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Look all around Seoul in a short time

Look all around Seoul in a short time. Kim Yeon -Jin Prof. Kevin Campigotto British& American Essays December 9, 2011.

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Look all around Seoul in a short time

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  1. Look all around Seoul in a short time Kim Yeon-Jin Prof. Kevin Campigotto British& American Essays December 9, 2011

  2. Have you heard about The Seoul City Tour Bus? All around world there are many tour buses. Then, how about the Seoul City Tour Bus? If it is unfamiliar to you, you shouldn’t worry. I’ll introduce The Seoul City Tour Bus. This is for tourists. You may bus tickets at the Gwanghwamun ticket box or from the guide after getting on the bus. Passengers can get off wherever they want. There are so many tourist attractions in Seoul such as Insadong, Gyeongbokgung, Dongdaemun Market, The War Memorial of Korea, etc. The Seoul City Tour Bus has 4 courses and there are 2 types of bus - single decker bus and, double decker bus. Buses have different courses that downtown 2 courses and night 2 courses. If you want have many experiences, choose downtown course or Palace·Cheonggye course. If you like a night view or with your lover, choose the night course. It leads you and your lover into its calm and romantic mood. This is a bus for Korean tourists and foreigner of all tourists. Multilingual guide services are provided via individual headphones. Languages are Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese, and French. Tourists hear about detailed information of each station. If you want to learn more, please read on.

  3. Namdaemun Market NamdaemunMarket in Seoul is Korea's most popular place to shop. Namdaemun Market, which has a history of more 600 years. Namdaemun is a must for foreigners' sightseeing in Seoul. Every conceivable item can be found in Namdaemun Market, including imported goods.

  4. Namsan Seoul Tower Namsanis located in the center of Seoul. From Namsan, you can get a night view of Seoul at a glance. You can ride up the cable car from the base of Namsan and it costs 7,500 won. Namsan Seoul Tower prepares special events for couples. The couples can make romantic memories.

  5. Insadong Insadongwas once a residential area for palace officials, royal families, and yangban classes. Insadong is the place to look around for antiques, art, ceramics and traditional clothing stores. You will sense the weight of tradition and feel the elegance and sentiment unique to Korea.

  6. Gyeongbokgung(Palace) Gyeongbokgungis the oldest of five royal palaces of the Joseon period. Kyongbokgung Palace is located in the north of Sejongno Street and known as one of the major ancient palaces in Seoul. Gyeongbokgung is the best architectural technologies. You can experience Korea's traditional court culturethough the historical remains.

  7. Namsangol Traditional Korean Village If you saw many palaces, why don't you visit Namsangol Traditional Korean Village? Traditional Housing is another side of the Palace.

  8. Seoul Forest Have you heard about forest of downtown? If you are tired of city life, How about going to the forest? Nature is always open.

  9. War Memorial of Korea War Memorial of Korea is located in Yongsan-gu. It was opend in 1994 on the former site of the army headquarters, it exhibits and memorialises the Military history of Korea. It has six indoor exhibition rooms and an outdoor exhibition centre displaying over 13,000 war memorabilia and military equipment.

  10. DeokSuGung Palace Stoned Wall Street (jeongdong-gil) Jeongdong-gilis one of five particularly nice courses for a walk in Seoul. It has been said that if one walks along jeongdong-gil with a lover, the two will eventually part. It was some lonely person, jealous at the sight of lovers sauntering hand in hand along this romantic course.

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