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Things to do in Abu Dhabi - Preschools in Abu Dhabi - Yalla Abu Dhabi

Yalla is the know it all guide for families in Abu Dhabi, providing useful information for everyday living in the Capital; from leading schools and nurseries, to kid’s holiday camps, and the best things to do in Abu Dhabi- we’ve got it all covered. Our comprehensive A-Z Directory lets you find up to date details for everything from children’s parties to activity centres, and everything in between, plus our events diary keeps you up to date with the latest family events in Abu Dhabi. On our website, you’ll also find our infamous Yalla Map, which you can download, print, and use to explore the Capital.

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Things to do in Abu Dhabi - Preschools in Abu Dhabi - Yalla Abu Dhabi

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  1. Things to do in Abu Dhabi - Fun Activities in Abu Dhabi- Yalla AbuDhabi Things to do in Abu Dhabi - On the contrary of the very fact that shocks several tourists (like myself, at first), Abu Dhabi is that the capital town of United Arab Emirates and is that the business center of the country as compared to metropolis, U.A.E‘s most visited luxury stuffed town. Despite it being the middle for firms andwestern individuals in fancy suits, there ar still so plenty of things to try and do in Abu Dhabi one should not miss if ever they are available for avisit. Schools in Abu Dhabi - I’ve in person been in Abu Dhabi thrice, and every visit doesn't cross. several places to examine in Abu Dhabi, however in fact, that’s as a resultof I’m typically visiting to examine my sister’s family United Nations agency ar expats from European nation. They perpetually notice time to indicate ME round the town and introduce ME to a way of life rather new ME – the lifetime ofluxury. Preschools in Abu Dhabi- Of course, my family aren’t precisely fancy, they're humble, and that they love easy things, however in Abu Dhabi or U.A.E normally, luxuryis that the usual approach of life (for most, atleast).

  2. Fun Activities in Abu Dhabi- That said, going for brunches, shopping, sporting gold, and seeing individuals carrying designer sealed consumer goods could be a pretty typical sight once you stroll the upper finish streets of Abu Dhabi and metropolis. this can be traditional and one thing I’m not accustomed since livingin European nation for 10 years downgraded my way to solely owning what iwant.

  3. Dance classes in Abu Dhabi- Despite living a somewhat minimalistic life within the Nordics, I’m not planning to lie around the very fact that I did relish having a bit luxury in my life from time to time. therefore visiting my family in Abu Dhabi is so a rare treat to feed my have to be compelled to expertise life a bit bit on thehigh finish. Swimming classes in Abu Dhabi- Mind you, my notecase didn't relish this tiny pursuit, however life is brief to be a tightwad forever. therefore once I was offered to possess 2 lobsters and a cut of meat for dinner, I set a reminder for myself to crya bit once I come back to home to Europeannation. DESERT campaign, ridge BASHING, AND A FEAST WITHchoreography One of the fun things to try and do in Abu Dhabi that I did throughout oneamongst my visits goes on a desert campaign. we tend to reserved through an area travel company my sister found however you'll be able to conjointly book it through here if you favor to get the tour beforehand, they need identical activities as what we tend to did within the tour I participated in. On a private note, the desert campaign is so one amongst the simplest activities in Abu Dhabi or U.A.E oneshould

  4. participate in, therefore spare a full-day for this because it can take most ofyour afternoon andevening. Gymnastics classes in Abu Dhabi- With that same, what ar the items you’ll expertise during a desert campaign you'llask? the fundamentals embrace theseactivities: Hotel obtain and dropoff Dune bashing with a 4-wheeldrive Camel farmvisit Camel riding Desertbivouacking Emirati voguefeast Hennatattoo Belly dancingshow And much additional betting on the tour youbook! Apart from of these, they conjointly offered North American nation sand boarding and 4x4 motorbikes to ride round the desert camp. Plus, they'd wonderful tea and low section wherever they conjointly offered native sweets and delicious native dates! therefore, all in all, our expertise was nice and that i can’t suggest enoughto everyone! Horse riding lessons Abu Dhabi- Dune bashing is one amongst the foremost attention-grabbing associate degreed thrilling expertise we tend to had andit absolutely was exhilarating! It virtually appears like you’re riding a roller coaster therefore if you’re an journey junkie, this can be so for you. The food wassensible, as well, however they weren’t vegetarian-friendly (if you’re one). thereforeensure

