status of negotiations under the adp n.
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  1. STATUS OF NEGOTIATIONS UNDER THE ADP AGN Lead Negotiators Meeting Addis Ababa 13 -17 August 2012

  2. 1. SUMMARY OF TOPICS • Perspectives on Decision 1/CP.17 • State of negotiations under the ADP • Response by the AGN • Challenges going forward • Future work by the AGN

  3. Perspectives of Decision 1/CP.17 • Decision 1/CP.17 was agreed to in the context of mutual reassurances in lieu of a 2nd Commitment Period under the Kyoto Protocol • First operative element pertain to the ‘termination’ of the work of the LCA, as such conclusion and implementation of the Bali Roadmap, which includes ‘comparability’ para 1 • Second operative element pertains to the process towards a future legal outcome; negotiation concluded in 2015, coming to effect in 2020; scope includes mitigation, adaptation, finance, technology, finance, transparency, capacity building; level of ambition para 2-6 • Third element is about raising level of ‘mitigation’ ambition with a view of the highest contribution by ALL Parties; calls for a workshop on increasing level of ambition, para 7-8

  4. 2. State of negotiations under the ADP[1] • The ADP was launched in Bonn during the June session in a difficult environment with regards to both the agenda and the election of officers • The workshop on ambition was held during the June session with presentations from UNEP, IPCC, IEA outlining size of the gap, potential for renewable energy, economics of mitigation • Options identified incl: increasing ambition level; Equity; MOI; robust rules; international cooperative initiatives; Markets; Sharing lessons learnt  further workshops for considering adaptation and MOI • A multi-year arrangement for the Bureau was agreed to where 2012/2013 Co Chairs are Asia Pacific - WEOG; 2013-2014 GRULAC - Annex I; 2015 - Africa - Annex I

  5. 2. State of negotiations under the ADP[2] • The agenda was agreed to as: 3. Implementation of all elements of decision 1/CP.17* • Matters relating to paragraph 2 - 6 • Matter related to paragraph 7 and 8 * This items will be considered within the context of Decision 1/CP.17 and under the Convention , without prejudice to the position of any Party or to the work of other Subsidiary Bodies. Two workstreams , one of paragraph 3 (a) and one on paragraph 3 (b) are initiated . Further workstreams may be considered as need arises

  6. 3. Response by the AGN [1] • Initial perspectives by the AGN were discussed in Namibia and further enriched during the Bonn Session; recognising that ADP is a Subsidiary Body with two workstreams • On context the thrust was that the future legal outcome is under the Convention, as such principles and provisions of the Convention apply particularly CBDR & RC and development priority for NAI • On scope the key message was that its not a mitigation deal, rather a reflection of Article 4 commitments and flexibilities and how they will be reflected in a future legal outcome • On structure was a call for a broader geographically representative Bureau beyond Rule 27 provisions; modalities?

  7. 3. Response by the AGN [2] • On the workplan the proposals were constitution of the bureau and working modalities to be adopted at CoP18; agreement on the framework of the future agreement by CoP 19; discussion on commitments based on outcomes of the Review at CoP 20; stitching together of commitments with the framework and legal form at CoP 21 • On ambition workplan, the issues raised by the AGN included; Annex I Parties remove conditionalities in their pledges; move to the higher end of their pledges; robust rules including surplus AAUs; non 2CP KP Annex I Parties to convert pledges to QEERTs + rules; scaling up of Fast Start Finance pledge towards 2020 target; enhancing technology transfer including through CTCN

  8. 4. Challenges going forward • How do we organise the work of the ADP, including sequencing of work going to 2015? • What constitutes our view in terms of the legal options presented in Decision 1/CP.17 • How should equity and CBDR be reflected in a future legal outcome? • How do we reflect differing commitments of developing and developed countries in a future legal outcome? Ambition • How do we handle ambition pre 2020 in relation to implementation of BAP, and KP?

  9. 5. Future work by the AGN • Paper drafted by the Lead Coordinator for the Namibia meeting, further enhanced in Bonn particularly around the ambition elements • Through One World Commissioned a paper by Margaret Mukahanana - Sangarwe, of which comments on the first draft comments are being considered • The Co-Chairs have invited parties to submit views on modalities for the ADP; • Revive the draft submission enhance it with our views on modalities • Use the paper and submission as basis for base document for AMCEN consideration