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  1. LOOPING *This presentation was used in 2009 to introduce looping to elementary parents.*

  2. What is Looping? • Looping is a term to describe the educational practice in which a single-grade class remains with the same teacher for two or more years! • Other names: continuous learning, continuous progress, multi-year grouping.

  3. What are the advantages? • Socially • Reduced apprehension of the new school year. • Increased self-confidence. • A stronger sense of community (parents, students and teachers.)

  4. Advantages Continued • Academically • A gain of almost a month of teaching time. • Increase of teacher knowledge about students intellectual strengths and weaknesses. • More opportunities for individualized instruction.

  5. Why West Deptford Township? • We hope to achieve: more integrated, continuous curriculum, improve students independent learning, increase instructional time, increase student daily attendance, and reduce special needs and remediation referrals.

  6. Why are we here? • Remember we are building “community” atmosphere and partnership for the next two years. We want everyone to be informed and involved. • The program officially starts NOW!!

  7. Student Selection • Principals are dedicated to continuing to keep all classrooms as balanced as possible, looping rooms do not have any exceptions. Administrators look at: • Gender, Ability Levels, Strengths, Weakness and Conflicts. • We take personal pride in making the right fit for our students.

  8. How was the Pilot Program Evaluated? • Interviews, surveys, school records, special education referrals, and general observations.

  9. What about the disadvantages? • Both parents and teachers become TOO ATTACHED. • Student/Teacher Personality Clash.

  10. OPT OUT PROGRAM • Parents will have the chance at the end of the school year to opt out of the program, due to conflicts with the class. • Teachers will have the chance to opt a student out of the program if there are continuous problems involving a particular student.

  11. Parent Opinion • The bond between parents, teachers and students is strong. I am pleased my child had the opportunity to be with the same teacher for both years. • I can not imagine classrooms any other way.

  12. Student Opinion • We became close to our friends, we will all miss each other next year. • Having the same teacher for two years was really cool, we were never surprised with anything she had to say to us.

  13. Teacher Opinion • We were able to see what worked from each year. I did not have to spend the second year trying to analyze students and abilities. • The first day of the second year, we started where we left off. Now, I was able to pace the classroom for individual levels without getting behind in the curriculum.

  14. QUESTIONS!!!!