  5. you mention your dietary wants for them to fulfill before you begin yourDesert campaign Abu Dhabitour. ENJOY the nice and cozy WEATHER AT CORNICHEBEACH If you’re like ME United Nations agency takes pleasure on escaping the wrath of cold and harsh winters of the north, then you and that i is best friends and travel Abu Dhabi along and revel in the sun because it touches your skin and warms your heart. Corniche beach could be a long stretch of white sand encircled by palmtrees and therefore the water is obvious and blue because the sky. just about what you envy for a beach getaway,really. OR, move to SAADIYAT ISLAND FOR an expensiveRETREAT On an alternate note, Saadiyat Island isn't aloof from Abu Dhabi correct andmight be simply reached by taxi while not the hefty value. That said, you’ll notice some of 5-star hotels similar to the Saadiyat Beach Club and Park Hyatt Abu Dhabi to loll sipping cocktails whereas commanding a stunning read of the beach with a sereneatmosphere. Dentist clinics in Abu Dhabi - Other than this, Saadiyat conjointly features a public beach you'll be able to relax and revel in the nice and cozy weather or dip within the lovely clear blue sea. However, if you’re not feeling the beach bum devotion at the instant, there are different things to try and do in Saadiyat Island that will interest you! does one apprehend that U.A.E have their own The Lourve (yes, just like the one in Paris)? which may be price a visit! If not, Zayed National deposit isn't so much to urge in grips and find to grasp the history and culture of Abu Dhabi and U.A.E.

  6. IF you prefer looking, dockage MALL IS YOURsuccor I’ll begin with a rather attention-grabbing truth on this section of this “things totry and do in Abu Dhabi” diary post by language that everything you get in U.A.E is untaxed. Yes, you browse that right – untaxed. this can be maybe one amongst the explanations why they're feeding the customers all the items they don’t would like by building exciting malls round the country not simply to chill down from the warmth however conjointly to look|go shopping|buy groceries|go on a spree} or shop until youdrop. Things to do in Abu Dhabi this weekend- Plus, malls ar open till two AM. I can’t even blame weariness on why I even have to travel to the mall in the dead ofnight simply to shop for a package of chips solely to return back with a bundle of baggage. If i'd be somnambulation, i'd virtually be bankrupt straightaway.

  7. VISIT tribal sheik ZAYED GRAND MOSQUE’S FINEdesign If you’re fascinated by glamorously created structures then you need to visit tribal sheik Zayed Grand musjid, one amongst the highest places to go to in Abu Dhabi! Named once the previous tribal sheik of Abu Dhabi, this musjid is the keywebsite for go to of the full U.A.E and despite its well-thought design and its quality amongst Abu Dhabi holidaymaker attractions – don't forget that it's still an area of faith, therefore please respect the premises before you snapimages. Also, you’re needed to rent a garment (for the ladies) and men ought to wear tight consumer goods that covers your shoulders and legs, and chuck flipflops –please, wear shoes! as a result of let’s face it, flipflops belong within thebeach. Pediatrician in Abu Dhabi- That said, the Grand musjid is regarding twenty minutes taxi ride from town therefore reserve regarding 2-3 hours to examine this place. Don’t get ME wrong, {it can|it'll} take you virtually only 1 hour to examine the full musjid however typically the queue to rent and provides back the garment will take you an extended time. it'd be price to return early if you don’t want to attend in line for an extended time! conjointly, don’t forget your credentials similar to drivers license or passport as a result of you’ll would like that so as rent thegarment.

  8. CHECK OUT EMIRATES PALACE – A 5-STARHOTEL! Now, ar you interested to require a glimpse at one amongst the world’s most luxurious hotel? as a result of it's fully attainable, you know! Emirates Palace is one amongst Abu Dhabi attractions and must-visit places to examine in AbuDhabi which will cause you to say wow. a minimum of that did it on behalf ofme. Children Activities in Abu Dhabi - Designed by Wimberly Allison Tong andgunk flourished to mirror the Arabian Desert while not forgetting the roots of the land it stands – Emirates Palace is so one amongst the fashionable design that shouts for a reason to be detected. Also, you’ll notice a gold coin machine within. And a dome lined with wait-for-it-because-why-not, gold. Yes, it's a 5-star building that's so over thehighest.

