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Crochet Gift Ideas for a Baby Shower

Take a look at the presentation to get the ideas on crochet gift to give on baby shower. Here are some examples like crocheted balls, baby weather mobile, crocheted teething biscuits and more that help you to choose the right gift for your loved one.

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Crochet Gift Ideas for a Baby Shower

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  1. Crochet Gift Ideas for a Baby Shower

  2. Let’s have one thing straight: crochet will never go out of style and with a baby in the pipeline – (literally) – it’s just the right warm and fuzzy to pair it with. Nothing comes close to the excitement of having a brand new baby! But is having a baby all about big responsibilities and chaperoning?

  3. Well if you’re a planning a baby shower for a cool parent, they will definitely see the brighter side of things! Help them showcase their bright and funky side by celebrating a baby shower with these must-have adorables in your party!

  4. Crocheted Balls Soft, round, fuzzy, colorful – what’s not to love! Just the perfect way to use the leftover yarn and keep the baby entertained for hours. Use a pretty rustic basket to present all the balls in one place.

  5. Baby Weather Mobile A little kick starter for the baby’s first nursery. A cuddly and cute crocheted weather mobile. Want to make it a bit more fun? Add tiny bells at the end of each drop of rain.

  6. Crocheted Teething Biscuits Introducing the indestructible crocheted teether – reusable and safe for the little one to chew on all day long!

  7. Cute Crocheted Pacifier Clip This is literally a gift that keeps on giving. The mom to be will thank you every chance she gets! Crochet a lot of these in different colors and wrap ‘em up in a cute little bundle.

  8. Crocheted Batching Hat and Booties A sweet and cuddly baby shower gift with a lot of swag – for the little bundle of joy!

  9. Baby Bibs Trust us when we tell you this: there is no such thing as ‘enough’ bibs for a new mum to be! Mix and match your colors to make an adorable collection for baby’s first keeping-it-clean kit.

  10. Crocheted Organizer This chic but simple organizer will help any mum keep her diapers and wipes together and will know exactly where to find them both. If you’re the one for practical gifts, this is it.

  11. Crocheted Ducky Booties Your gift would be the first prop to baby’s Old McDonald’s farm trip! Soft, comfortable and just the perfect little pair for the baby to come.

  12. Lego Crocheted Blanket Cool parents make cool babies. Know a mum to be with a flair for lego? Will, this would make a perfect gift for her to pass down the legacy to her baby.

  13. Funny Baby Hat With all the anxiousness and excitement for the baby to come, a bit of humor is always a great idea! Warm, fuzzy, adorable and comfortable for the baby and definitely lightens up the mum’s mood.

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