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Occupants of the Annex

Occupants of the Annex

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Occupants of the Annex

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  1. Occupants of the Annex Kerri Courtney Dylan

  2. The Secret Annex The secret annex was the Franks hiding place during Hitler's reign. It was located behind the building of 263 Prinsengracht and was connected to the building by a narrow passageway and a steep staircase on the second floor.

  3. Anne Frank Anne Frank was born in Germany in 1929. She moved with her family to Amsterdam in 1933.The Nazis arrested the franks in secret annex on August the 4th 1944. She died in 1945 of typhus.

  4. Margot Frank She was born on the 16th of February 1926 in Frankfurt Germany. July 5th 1942 Margot received call up papers for a labor camp in Germany. During the annex Margot remained Quiet and withdrawn she survived the initial selection of the gas chamber. The next month Margot and Anne were transferred to a concentration camp. She died in 1945.

  5. Otto Frank He was born May 12th 1889 in Frankfurt Germany. Married Edith Hollander in 1925. He had two daughters named Margot and Anne Frank. He died on august 19th 1980.

  6. Edith Frank • Edith Frank was born on January 16th 1900 in Germany. She married Otto Frank on May 12th 1925. 9 months later she gave birth to Margot. After the raid on the annex in August 1944 Edith was transported to Auschwitz-Birkenau camp. She survived the initial selection process although she later died in January 1945.

  7. Peter van Daan Peter was born on the 8th November 1926. He went into hiding with the franks and his parents. He fell in love with Anne. He watched his dad march out to be killed. He died May 25th 1945.

  8. Petronella van Daan “Gusti” She was born September 29th of 1900. she gave birth to Peter van Daan. She married Herman van Pels December 5th 1925. She died in a concentration camp.

  9. Hermann van Daan Herman was born on march 31st of 1898. He was Hermann and the family went into hiding together with the Franks. His son watched him die in the gas chamber.

  10. Albert Dussel “fritz” Albert was born on April 30th 1889 in Germany. Anne called him fritz in which translated to idiot. He was a writer and died in the U.S . In 1947.