  9. I in person ne'er stayed during this place as a result of ahem, I’m simply a mortal with average regular payment United Nations agency recycle olive jars. But hey, who knows, perhaps you'll be able to afford to remain here and if you'll be ableto – book it here. However, if you are doing question me if I do need to remainhere in some unspecified time in the future, however why of course! The luxuries are available totally different type and if I’d have thousands of dollars to pay money for an evening keep and some different thousand for looking, you said it your bottoms I’ll keep here. And search things I don’t would like until Idrop. SEE THE PAST AT HERITAGEVILLAGE If there’s an area to go to in Abu Dhabi you need to not miss, it's to be theHeritage Village as can show you U.A.E’s humble beginnings to wealth. If you don’t apprehend, it hasn’t been fifty years since nation discovered oil during this once principally desert-covered country and it's spectacular however they engineered everything from nothing to luxuryparadise. Boat Rental Abu Dhabi - At Heritage Village, you’ll see and find out about the culture, traditions, and history of U.A.E and similarly their relationship with different countries. I in person assume that discovering however they accustomed live their life similar to social camels and the way they use their natural resources to survive is fascinating. it's atiny low place Tai therefore it's the proper AbuDhabi pleasure trip activity if you’re visiting frommetropolis. BUY GOLD AT MADINATZAYED If you’re living in Abu Dhabi for therefore long rather like my sister’s expat family (for over a decade now) then you actually apprehend the importance of gold within the locals culture. You’ll notice that plenty of individuals carry a minimum of one gold jewellery on them and this doesn’t precisely mean that your rank is anyhigher

  10. however it’s simply that gold is comparatively cheap in U.A.E. However, they are doing still elapse the international gold rate however negotiation is oftenattainable to urge the valuedown. That said, don’t simply barge in thinking you'll be able to cut price your approach down as a result of trust ME, even my sister United Nations agency has beenliving in Abu Dhabi for therefore long don’t convince these sellers. And she’s a seller’s worse nightmare – I mean, she is aware of a way to cut price. i actually hope she doesn’t browsethis. But if you’re fascinated by browsing around staring at pretty gold necklaces as thick as your finger, then be happy to go to Madinat Zayed – it's just about sort ofa open-air marketplace however admirer and therefore the place wherever they sell qualitygold. TRY OUT SOME nativeDELICACIES After visiting all Abu Dhabi attractions and immersing yourself in their previous and fashionable culture, I’m positive you’ll be famished! I counsel testing out some Emirati’s native cookery and drown on its wealthy Arabian flavors and aroma and whereas you’re at it, perhaps some artiodactyl milk for refreshments?If you’re milk sugar intolerant this might be associate degree journey foryou. Emirati’s native cookery composes of food, meat, farm and plenty of spices very like what the center east is understood for. They use plenty of cinnamon, turmeric, saffron, nuts, and totally different dried fruits to include in their cookings, that is, of course, because of their culture in mercantilism with different countries – they'd the chance to relish spices from totally different components of Asia howevermost notably those fromBharat. You can consider this post by Visit Abu Dhabi for additional data concerningthat restaurants to hunt once if you wish to style the native delicacies, clickhere. HAVE A DELICIOUS (SEAFOOD)BRUNCH When I asked my sister regarding what to try and do in Abu Dhabi, she won’tshut up regarding food brunches – she loves food, brunch, and unlimited cocktail bar and this can be however you'll be able to tell we tend to ar family. sadly, the last time i used to be there I didn’t get the chance to crumble one however she and her husband typically select a brunch a minimum of 2 to a few times a month. they need 3 active youngsters, they merit these brunchouts. Anyways, these brunch outs ar typically throughout the weekends (Thursday to Saturday) and that they do replenish quick therefore if you’re fascinated bytaking

  11. yourself for a stunning mid-day treat finally the Abu Dhabi rubber-necking you’ve done throughout the week then you need to book a table stat! you'll be able toraise your hotel’s front table to try and do this foryou. Here ar the restaurants my sister suggest for you guys totry: Sheraton Abu Dhabi building & Resort at Corniche Beach have food nights attheir edifice known as Flavours each Wednesday evenings. Reservation beforehand is required. Intercontinental Abu Dhabi building has food nights each Thursdays at their edifice known as picks. Reservation is required and dress casual neatly, somethey aresaying.

