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The Opportunity of a Lifetime!

The Opportunity of a Lifetime!. Mick Daly N ational M arketing D irector. Our Story. with NSA/Juice Plus+. “Once Upon A Time…”. In 1990 we started with these goals: escape from corporate J.o.B . sense of purpose financial freedom time & travel freedom

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The Opportunity of a Lifetime!

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  1. The Opportunity of a Lifetime! Mick Daly National Marketing Director

  2. Our Story with NSA/Juice Plus+

  3. “Once Upon A Time…” In 1990 we started with these goals: • escape from corporate J.o.B. • sense of purpose • financial freedom • time & travel freedom • retire by age 53 (July 1999) • long, healthy, fun retirement “Aim at nothing and you’ll hit it every time!”

  4. Part Time ‘Magic’ • Part-Time: 1990-1991 (1 year in Dallas, TX) • Full-Time: 1991-1997 (6 years in Dallas, TX) • Part-Time: 1998-2001 (4 years RVing) • ‘Magic’: 2002  …………………….. (Colorado) “… live happily ever after!”

  5. Eagle, Colorado

  6. PLAN B Millions of Americans are Starting Their Own • HOME BASED BUSINESS • When you find the right vehicle at the right time. • When you believe in what you are doing and love doing it. • When you eliminate the hassles and costly overhead. • When you develop a system that produces consistent, • residual income for you and your team. • When your primary focus is relationships with people • and personal growth – yours and theirs. THEN: You Have A Formula For Success!

  7. INTRODUCINGThe Virtual Franchise Combining the strengths of several marketing methods to create something unique in the home-based business industry. Along With: • No need to invest or spend a lot of money. • No fixed overhead and no labor costs. • No financial risk.

  8. It’s important for me to be able to: • Be my own boss • Set my own goals & work at my own speed • Have flexibility in my schedule • Build my business around my family • Make a difference in peoples lives American Dream!

  9. Part Time Magic • Build a Team • Where every member can build a substantial, passive income!

  10. BUILD ACUSTOMERBASE • Juice Plus+ helps support your customers & your “franchisees” with innovative & professional marketing & internet programs. Develop a Team of other “franchisees” … if you choose.

  11. PERSISTANCE • Build your own Virtual Franchise 1 customer at a time 1 team member at a time

  12. Become your own Preferred Customer Sign up 5 PC’s your first 30 days -> 6% commission 20 PC’s your first 60 days -> 14% commission Fast Track to Success

  13. 1-10-1(A Tried & Proven System!) • 1 (You) attract 5 Customers their first 30 days • 10 more customers in full 60 day period • 1 “franchisee” you help get 5 PC’s their first month

  14. Vision • Team Building is not so much about selling the marketing plan as it is transferring your vision. Share Your Dream!

  15. Once you have 40 PC’s (Qualified Business) 1,000 PVC You earn about $500 a month Duplicate your “Franchise” with 3 others

  16. You 40 PC’s Joan 40 PC’s Jane 40 PC’s John 40 PC’s Now you make on average $1000+ per month Duplicate your “Franchise” with 3 others • Help 3 people do what you’ve done

  17. You decide how far you want to go,and how quickly you want to get there! Build Qualified Businesses A small profitable “franchise” of your own 3-11 others on Your Team 12-38 others On Your Team 39 or more on Your Team Earn $6000/year on average $15,000/year on average $40,000/year on average $120,000/year on average You 3 Club 12 Club 39 Club

  18. You 12 QBs Joan 12 QBs Jane 12 QBs John 12 QBs Duplicate your “Franchise” with 5 others • Help 5 people do what you’ve done Anne 12 QBs Zach 12 QBs Now you make over $300,000 per year 100 Club

  19. Our Business National Marketing Directors (NMDs) ….. On the way to being NMDs

  20. Start Line 1. Become a Juice Plus+ Preferred Customer yourself 2. Submit a NSA Distributor Application 3. Earn more money faster by following our “Fast Track” formula your first 60 days 4. Continue adding customers and distributors to establish a “Qualifying Business” 5. Duplicate steps 1-4 with 1 other, then 2, then 3,…

  21. Finish: National Marketing Director • Average Annual Income $100,000 PLUS+ • Disability Insurance • Tuition Reimbursement Program • Expense Allowance – Up To $3K/mnth. • Holiday Bonus • Major Medical Insurance • Prescription Card • Dental Insurance • Life Insurance INVEST THE NEXT 3-5 YEARS HELPING 12 PEOPLE REALIZE THEIR DREAMS, AND YOU WILL BECOME A NATIONAL MARKETING DIRECTOR.

  22. Live Like No-one Else Today… So Tomorrow You Get To LIVE LIKE NO-ONE ELSE!

  23. make 2010 YOUR BEST YEAR EVER

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