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YNG Media - Things you Need to Know about Mobile Website Design PowerPoint Presentation
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YNG Media - Things you Need to Know about Mobile Website Design

YNG Media - Things you Need to Know about Mobile Website Design

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YNG Media - Things you Need to Know about Mobile Website Design

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  1. Things you Need to Know About Mobile Website Design

  2. What you Need to Know about Mobile Website Design? Should be able to Work Well on Each and Every Mobile Device The design should work on all the 3 screens Save making and maintenance cost Go for latest designs trends Web design should support all platforms Get mobile marketing features too Mobile design should be customer friendly

  3. 1. Should be able to Work Well on Each and Every Mobile Device Mobile Website Design is a new dimension that every company has to add to its digital product kitty. A website when made should be able to work well on each and every mobile device. This is known as having a mobile responsive web design. When digital designing and marketing company works on creating a web identity of a company it has to take into account that the site should be ‘mobile-friendly’.

  4. 2. The Design should Work on all the 3 Screens These days having a desktop site is not enough. With users now accessing web portals from tablets, smart phones and other digital devices, the site should work well in all the formats. The beauty of mobile website design is that it has one format that works well with all the three screens.

  5. 3. Save Making and Maintenance Cost A site when made as mobile and desktop compatible is known as responsive website. As per this the site auto-works and adjusts to the device it is been seen. It is basically having one design that fits all formats. So the web and mobile designers do not have to work on multiple screen resolutions. This saves hell lot of time making it and once it is deployed, it is easy to maintain. Technical glitch when resolved in one version gets resolved for all the other devices too.

  6. 4. Go For Latest Designs Trends Unlike desktop design, mobile websites are constantly evolving. This is mainly due to the fact that mobile phone companies are coming out with upgraded versions of mobile handsets. So the mobile application development companyhas to keep a track of these upgrades and incorporate them in design. It is important to get the latest design solutions as old formats turn stale too soon.

  7. 5. Web Design should Support all Platforms Apart from taking into account the screen sizes, the mobile application developer should ensure that site works on all platforms. These include android, iOS, Linux and Blackberry. The design firm should have the facilities to design sites using Java, C, C++, C#, java, phpand HTML5. As a client it is essential to check the expertise of design firm while outsourcing the work to devise mobile website design.

  8. 6. Get Mobile Marketing Features Too When hiring SEO to do up mobile site, ask for marketing packages that include local promotion tools, geo targeting, SMS marketing, integrating QR Codes (offline module) and a whole lot of services. These are needed as mobile phones are the best means to connect and communicate with target and potential customers. As design firm should offer marketing support in order to achieve set targets.

  9. 7. Mobile Design should be Customer Friendly • Just one or two clicks for more information • Fits the small screen • Search bar easy to find and use • Looks clean and efficient • Big finger friendly buttons • Click to call the business • Easy to save info for later • Non scrolling forms with not too many fields • Scrolling in one direction only (up-down or left-right)

  10. Design firm, YNG Media have an impeccable talent strength that offers best mobile design solutions. They give the finest and latest designs that help in connecting with users instantly.

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