  12. Pre schools in Abu Dhabi - Best Schools in AbuDhabi UAE Schools in Abu Dhabi- Happy area unit those folks whose youngsters fancy reaching to college each day. But, with the selection of primary education within the UAE growing all the time, huge choices got to be taken to confirm your kid is within the right college with the proper specialize in the proper programmes. Nota straightforward deed. The challenge is in a way to build associate degree familiar alternative that reflects the age and stage of the kid and their specific abilities and interests. we've got gone on the far side the shiny brochures and also the easy websites, straight to the leaders and directors, to induce the within track on variety of the faculties in national capital, and discovered what it's that creates every establishment extremely shine, each within and out of doors theclassroom… Aldar Academies Al MamouraAcademy The focus: Health andsuccessfulness Curriculum: English National course of study Fee vary per annum: Dhs48,800 toDhs70,400 The USP: Al Mamoura Academy is keen to form a positive contribution to the encompassing community whereas conjointly teaching students regarding respect, collaboration and creativeness. to form each happen, the varsity hosts charity fundraisers, junction rectifier by its Primary students, to allow them a active lesson in financial aid. Last term, the academy control one such event to lift funds forRed Crescent charities, underneath the condition that no cakes or sweets may well be created and oversubscribed (hard luck, kids!). Pupils volunteered to be concerned and union themselves into teams to come back up with various fundraising concepts as a team. concepts ranged from a flip the bottle game to image quizzes, artistic creation and fruit kebabs. Students were conjointly tasked withmaking

  13. special offers to tempt a lot of sales and coming up with posters to advertise their stalls. Overall, this single event raised virtually Dhs4,000 for Red Crescent charities, whereas conjointly teaching a valuable lesson in creativeness and compassion. This approach – nurturing a clever mental attitude in pupils – couldbe a priority in any respect ages, from Al Mamoura Academy’s co-ed school all through to its girls-onlyGymnasium. Preschools in Abu Dhabi- In their words: Head of Primary Emma Shanahan says: “Our youngsters come back to high school to develop as people, however a crucial a part of that's understanding however their actions influence the globe around them. Charity events area unit an excellent approach of teaching pupils regarding this as a result of it opens their eyes to the challenges baby-faced by otherswhereas conjointly encouraging them to resolve issues along. This creates an excellent sense of community at the varsity itself, however is additionally a valuable ability to find out currently and carry into adultlife.” Al Nahyan, on the brink of the jap route exit eight, AbuDhabi, www.aldaracademies.com (02 8857100). Aldar Academies West YasAcademy The focus: STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering,arithmetic) Curriculum: yankee Massachusetts State course ofstudy Fee vary per annum: Dhs51,000 toDhs61,500 The USP: West Yas Academy, that opened its doors on Yas Island in Sep 2016, was engineered from the bottom up to show students a way to be very little innovators. And, the academy leads by example with several forward-thinking teaching ways. for instance, throughout the first Years, pupils area unitintroduced to the fundamentals of electricity exploitation what area unit referred to as “inventor kits”. They embody everything students got to produce a circuit, exploitation any object that may conduct electricity. So, to interact youngsters within the lesson, academics offer them a challenge: use the kit to createassociate

  14. degree electronic keyboard that includes fruit and vegetables because the keys.the finished circuit is then connected to a laptop’s musical application, wherever students will produce their own melody exploitation the edible keys. It’s effective as a result of students learn during a approach that looks like play, which inspires them to interact from the beginning of a lesson and focus throughout. They’re conjointly learning {how to|the approach to|a way to} apply theory during a sensible way, serving to them to retaindata. In their words: Principal Peter Carpenter says: “We sleep in a digital world andour teaching ways got to mirror that. this can be why West Yas Academy – and different Aldar Academies colleges – use tools like discoverer kits to deliver lessons within the best and interesting approach. though we tend to use loads of innovative technology within the room, we tend to forever 1st raise ourselves: however can this improve teaching and learning? We’ll ne'er use a technology for the sake of it – it's to supply real academicprice.” Zone K, Yas Island, on the brink of Yas Waterworld,www.aldaracademies.com (02 8857001). Al MunaAcademy The focus: STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering andMathematics) Curriculum: English National course ofstudy Fees: Contact college admissions for aquote The USP: Lessons within the STEM subjects usually cause “light bulb moments” from students that translate into ground-breaking concepts once they’re adults.To encourage this sort of thinking at school and on the far side, Aldar Academies’ Al Muna Academy hosts an obsessive STEM week for all of its Primarystudents. With the aim of sharpening their inquisitive minds, the academy organises activities throughout the week that challenge them to finish specificSTEM-related tasks. last, Year vi students designed and created their own model Formula one automobile, before testing them for stability and aeromechanics on Yas docking facility Circuit. Year three students had to seek out some way to make operating floating gardens exploitation solely recycled plastic bottles, whereas KS2 pupils programmed their ownemojis. Childrens Parties in Abu Dhabi- Beyond this dedicated week, the STEM subjects area unit a elementary a part of Al Muna Academy’s wider English National course of study. The academy recognises skills during this space area unit important to the UAE’s future, that is why pupils area unit introduced to themfrom the earliestages.

