the way of the warrior n.
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The Way of the Warrior PowerPoint Presentation
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The Way of the Warrior

The Way of the Warrior

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The Way of the Warrior

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  1. The Way of the Warrior Excerpts from the Code of Bushido as found in Tamotsu Iwado’s Hagakure Bushido (Book of the Warrior) and the Teijo Family Instructions

  2. Every morning make up your mind how to die. Every evening freshen your mind in the thought of death. And do this without ceasing. Thus your mind will be prepared. When your mind is set always on death, your way through life will always be straight and simple . . . BUSHIDO

  3. When you realize how for generations your family has served the house of your lord; when you remember how those who have gone before you served that house, and how those who will come after you will serve it—then you will be moved to a deep sense of gratitude. For you, there should be no thought but of service to the one master who has a claim on your grateful heart . . . BUSHIDO

  4. When you leave a festive place, depart while you still want to stay. When you feel you are satisfied and ready to leave, you have already had too much. Enough is too much. BUSHIDO

  5. Being on guard over oneself when one is alone means that the self-control which we exercise over our conduct when we are within the observation and hearing of other people should be kept up when there is nobody else looking on or within hearing of us. No matter whether other people are able to see or hear us, each one should be careful how he behaves. Bad actions are easily found out. “An evil deed runs a thousand miles,” as the proverb says. BUSHIDO