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Contour Line Drawing PowerPoint Presentation
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Contour Line Drawing

Contour Line Drawing

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Contour Line Drawing

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  1. Contour Line Drawing contour lines- Lines that surround and define the edges of a subject, giving it shape and volume. When you draw lines curving around the surface, or contour, of an object, you give that object volume. You make that object appear to be 3-D.

  2. Enrichment Activity: MONOCHROMATIC SHOE COLLAGE • Monochromatic= one color in different shades and tints • Collage= a picture or design created by gluing flat elements, such as paper, newspaper, drawings, onto a flat surface. The result may become three-dimensional • Use observational drawing skills to create a contour line drawing of a shoe. • Trace with Sharpie marker • Choose color scheme- use different values, shades, tints, hues of this color • Use magazines and paper scarps to cut and place within the shoe to create a monochromatic collage design. Include some coloring with colored pencils & markers

  3. You will be creating a variety of contour HAND drawings that overlap. OVERLAP- When one thing lies over, partly covering something else. Depicting this is one of the most important means of conveying an illusion of depth.

  4. HANDS! Study your own hand…

  5. Break the hand down into basic, simple shapes…. Check angles and proportions…

  6. Time to practice in DW… Blind Contour Drawing Blind Contour- Continuous Line Drawing Continuous Line Drawing Modified Contour Drawing

  7. Peter Max is an American illustrator and graphic artist, known for the use of psychedelic shapes and color palettes as well as spectrums in his work. At first, works in this style appeared on posters and were seen on the walls of college dorms all across America. Max then became fascinated with new printing techniques that allowed for four-color reproduction on product merchandise.

  8. For your folder requirements…. OVERLAP CONTOUR HAND DRAWINGS that take up the majority of the folder. They may become unrecognizable, this is okay! In the new spaces/shapes created, use Peter Max’s artwork as inspiration and fill in patterns and designs.