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  1. reEVENT The Special Event 2013

  2. Kelly Acock Facebook: Search ~ reEVENT and Kelly Acock Pinterest: Kelly Acock Email:

  3. Kelly Acock is on the radio with Junk in My Trunk most every Thursday from 10am to 11am. 1140am/102.9fm KCXL

  4. Did You Know... ...on an average a special event such as a wedding can produce hundreds of pounds of trash! That's reDICULOUS!

  5. reUSE The use of an item over and over for the same or various applications. Example: a cylinder

  6. rePURPOSE Taking an item that has one intended use and using it for something totally different. Example: a rug

  7. reDESIGN Changing the properties of an object for it’s intended use, giving it another life. i.e. upCycling Example: bowling pin

  8. reSELL Purchasing gently used items for an event and selling items from an event thus reducing carbon footprint.

  9. reEVENT The combined practice of reUSE, rePURPOSE, reDESIGN & reSELL with intention of reTHINKING special event décor and purchasing decisions.

  10. reEVENT your thinking! Think before you TOSS.

  11. Inspiration Featured at reEVENT

  12. Use an old window for picture or signage display, and a desk as an entrance piece with flowers tucked into the drawer, then reUSE back into functional home décor.

  13. Doors make great benches, then double as vintage home decor props such as headboards, screens or other focal points.

  14. Garland made of old magazines make for a fun doorway entrance or backdrop, as well as table runners! Created by Susanne Brink of Dumb Kid Designs.

  15. Ribbon scraps hung from a pole are another fun display for signage, pictures and table placecards!

  16. A reClaimed headboard and footboard…

  17. …cut the footboard in half…

  18. …add a seat to create a darling bench for your special event.

  19. Finish in any color for use in the home.

  20. Get creative with cake stands…here an old spool is used as a lift. Brooches are also reDesigned for cake décor as well as keepsakes in bouquets. Brooch bouquet and other upCycled items pictured here designed by Mary Lynn Gress of Vine Street Jewelry. (find on Facebook)

  21. Necklaces made from t-shirts are a big hit and a fun DIY activity.

  22. An old tool box used as a centerpiece, along with runners and paper cones made from reCycled wallpaper! {Susanne Brink of Dumb Kid Designs,}

  23. Crown molding can be cut to create a unique cake base or centerpiece lift, cabinet doors also make nice bases for food. An old light fixture serves as a cool centerpiece display! All items from the ReStore!! {Habitat for Humanity}

  24. Window pane as a fun base, and tile in the bottom of a square vase adds color and interest. Items from the ReStore, designed by Ashley Hotka of Good Earth Floral.

  25. Ashley Hotka and Kelly Acock at ReStore, notice the sink base used as a tall centerpiece lift, jute carpet remnant serving as a table runner and small lamp fixtures as vases!

  26. Michelle Volkmer of Artisan Innovations uses a light fixture as a fun table prop, along with a jute carpet remnant overlay and reClaimed tile as chargers!

  27. Budget Busters Teach people how to shop

  28. It's undeniable everyone needs to purchase a few new items for their special soiree's.  By putting a bit of research and thought into creating a plan to follow, purchasing decisions are super easy and no longer overwhelming nor a waste of precious resources such as time and money. 

  29. A little thought and planning = Longevity for budget extensions and high impact on lowering carbon footprint!

  30. Ask and answer these questions when shopping: 1.  Does the item fit the color scheme and overall theme of the event?

  31. Ask and answer these questions when shopping: 2.  Does it fit into the budget?

  32. Ask and answer these questions when shopping: 3.  Can I reUse/reDesign the item for other purposes (is the item multi-functional for other personal parties or home decor?)

  33. Ask and answer these questions when shopping: 4.  Can I reSell this item easily and make some 'green' back?

  34. If you answered most of these questions with a 'YES'...then the item qualifies as 'Smart Shopping' and your purchase will be well worth the thought and time spent on the decision.

  35. Making a chart will help with purchasing decisions! Helps to not rush into an emotional purchase and stay within budget.

  36. Altar/backdrop