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Bali Indonesia PowerPoint Presentation
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Bali Indonesia

Bali Indonesia

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Bali Indonesia

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  1. Bali Indonesia Presented By: Ryan Richardson, Jay Hornbach

  2. Location • Bali lies 8° 39’ S, and 115° 13’ E sprawling across parts of the eastern and southern hemispheres • Part of the largest archipelago including 18,000 islands that span over 4000 miles from west to east • Population: 3,325,000 • Bordered by the Bali Sea and the Indian Ocean

  3. Balinese dances are performed during temple festivals and ceremonies • Many styles of music such as gamelan which is very popular for entertainment and religious purposes Balinese Culture • 86% Muslim, 9% Christian, 3% Hindu, 2% Buddhist or other • Some Balinese dishes include: BabiGuling, Sate, and JajanBantal

  4. Weather Patterns • Tropical Climate • Winter months (73°F- 88°F) (June, July, August) Dry Season • Summer months (79°F-90°F) (December, January, February) Wet Season (°C) (mm of Rainfall)

  5. Swell Direction • The roaring forties play a major role in creating the ground swells for Bali • Band of westerly wind that blow continuously between 40°-60° south • The lack of seasonality in the southern hemisphere create consistent conditions year round • There is a very large fetch that extends from the roaring forties to Bali • By the time the swell is generated across the large distance the swell size is usually moderate (2-6ft) but the conditions are glassy • The S/E or S/W swell generated from the roaring forties moves along and pushes the waves into the southern Indian Ocean where they finally meet the coasts of Bali Indo and provide surfers with some of the best waves in the world

  6. Shades of Bali Bali’s Coastline • Most of the best breaks are on the southwest and southeast coasts • Mix between beach breaks and reef breaks which makes it very accessible for all levels of surfers • The reef breaks have amazing waves and create perfect barreling conditions with long rides

  7. Wave Models Storm Surf • Dry Season Spots • Medewi • Kuta Reef • Airport Left • Airport Right • Balangan • Bingin • Canqqu • Impossibles • Padang Padang • Uluwatu • Wet Season Spots • Sanur • Serangan • Nusa Dua • Green Balls • Keramus

  8. Travel Expenses Airfare $1800-$3200 round trip. Surf camp resort minimum of 350- 700. (Not a “camp”) $20 airport to hotel taxi. $15 a day to rent a board. Breakfast is included at most resorts so you will have to buy lunch and dinner but you will find food to be extremely affordable and they have whatever you are looking for.

  9. Bali Shopping • One thing about Bali is that you will always leave with a lot more then what you arrived with. If you decide to head into the markets and buy some things understand normal cost ahead of time tourist are commonly victims of scams and stay alert of pick pocketing. • They have regular shops as well in Kuta Square where designer stores with prices ¼ of ours are located.

  10. What are Surf Camps? Affordable Resorts That put you in places where your skill level fits At the best Bali surf spots

  11. Surf Camps • Surfer oriented resorts that will take you to a surf spot of your choice. • Affordable place to stay that will provide you with a great experience. • You can choose to stay at the resort, go into town, or join a group and head to one of the beaches with a guided group. When you get to the beach you can get lessons by one of the resorts experienced instructors or do your own thing and find a spot. • Most of the resorts have cars you can rent for the day and hit all your own spots if you want to.

  12. Surf Spots • Uluwatu • Wave Direction: Left • Swell Direction: S/SW/W • Swell Size: 4-8 feet • Ideal Tide: Low to High Tide • Ideal Season: May-September Padang Padang Wave Direction: Left Swell Direction: SW/S Swell Size: 3-12 feet Ideal Tide: Low to High Tide Ideal Season: May-September

  13. Surf Spots… Bingin Wave Direction: Left Swell Direction: SW Swell Size: 3-6 feet Ideal Tide: Low-Mid Tide Ideal Season: May-September Canggu Wave Direction: Left and right Swell Direction: S/SW/W Swell Size: 2-8 feet Ideal Tide: Mid to High Tide Ideal Season: May-September

  14. Bali People • Most people from Bali are really friendly • Don’t be frightened if someone touches you before they speak to you this is a common conversation introduction in Bali. • They are very religious people and follow strict rules especially with their zero tolerance for drugs. An Australian girl there on vacation got caught with a gram of weed and got 20 years in Jail which isn’t nearly as bad as death by firing squad which is what you would get for a more serious drug.

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