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William Penn

William Penn

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William Penn

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  1. William Penn BY:ALLY BLUM

  2. William Penn as a boy William Penn was born in the year 1644. When William Penn was little he always watched over his little brother Richard and his little sister Margret. He was a working boy. Every Sunday William went to the church of England. His parents sent him to Oxford when he was older.

  3. Penn meets the Quakers At oxford William meets a group called the Quakers. They said never to bow to someone or to call someone sir because all people are treated equally. William liked how they thought about that everyone was equal and went to the meetings. One day he wore regular clothes to class in stead of a robe. The teachers said if you don’t wear a robe then you will get kicked out of Oxford but he didn’t listen and got kicked out.

  4. Penn a real Quaker When William got home all he did was talk about the Quakers and go to their meetings instead of the kings church. His parents sent him to France. In France he wore fancy clothes and went to fancy parties. His parents decided that it was time for him to come home. When he came home he was still talking about the Quakers

  5. How the Quakers came to Pennsylvania • William got thrown in jail but finally he escaped. He asked the king for a piece of land and the king said yes. He wanted to name it Sylvania but his partner said to name it Pennsylvania. But he didn’t want to because he thought everyone would think he was overly proud of himself. But he decided that it should be called Pennsylvania. He thought that he should be able to sneak the Quakers over to Pennsylvania. So he went back to England and sailed some Quakers over to Pennsylvania. He dies in jail because of bad health in the year 1718