  15. In their words: Principal Wayne Howsen says: “At Al Muna Academy, and across the complete Aldar Academies network of course, building STEM skills in our pupils could be a real priority. we tend to exist to assist them form the longerterm, which future can admit STEM data much more than we tend to already do nowadays. STEM we tend toek is simply one example of however we use the newest technology to develop this information in students and facilitate their creativeness toflourish.” Al Raha International college(Taaleem) The focus: surroundings and property Curriculum: InternationalBaccalaureate Fee vary per annum: Dhs36,100 toDhs49,700 The USP: Al Raha International college, a member of the Taaleem family of faculties, is devoted to delivering associate degree innovative International Baccalaureate Primary Years Programme (PYP), teaching ways even within the Early Years. Head of Early Years shrub Taylor saw a chance to introduce 2 new roles to expand the first Years provision, making roles of an out of doors Learning arranger and an out of doors Learning Assistant to develop and promote extended learning activities within the recent air and sunshine. These positions area unit dedicated to the event of students’ gross and fine motor skills. These outside opportunities area unit union to enhance and extend the PYP transdisciplinary Units of Inquiry that ensue within the room. The outside Learning provision has been more increased by Al Raha’s recent facilities upgrade. the varsity has been able to add an extra 9 playground structures and areas to the field. Set amidnature, Al Raha youngsters will cook in mud kitchens, jump on webby suspensionframes, fancy the water play installation and ride bikes, trikes and scooters on the outside bike track. however it’s not around physical development. Mathematics, Science and Language outcomes area unit lined through inquiry-led learning anda play-based approach, too. {and the|and therefore the|and conjointly the}students area unit able to socialise during a setting that also fostersindependence. In their words: Head of Early Years shrub Taylor says: “We encourage our youngsters to be risk takers! we wish them to induce wet, get dirty, climbhigher

  16. and run quicker. In today’s screen-dominated surroundings, Al Rahadesires students to induce outside andplay!” Khalifa town A, Al Raha Gardens, www.ris.ae (02 5561567). Al Yasatschool The focus: STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering andMathematics) Curriculum:yankee Fee vary per annum: Dhs30,370 toDhs37,690 The USP: the globe that students can graduate into would force them to possess a special skill-set. As education advances with the assistance of technology, it's extravagantly clear that contemporary room desires area unit terribly completely different from the standard room. Consequently, the evolved twenty first century room at Al Yasat could be a productive learning surroundings during which students will develop the talents they'll need within the future geographic point with its academics actively facilitating their learning. the main target of Al Yasatis on students experiencing the surroundings they'll enter as contemporaryemployees and developing their higher-order thinking, effective communication and collaboration, creating them adept with exploitation technology and every one different skills they'll would like within the twenty first century geographic point. Learning through collaboration is one amongst the foremost effective styles of learning within the college, they say. They apprehend that teaching and learning in isolation is incredibly restrictive and might hinder student progress. So, students learn in teams, which reinforces the scope of learning and develops important thinking. Activities embody cooperative writing, cluster comes,joint problem-solving, debates and a lotof. In their words: Principal Dr Jake Madden says: “We area unit associate degree innovative learning community and, in line with our vision statement, we tend to area unit operating to nurture the leaders of the longer term within the UAE. we tend to believe each student graduating from college has to be suitably equipped,to be able to seize learning opportunities throughout life and to broaden their data, skills and attitudes. Our graduates should be able to adapt to a dynamical, advanced and interconnectedworld.” Al YasminaAcademy The focus: Innovation and enterprise Curriculum: English National course ofstudy Fees: Contact college admissions for aquote The USP: Did you recognize, a good approach of learning a few subject is toshow it to others? Al Yasmina Academy will and used this system – known as peer learning – to assist its Year vi students grow. to interact them, theprofessional

