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Hot Topics

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  1. Hot Topics Kate Haire Head of Small Medium and Low Risk Business Team

  2. Cost recovery • The Government intends to proceed with the Fee for Intervention (FFI) scheme as recommended by HSE’s Board • It is expected that FFI is likely to be introduced in October 2012. • A shadow run of internal processes has been underway since February and will continue until the scheme is implemented

  3. Cost RecoverySummary of first Shadow Run • Evaluation data was collected from a range of sources, including interviews with staff and duty holders, questionnaires, analysis of internal data.  • The aim was to get an in-depth view of how staff and businesses understood and felt about FFI.  It was a largely qualitative study. • The first phase of the shadow run was completed at the end of March and is currently being evaluated. We anticipate publishinh the report in June

  4. Update on current Directives 1. EMF Directive • Negotiations continue amongst member states with the aim of agreeing a new EMF Directive • In April the original EMF Directive was extended for a further 18 months • Regular updates on progress with negotiations are on HSE’s EMF web Community – if you are not already a member contact

  5. Update on current Directives 2. Musculoskeletal Disorders • The European Commission propose a new Directive on Ergonomic Risk. • If introduced, the new Directive will replace current provision on Display Screen Equipment and Manual Handling Operations. • Following a second impact assessment the Commission has been asked to look at the proposal again, specifically to reduce the burden on SMEs • Expected to complete review of the proposal by the end of June • The Commission is expected to complete the review by the end of June and put before the European Parliament for first reading after October 2012.

  6. Update on current Directives 3. Carcinogens and Mutagens Directive • The European Commission is thinking about making changes to the Carcinogens and Mutagens Directive.  • This is a piece of European legislation that is implemented into UK law by the Control of Substances Hazardous to Health Regulations known as 'COSHH'. • HSE is taking part in early discussions at EU level, to ensure that UK interests are considered. • HSE is talking to UK stakeholders, to gather information and collect views. If SBATF members would like more information and/or to provide comments, please contact Tim Fry ( 

  7. Myth Busters Challenge Panel (1) • • • Terms of reference are available on the website • Challengers will need to complete an online form – can be completed by individuals or group representing an individual

  8. Myth Busters Challenge Panel (2) • Summary of cases and outcomes are published on HSEs website • • Process will be developed for the SBTAF Board to refer cases to the MBCP • Please raise awareness of the panel, and of the Independent Regulatory Challenge Panel, amongst your members to help us dispel the health and safety myths!

  9. Agency Workers • Employment agencies and businesses have a duty to ensure health and safety at work of ‘agency’ workers • Effective liaison and communication between agencies, hirers and agency workers is crucial • Clear arrangements need to be agreed between agencies and the hirer over responsibility for risk assessment and provision of information, instruction and training

  10. Agency Workers • The Agency Workers Regulations 2010 (not enforced by HSE) do not change health and safety entitlements of agency workers – protection of the legislation from day 1 of a placement • HSE has produced guidance that makes clear agency and hirer responsibilities and is available at • The key elements of the guidance will be included in the revised version of Essentials