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Cardiovascular system

Cardiovascular system. Elastic Artery ( aorta ) (H&E stain). Tunica intima ( aorta ). Endothelium. media. Elastic artery. Tunica media. Vasa vasorum. adventitia. media. Masson’s trichrome stain (aorta). media. Black=elastic lamina, Red=smooth muscle. Green=collagen. Elastic artery.

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Cardiovascular system

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  1. Cardiovascular system

  2. Elastic Artery(aorta)(H&E stain)

  3. Tunica intima (aorta) Endothelium media

  4. Elastic artery Tunica media

  5. Vasa vasorum adventitia media

  6. Masson’s trichrome stain (aorta) media

  7. Black=elastic lamina, Red=smooth muscle Green=collagen

  8. Elastic artery Vasa vasorum Tunica adventitia

  9. Elastic artery(van Gieson stain)TUNICA MEDIA

  10. Tunica Media Elastic lamina=blackConnective tissue=pink

  11. Medium sized (Vein and Artery) Vein Artery

  12. Medium sized vein artery

  13. Muscular artery (medium sized )

  14. Muscular artery Intima Media Adventitia

  15. Muscular artery media adventitia Internal elastic lamina

  16. IEL media adventitia

  17. Muscular artery LAMINA External elastic laminae MEDIA IEL

  18. Medium sized VEIN

  19. Medium sized vein MEDIA ADVENTITIA

  20. Large sized (arteriole & venule) VENULE ARTERIOL

  21. Large Arteriole

  22. Superficial Vein (Saphenous) (Masson’s trichrome stain)

  23. Superficial Vein (Saphenous) media

  24. Superficial Vein (Saphenous) adventitia

  25. Microvasculature Vessels

  26. HEART

  27. Intercalated disk(special stain)

  28. Intercalateddisk

  29. Intercalated disc

  30. Purkinje Fibers (PAS stain) Ordinary cardiac muscle

  31. Purkinje Fibers Endocardium

  32. Purkinje Fibers (PAS stain)

  33. Purkinje Fibers (PAS stain)

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