  17. tasked pupils with making workshops for his or her peers that enclosed visual and loud learning materials, and will be followed via associate degree iPad. The workshops explored topics like basic pure mathematics, a way to balanceequations and “order of operations”, a series of mathematical rules that specify a way to compute a numerical challenge. By developing learning materials around subjects they’ve solely recently been tutored, pupils will reinforce theirfresh noninheritable data, that helps it stick within the mind. Not solely that, the “student teachers” conjointly learn a crucial lesson in responsibility. Who knows,it might even place them on the trail to changing into future Aldar Academies academics. In their words: Principal Dr Tim Hughes says: “The old style technique of an instructor dictating each lesson to pupils is long gone. Students got to move participants within the room, even serving to their classmates to grasp theoriesand the way to use them. Our workshops enable this to happen during a controlled approach, whereas conjointly motivating students to immerse themselves during a subject.” Between sector thirty two and Shahama Road, www.alyasmina.sch.ae (02501 4888). Cranleighcollege The focus: Theatre andarts Curriculum: National course of study for England Fee vary per annum: Dhs65,000 to Dhseighty,000 The USP: stunning World was a ground-breaking academic project that centered on 2 key goals – to seek out a replacement and innovative thanks to celebrateUAE culture and to inspire and develop youngsters through performance and visual arts. It started with the verse form, stunning World, written by the late tribal sheik Zayed bin grand Turk Al Nahyan, the initiation father of the UAE, that becamethe muse for Emirati-born script creative person Narjes Noureddine associate degreed resulted within the creation of an exhibition at Cranleigh national capital, in association with national capital Art in November and curated by Zayed University,where ver Narjes could be a seniorstudent. The second a part of the project saw Tibeto-Burman Gillingham, inventive Director of the Youth troupe at London’s Royal opera, compile an inventive cluster, comprising a director, creator, designer and 2 opera singers. Narjes joined this skilled team and, together, they worked intensively with eighty students and Cranleigh’s arts school to plan, form and stage a novel production. Everything, from set style to costumes, and dance choreography to musical playscript, was created by the scholars themselves, in lower than 5 days. the gorgeous Worldopera received a ovation on the Cranleigh stage on November fourteen, 2016, andsuch

  18. was its impact that a revival was requested by The Ministry of Culture and data Development as a part of its forty fifth National Day programme. The projectwas a pilot however the model are going to be extended to involve and interact a broader section of Abu Dhabi’s academic and culturalcommunity. Kids Parties Abu Dhabi- In their words: school principal Brendan Law says: “Beautiful World was one amongst the foremost exciting and galvanizing comesof my academic career. From a seed of an inspiration came the foremost terrific inventive journey that enthused and impressed our students and academics, in addition because the broader community, enriching everybody UN agency was privileged to interact with it. It brought along several of the items we tend to area unit obsessed on at Cranleigh: Fusing jap and Western cultures by building bridges wherever others could get to create walls; celebrating the humanities and transportation our slogan – Ex Cultu Robur (From Culture comes Strength) –alive; giving our community exceptional opportunities by removing all ceilings on learning. In thus doing, it helped our youngsters turn out to be assured, tactful and thinking youngadults. Dance Classes in Abu Dhabi- “It is value stressing that the performance was ne'er the first focus. the ability of the project lay within the journey, within the lessonsof cooperation and leadership, of purpose and collaboration, commitment and expressive style. It conjointly lay within the material that celebrated the made heritage and wonder of the UAE through a Western classical music performance vogue exploitation the genres of art, design, music, dance and performance. we all know that once youngsters area unit given the chance, they exceed allexpectations. stunning World wasproof ofthat.”

  19. Saadiyat Island Cultural District, www.cranleigh.ae (02 4970000). The British college AlKhubairat The focus:Community Curriculum: National course of study forEngland Fee vary per annum: Dhs41,500 toDhs46,400 The USP: country college Al Khubairat (BSAK) is that the oldest British courseof study college in national capital. It provides a best education for one,900 students between the ages of 3 to eighteen, UN agency represent fifty nationalities. it'sa not-for-profit college and was established in 1968 ashore munificently given bythe late tribal sheik Zayed bin grand Turk Al Nahyan, the initiation father of theUAE. Tution centers in Abu Dhabi- The school systematically delivers outstanding examination results and that they still operate in conjunction with countryEmbassy on a not-for-profit basis, meeting the strain for a high-level British education. the first college at BSAK prides itself on giving a broad and balanced extra-curricular programme and a firm stress on community throughout the entirecollege.

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