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Transforming Health Care THROUGH RESEARCH AND EDUCATION PowerPoint Presentation
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  1. HRET Making an impact 2013 Transforming Health CareTHROUGH RESEARCH AND EDUCATION

  2. Message from Maulik Joshi and Michael Rock • In 2013, health care has continued its journey toward attaining the highest quality and safest patient care. Hospitals and health care systems face much uncertainty, yet they are being called upon to make rapid, robust changes. • In support of this challenge,the Health Research & Educational Trust (HRET) as the research and educational affiliate of the American Hospital Association (AHA), stands ready to help. • Our vision, to leverage research and education to create a society of healthy communities, where all individuals reach their highest potential for health, offers leadership to our members as they accelerate quality improvement and adjust to the new realities of health care. Maulik S. Joshi, DrPH President, HRET Michael G. Rock, MD, Chair Chief Medical Officer Mayo Clinic Hospitals /Mayo Foundation For more information, visit

  3. Transforming Health CareNational Projects HRET: Making an Impact 2013

  4. NATIONAL PROJECTS • AHA/HRET Hospital Engagement Network (HEN) • On the CUSP: Stop CAUTI (catheter–associated urinary tract infections) • TeamSTEPPS • Safety Program for Ambulatory Surgery • Patient Safety Leadership Network (PSLN) For more information, visit

  5. AHA/HRET HEN At A Glance • Goal: Improve safety, reduce complications and preventable readmissions, and save lives • CMS contract to support the Partnership for Patients campaign • Leading national improvement efforts that are changing the way hospitals provide care for patients • Providing education and training for nearly 1,600 hospitals recruited by 31 state hospital association partners in support of their quality improvement efforts For more information, visit

  6. AHA/HRET HEN IMpact • Prevented more than 69,000 harms • Saved more than $200 million • Improved quality in clinical areas such as infections, early elective deliveries and readmissions For more information, visit

  7. AHA/HRET HEN For more information, visit

  8. On the CUSP: Stop CAUTI At A Glance Impact As of December 2013, the project registered more than 860 hospitals and 1,350 inpatient units (both ICU and non-ICU) and 121 emergency departments. Project has reduced CAUTIs by 16 percent for participating hospital units (AHRQ, July 2013). • Comprehensive unit-based safety program (CUSP) helps hospital units address the foundation of how clinical teams care for patients. • On the CUSP: Stop CAUTI (catheter-associated urinary tract infections) has primary goal of reducing the CAUTI rate in participating hospital units by completion of four-year initiative. • Supported by the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality. For more information, visit

  9. TeamSTEPPS At A glance Impact Trained nearly 700 individuals 521 people attended the TeamSTEPPS national conference in 2013 • National implementation of TeamSTEPPS for front-line care providers, to improve patient safety, teamwork and communication • Supported by the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality For more information, visit

  10. SAFETY PROGRAM FORAMBULATORY SURGERY At A Glance Impact In first year, two cohorts with 160 facilities and 24 states • Goal is the reduction of surgical site infections and complications • Implementation of surgical checklists to integrate clinical and safety culture practices • Supported by the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality For more information, visit

  11. Patient Safety Leadership Network At A Glance Impact Spread implementation of AHRQ safety tools to prevent readmissions (Project RED), use of MATCH toolkit for medication reconciliation, AHRQ Quality Indicators and many more resources • In 2013, worked with more than 13,000 hospital participants through collaboration with 38 state hospital associations • Supported by the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality For more information, visit

  12. Transforming Health CareResearch and Education HRET: Making an Impact 2013

  13. Employee Health Benefits Survey • In 2013, the 15th annual Kaiser/HRET Employer Health Benefits Survey of more than 2,000 small and large employers provided a detailed picture of the status and trends of health insurance costs and coverage. For more information, visit

  14. For more information, visit

  15. Patient Safety Leadership Fellowship At A Glance Class 11 • 20 Fellows in 2013 • 4 in-person learning retreats, 6 webinars, and an Action Learning Project by each Fellow • More than 350 leadership fellowship alumni For more information, visit

  16. Health Care Transformation Fellowship At A Glance Will add photo? • 16 Fellows in 2013 • Theme: Solving the Implementation Puzzle • 3 in-person conferences, 4 webinars, and an Action Learning Project by each Fellow For more information, visit

  17. Health Services Research • Published six times a year with two special supplements, Health Services Researchis HRET's flagship publication and the official journal of AcademyHealth. • In 2013, with funding support from the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ), HSRpublished a special issue on simulation methods in health services research, focusing on applications for policy management and practice, and a second on integrating mixed methods in health services and delivery system research. • HSR published the second installment of its featured special section –“The Best of the AcademyHealth Annual Research Meeting (ARM).” The collaborative effort between the journal and its supportive partner, AcademyHealth, showcases significant work in the health services research field that was presented at the ARM in June. For more information, visit

  18. HRET TRUST Award • Nationally recognized economist and former president of The Commonwealth Fund 2013 TRUST Award Recipient Karen Davis, PhD For more information, visit

  19. Transforming Health CarePartnerships HRET: Making an Impact 2013

  20. HRET in Partnership with AHA • The AHA’s strategic platform to accelerate performance improvement and support delivery system transformationin U.S. hospitals and care systems. For more information, visit

  21. Hospitals in pursuit of excellence • HPOE.orgnow hosts more than 10,000 assets • More than 100,000 downloads of HPOE guides • 17 HPOE webinars reached more than 3,800 participants in 2013 For more information, visit

  22. Committee Reports • 2013 AHA Committee on Performance Improvement developed the report Managing an Intergenerational Workforce: Strategies for Health Care Transformation • 2013 AHA Committee on Research developed the reportYour Hospital’s Path to theSecond Curve: Integration and Transformation For more information, visit and

  23. Equity of Care • Priority areas include: • Increasing the collection and use of race, ethnicity and language preference data • Increasing cultural competency training • Increasing diversity in governance and leadership For more information, visit

  24. Equity of Care Partners For more information, visit

  25. Transforming Health CareAbout HRET HRET: Making an Impact 2013

  26. HRET Board of TRUSTEES Michael G. Rock, MD, ChairChief Medical OfficerMayo Clinic Hospitals / Mayo Foundation Rhonda Anderson, RN, DNSc(h),FAAN, FACHEChief Executive OfficerCardon Children’s Medical Center Banner Health Mary BluntAdministratorSentara Norfolk General Hospital Lawrence P. Casalino, MD, PhDChief of the Division of Outcomes and Effectiveness Research;The Livingston Farrand Professor of Public Health,Department of Healthcare Policy and ResearchWeill Cornell Medical College Michael Chernew, PhDProfessor, Department of Health Care PolicyHarvard Medical School Daniel L. Gross, RN, DNScExecutive Vice PresidentSharp HealthCare Raymond T. Hino, MPA, FACHEChief Executive OfficerBear Valley Community Hospital Douglas LeonardPresident and CEO Indiana Hospital Association T.R. ReidAuthor Douglas A. Conrad, PhDProfessor, Department of Health Services University of Washington Joseph R. Swedish, FACHEChief Executive OfficerWellPoint, Inc. David P. TiltonPresident and CEOAtlantiCare Richard J. UmbdenstockPresident and CEOAmerican Hospital Association Lorrie WarnerManaging DirectorCitigroup Global Markets Inc. Maryjane WurthPresidentIllinois Hospital Association For more information, visit

  27. HRET STAFF For more information, visit

  28. OUR WORK HRET Senior Fellows

  29. Transforming Health Care Through Research and Education