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EOPS/CARE Statewide Technical Assistance Training March 4-5, 2014 PowerPoint Presentation
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EOPS/CARE Statewide Technical Assistance Training March 4-5, 2014

EOPS/CARE Statewide Technical Assistance Training March 4-5, 2014

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EOPS/CARE Statewide Technical Assistance Training March 4-5, 2014

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  1. EOPS/CARE Statewide Technical Assistance TrainingMarch 4-5, 2014 Student Services Automated Reporting for Community Colleges (SSARCC) 2013-14 EOPS & CARE Final Expenditures Presenters: Kelly Gornik & Todd HOIG

  2. What Is SSARCC? • A web-based computer application used to construct and retain key Chancellor’s Office budget documents (i.e. proposed budgets and final expenditures for EOPS and CARE)

  3. Purpose • Make it easier for college program staff to complete EOPS and CARE budgets • Allow for more efficient review time by Chancellor’s Office • Allow Chancellor’s Office to have electronic access to statewide budget data • Allow for local extraction of SSARCC data from multiple years • Save some trees – less paper to submit

  4. How Do I Log On? • URL: • Two Sets of User IDs and Passwords: • One set – allows access to input/update data • One set - “Read Only” • Both sets are unchanged from 2011-12 • CCCCO provides IDs and passwords to EOPS director only

  5. What Should I Do First? • By each line item, review each planned expense that auto-populated from approved planned budget. Did the program: • Spend funds exactly as planned? • Spend less or more funds than planned? • Spend no funds on planned expense? 2. Add any additional expenses that occurred after planned budget was approved

  6. “Returned Funds” and “Unexpended Funds”Mean Two Different Things in SSARCC Final Expenditures “Returned Funds” = Unused funds returned no later than June 30th on paper Mid-Year Report “Unexpended Funds” = Unused funds reported after June 30th on Final Expenditure Report

  7. 2013-14 EOPS Mid-Year Report

  8. 2013-14 CARE Mid-Year Report

  9. When Do You Use the “Returned and/or Reallocated Funds” Column? If you returned EOPS or CARE funds by June 30th through Paper Mid-Year Reports If you received EOPS or CARE reallocated funds

  10. “Unexpended Funds” Column • Auto-populates (you do not enter any figures) • Positive and negative numbers are allowed

  11. “Validate” Button Use this to double-check work prior to submitting “Validate” does not lock file

  12. “View Draft Expenditure Report” Button Do this when: • You’re finished inputting data • Report is ready for review by district/college staff before submitting to Chancellor’s Office You can still go back into screens to make changes to data

  13. Common Error Message • “EOPS funds cannot be used to pay for non EOPS/CARE activities” What does this message mean? This error message may occur for positions in which a percentage of time is assigned to non EOPS/CARE and in which the EOPS time is paid from EOPS funds

  14. “EOPS funds cannot be used to pay for non EOPS/CARE activities” • The percentage that EOPS pays may not be one dollar more than total percentage time in EOPS/CARE. You may need to round down to determine amount EOPS pays. • Example: EOPS technician is assigned 50% to EOPS/CARE and 50% to non EOPS/CARE. Total salary = $40005. Fifty % = $20,002.50. EOPS may pay up to $20,002 (round the 50 cents down) to cover the 50% EOPS time.

  15. “Submit to Chancellor’s Office” Button “Submit” after error messages have been addressed and after appropriate local staff have reviewed “Submit” locks final expenditure file “Submit” means final expenditures are officially transmitted to Chancellor’s Office Submit EOPS final expenditures before CARE final expenditures CARE final expenditures must be submitted separately To unlock file, send email to SSARCC help desk:

  16. Printing EOPS and CARE Budgets/Signature Pages Printing is done after you have “submitted” to Chancellor’s Office: 1. Click on EOPS “view expenditure report” 2. In the “select a format” window, click on the down arrow and then click on “PDF” 3. Click on “export” 4. Click on “open” (will appear at the bottom of screen) 5. Wait for report to appear on your computer screen 6. Print budget/signature pages & obtain required original signatures & mail to Chancellor’s Office Follow these same steps for CARE.

  17. Paper 2013-14 EOPS Book Expenditure Form Has Been Eliminated • Textbook data to be captured in SSARCC (textbook assistance service and total students served with textbook assistance) • Thank You, Jose Vallejo (Woodland College) for your input

  18. Clarifying When District Funds are used as District Match in Position Detail Screen • Clarification to be added to “position detail” screen in SSARCC • Enter full amount of district funds; SSARCC will calculate portion counted as match • Many thanks to Eleanor Bruce (Fresno City College), Carol Lasquade (College of the Desert) and Virginia Marquez (DeAnza College) for comments and feedback

  19. Let’s Look at SSARCC Screens

  20. 2013-14 SSARCC EOPS Final Expenditures + Two-Page Signature Form • ELIMINATED: • 2013-14 EOPS Book Expenditures Form (hard-copy) • 2013-14 SSARCC CARE Final Expenditures + Two-Page Signature Form What Is Due Postmarked September 15, 2014? • Kelly Gornik College

  21. Summer 2014 Webinars • Three identical webinars in Summer 2014 to go over the completion of the 2013-14 EOPS and CARE final expenditures in SSARCC • Webinars will be archived through CCC Confer • More details soon

  22. Where Do I Go for Help? • SSARCC Help Desk:

  23. SSARCC Project Team Technology, Research & Information Systems (TRIS) Division: Myrna Huffman, Director, Management Information Systems Barbara Kwoka, MIS & SSARCC (now retired) Todd Hoig, SSARCC Computer Programmer Student Services Division: Sarah Tyson, Dean, Student Services Kelly Gornik, EOPS and CARE Cheryl Fong, EOPS and CARE