voln as z bava free time b2 n.
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Volný čas, zábava (Free time) B2 PowerPoint Presentation
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Volný čas, zábava (Free time) B2

Volný čas, zábava (Free time) B2

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Volný čas, zábava (Free time) B2

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  1. Volný čas, zábava (Free time) B2 Gymnázium a Jazyková škola s právem státní jazykové zkoušky Zlín

  2. Topic: FREE TIME, SPORTS, ENTERTAINMENTPart 1: Questions B2 • Have you ever applied to be a contestant on a reality show? Why? Why not? • How much have your hobbies and interests altered since you were a child? • Who is your favourite character/movie hero? Why? • Are there numerous cultural events held in your town? Tell me more about them. • If money was not any problem, which activity would you like to experience? • Should parents restrict the amount of TV their children watch?

  3. Topic: FREE TIME, SPORTS, ENTERTAINMENTPart 2: Task 1: Compare and contrast the photos in detail and consider the following points: B2 • Location • People • Activities • Atmosphere • Season • Other

  4. Topic: FREE TIME, SPORTS, ENTERTAINMENTPart 2: Task 2: Express and justify your opinion on the following statements: The government should have more control over TV programmes. Only wealth can bring you attractive hobbies and challenging entertaining activities. The music you listen to becomes a part of you, creates your soul and influences your mind. Image of a man does not stand only for clothes and hairstyle, but also what entertainment you enjoy and adore. Too much TV of our teenagers may result in their „academic“ failure in future. B2

  5. Topic: FREE TIME, SPORTS, ENTERTAINMENTPart 4: Role-play refuse the invitation and explain why express your regret and justify it suggest gathering on a different day chat about cultural events both of you would never like to miss in pre-Christmas time B2 Your friend from the USA staying at your neighbour has invited you for the Thanksgiving party. In a phone call:

  6. Topic: FREE TIME, SPORTS, ENTERTAINMENTVocabulary bank: B2 an audition stardom to release an album a recording contract rehearsal subtitles villain blockbuster to throw a party ( for sb.) dedication fulfilling experience to edit a film gripping plot amateur to browse a draw archery venue choir orchestra pit

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