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Miss Else Biology 2 PowerPoint Presentation
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Miss Else Biology 2

Miss Else Biology 2

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Miss Else Biology 2

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  1. Miss Else Biology 2 Room 5129 Spring Semester Info Work: 602-764-9086 Cell: 623-742-8130

  2. Attendance and Tardy Policy • Parents/Guardians: • Please be fully aware that FULL and TIMELY attendance is the only way to help your student be successful. • Excessive absences and tardies will cause your student to miss valuable class information and activities that CAN NOT be made up or re-done • Bell work CAN NOT be made up! • Students who are absent for 12 OR MORE days may lose credit for the course • Students who are ARRIVE TO CLASSafter the final bell rings will be marked tardy

  3. Attendance and Tardy Policy Enforcement • Students who have accumulated 3 or more absences will have parents contacted • Students will then be referred to student liaison for possible attendance contract • Student with excessive tardies will have parents contacted • Students will be assigned to daily START for individual tardies • 3 or more tardies will receive an after school detention • Failure to attend assigned detention may result in referrals

  4. Class work and Homework Assignments • Class work is designated time to be completed IN CLASS-it is due before class ends! • Homework is to be completed AT HOME as assigned-it is not to be completed in class! • Class work and Homework that is not completed on time will be subjected to “dead time” window • “Dead Time” window is 2 days following due date • After 2 days, the assignment will corrected-but WILL NOT receive credit for work done • Re-testing is limited to 1 week following original test date

  5. 3 Ring Binders and Assignment List • Students are responsible for maintaining a 3 ring binder with the following materials: • Up-To-Date Assignment List • Returned Graded Assignments • Notebook for class • Assignment list MUST be kept up to date with all graded assignments included • Graded Assignments MUST be in order according to Assignment list • Notebook is to be used for all bellwork/notes/other assignments where individual paper is needed

  6. 3 Ring Binders and Assignment List • On major exam days: • Student is expected to have 3 ring binder and all sections required ready for “Binder Check” • Student will be given points for completion and neatness of “Binder Check” • Student will receive credit for any C-Notes • 1st BINDER CHECK WILL BE FRIDAY JAN 22nd! • If student is confused or unclear what is required for their “binder check” they may come to tutoring for help!

  7. Parent Involvement for Grades/Tutoring • Parent/Guardian: it is much easier and much more effective to monitor your student’s progress and grade evaluation early to ensure academic success • 5 Ways to help monitor your student: • Be sure to check your student’s parent link progress weekly! • Email or call me at the school for an update! • Check Biology Blog page for assignments! (site on first slide!) • Drop by to see me when you can! • Review student’s progress reports! • Review student’s notebook for completion and grade checks Remember, we are all here to work together-I want your student to succeed in my class!

  8. Academic Honesty • Academic honesty is the student’s sole personalcompletion of any and all required coursework and assignments as given by instructor of class • Academic honesty applies to all assignments and work that any student will do for my class. • Academic honesty will allow student to do better on assignments, homework, quizzes and exams • Academic honesty will apply to all bellworks, in class assignments, worksheets, homework, quizzes, exams, and any other assignments • Academic DISHONESTY is the student’s copying, plagiarization, removal, misuse, or misrepresentation of own work for the course • Academic dishonesty applies to all instances where student will copy, cheat, re-use, recycle, steal or otherwise claim work to be their own sole personal completion of the assignment • Academic dishonesty will result in the removal of all points for assignment without opportunity to complete or make-up • Academic dishonesty can result in student having low class work or homework points, low binder check points, and low quiz/exam points

  9. Classroom Rules • Be respectful of teacher and other students AT ALL TIMES • Respect others that are speaking, DO NOT interrupt or disrupt teacher or other students • Respect teacher’s right to instruct, and other student’s right to learn • Use proper and appropriate language in and around classroom • Obey all school rules while on campus and in classrooms • DO NOT to have food, drinks, gum, candy or other edibles in classroom at any time • ALL electronics are strictly prohibited at all times on campus: this includes but is not limited to: cameras, IPODs, cell phones, PSPs, etc.

  10. Class Rule Enforcement • Step 1: Verbal warning • Step 2: Removal from Ms Else’s room • Included: Parent Contact • Step 3: After school detention with Ms Else • Included: Parent Contact • Step 4: Referral to Dean Ms Else reserves the right to proceed to any step in enforcement that is deemed necessary by situation or behavior of student and classroom

  11. Class Schedule Tutoring Schedule Period 1: • PREP HOUR-NO CLASS Period 2: Biology Period 3: Biology 1st Lunch: • NOT AVAILABLE DURING LUNCH Period 5: Biology Period 6: Biology Period 7: Biology Monday: • Appointment Only Tuesday: • 2:50-3:30 pm Wednesday: • Appointment Only Thursday: • 2:50-3:30 pm Friday: • Appointment Only Appointments for tutoring on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays are subject to Ms Else’s availability

  12. I have read and understand all 2nd Semester information as described in this power point by Ms Else. Please sign below to show your acknowledgement Student: _______________________________________ Parent/Guardian: ________________________________________