan with different prices, one of the account plans customers can add UNLIMITED Subscribers into their database. SPECIAL FEATURES Invite Notification with Live Editor This is a great feature that they had; you can customize the Invite Notification with their live editor. These are the element included: Can customize Video, Images, Set Thank You Url (after user click Allow will redirect them to a URL), Customize Button, Setup Bonuses link after subscribed and they provided 5 proven templates that they had tested.

  10. How it works: The Basic Version of This Software20X My Income In Just One Simple Click! Here’s literally what they did… STEP 1 They applied ZenNotify on someone else’s website that is getting around 100-200 visitors a day. STEP 2 They send out a message via ZenNotify’s messaging system to 300 members they acquired for free. STEP 3 In 24 hours, they received over $1,355 in total sales… by just sending out one simple “broadcast”... Who Should Use ZenNotify?

  11. No matter what niche you are in - this works for any kind of site in any category out there. If just one site like this could make you a lot of money per month - how many such sites would you create? Besides, with the easy-to-use function, you can make it work no matter whom you are making this product doesn’t require much of your skill. Why should you Get ZenNotify Now? Here’s Why ZenNotify Is Ten Times Better Than Email Marketing… It Gets Attention… Period. It’s notsecret that “push notification” gets attention… The message appears right in front of your audience’s eyes when they’re browsing the web. With email, your audience will need to log into their email, comb through hundreds of emails just to be able to get your message. Push notification is direct, and effective. There’s No “Spam Box”. It’s not secret that “push notification” gets attention… The message appears right in front of your audience’s eyes when they’re browsing the web. Push notification is direct, and effective. There're No Recurring Fees. One thing I absolutely hate is the fees that these email marketing companies charges. Companies like Aweber, iContact, and GetResponse can charge up to thousands just to host your list. Not everybody can afford thousands of dollars to host email lists. With ZenNotify - they’ve made everything easy and on the cloud. You only need a one-time license, and you’re good to go! It’s Easier to Set Up & Takes Seconds to Launch A Campaign…

  12. Writing emails and sending out to your email list can be very troublesome… especially if you have writers’ block! To make things worse, a lot of these email marketing companies have really complicated interface — and can be very confusing! With ZenNotify, you can easily send out a campaign in less than 30 seconds! Perfect For E-commerce Stores… Since a lot of their clients are actually e-commerce store owners, they take this into serious considerations. Most push notification software cannot display images… which is a feature that is really important for e-commerce store owners? They’ve designed ZenNotify to integrate seamlessly with e-commerce stores as well as the marketing side of it. E-commerce store owners who have used their software has seen an increase in conversion compared to other push notification software! Perfect For E-commerce Marketing… If you run product launches… or webinars… … ZenNotify is going to help you get more visitors and attendees. You can literally announce live when you go live — and get attendees to jump on your live webinars! And now after revealing all the features inside ZenNotify, they are not about to stop there. They are including a very valuable bonus, designed to enhance your result with ZenNotify. Special Bonuses from ZenNotify: FAST ACTION BONUS #1: NO MONTHLY FEE, UNLIMITED ACCESS TO ZENNOTIFY (WORTH $2,364)

  13. Since ZenNotify is a cloud-based software - it actually costs us over 5 figures monthly to maintain this software. So outside of this page, they will be charging a monthly fee of $197 to get access to this software. (and if they canceled, their account is canceled as well.) But because you’re a referral, I’ll hand you a big bonus… I’ll eat up the cost on your behalf. You just need to invest a one time fee to get started. FAST ACTION BONUS #2: FREE UPGRADE to “Pro” Version. (Worth $497)

  14. ZenNotify has two versions. Basic, with the basic features. And Pro, with the professional features such as the ability to integrate images, 1 step landing page and adding videos. Frankly speaking, “Pro” is our upgraded version that they usually ask for an additional $497 since it costs us a lot to develop it. But because you’re here early during this week of launch, I will hand you a special pass to get “Pro” for free - on me. FAST ACTION BONUS #3: FREE Webinar On How to Make $1,000 Per Day With ZenNotify… Without A Website, Any Traffic or A Product… (Worth $997)

  15. Tools are useless if you do not know how to use them effectively. In this special live webinar, I will show you some amazing ways that you can use to make money with ZenNotify…. Without a website, traffic and product. This is one class that you want to want to attend! … That’s it! Now you have a website campaign that is ready to receive traffic & start converting those traffic to amazing life-changing sales to you… Conclusion THERE’S No risk on your side. Don’t hesitate to grab it while it still on the low price!! http://crownreviews.com/zennotify-review-bonus https://www.facebook.com/ZenNotify-Review-9700-Bonus-80-Discount- 1096179923786143

  16. https://medium.com/@necomupa/zennotify-review-zennotify-demo-https://medium.com/@necomupa/zennotify-review-zennotify-demo- bonus-140094f0a957#.h8vr73ihl www.linkedin.com/hp/update/6181377970876317696 http://qoyeriqi.tumblr.com/post/150348942504/zennotify-reviews-and- bonuses-zennotify http://www.scoop.it/t/marketing- 782/p/4069025706/2016/09/13/zennotify-review-secret-22-300-bonus http://yunegoqu.deviantart.com/art/ZenNotify-review-in-detail- ZenNotify-Massive-bonus- 634223481?ga_submit_new=10%253A1473755495 https://www.flickr.com/photos/143106982@N05/29359584050/in/datep osted-public/ https://www.eventbrite.com/e/zennotify-review-in-detail-and-free-21400- bonus-tickets-27698566157 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s8L3S4TEoYc&feature=youtu.be https://vid.me/YUJM http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x4t0fs4 ZenNotify ,ZenNotify review,ZenNotify review and bonus,ZenNotify reviews,ZenNotify reviews and bonuses,ZenNotify discount,ZenNotify bonus,ZenNotify bonuses,ZenNotify review and discount,ZenNotify review in detail,ZenNotify ultimate review,ZenNotify coupon,ZenNotify demo,ZenNotify demo review

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