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Safety in the Kitchen PowerPoint Presentation
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Safety in the Kitchen

Safety in the Kitchen

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Safety in the Kitchen

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  1. Safety in the Kitchen Safe or Unsafe?

  2. Safe or Unsafe? Use a towel to remove a pan from the range.

  3. Unsafe A towel is not meant to remove items from a range or oven. It’s thinness allows heat to penetrate through. It’s loose ends can catch on fire.

  4. Safe or Unsafe? Pour salt or baking soda over the flames of a grease fire.

  5. Safe The salt absorbs the grease and the baking soda cuts off the oxygen supply.

  6. Safe or Unsafe? Sweep up broken glass with a broom or brush.

  7. Safe Use the proper equipment to pick up glass. A broom or brush is a safe way to quickly pick up glass.

  8. Safe or Unsafe? Cut the tops of cans about half off and then bend them up to remove the food.

  9. Unsafe Properly remove entire lid with a can opener. Bending back lids increases a risk to an injury or cut.

  10. Safe or Unsafe? Wait until a wet floor dries before walking on it.

  11. Safe You risk injury if a floor is wet. Wait until it is completely dry before walking on it yourself or allowing others to walk on it.

  12. Safe or Unsafe? Take broken appliances to a service shop for repair or discontinue use.

  13. Safe Broken appliances cause a risk to a potential fire or a risk of injury.

  14. Safe or Unsafe? Be sure poisons are clearly labeled.

  15. Safe Make sure others know what is in bottles that can be a potential risk for inproper use or consumption. Mr. Yuk stickers are helpful for young children that cannot read.

  16. Safe or Unsafe Old refrigerators and freezers should be stored with the doors tightly closed so small children can’t get in them.

  17. Safe Many people might have older refrigerators or freezers that are easy for small children to get into. Keep them tightly closed or not easily accessed.

  18. Safe or Unsafe? Keep pan handles toward the edge of the range so they are easy to reach.

  19. Unsafe Handles pointed toward the edge of the range are easy to bump as you walk by or accessible for small children to reach causing a safety risk.

  20. Safe or Unsafe? Touch the surface unit on the range after use to be sure it is turned off.

  21. Unsafe Newer ranges have a light that indicates whether a stove top is still hot. Older ranges do not have that. Touching the range top is risking a burn.

  22. Safe or Unsafe Do not use a knife to tighten a screw on a handle.

  23. Unsafe Use tools meant for the purpose. Using a knife as a screwdriver can damage the knife and risk injury.

  24. Safe or Unsafe? Use electric appliances with wet or dry hands.

  25. Unsafe Always make sure hands are dry. Wet hands and electrical appliances do not mix well. It could be a shocking experience.

  26. Safe or Unsafe The safest place for electrical cords is near heat such as ranges or hot pipes.

  27. Unsafe Avoid placing electrical cords near heat sources such as hot pipes, ranges, or heating ducts.

  28. Safe or Unsafe? Cover food and utensils before spraying; with cleaning fluids or aerosol sprays.

  29. Safe If you are cleaning the kitchen, try to do it separately from when you are cooking. Cover food if it is necessary to use a cleaning solution.

  30. Safe or Unsafe? Wear long-sleeved garments when cooking to protect your arms.

  31. Safe Long-sleeved garments help protect your arm. Be aware not to wear sleeves which hang too loosely around the wrists near the stove top.

  32. Safe or Unsafe? Keep flammable materials away from the range.

  33. Safe Duh… a stove is hot, do not keep flammables near stove. This includes towels, hotpads, recipes, or other flammables.

  34. Safe or Unsafe? Wash knives with the silverware when doing dishes.

  35. Unsafe Set knives out to wash separately. If you put them in the bottom of the sink to be washed with the silverware, you risk being cut.

  36. Safe or Unsafe? Disconnect the appliance first if food sticks on it.

  37. Safe Make sure appliance is disconnected before you try to remove food. Appliances such as blenders and food processors can cause injury if accidentally turned on.

  38. Safe or Unsafe? Store household cleaners in the same cabinets with food.

  39. Unsafe Always store household cleaners separately from food. Also store cleaners away from small children.

  40. Safe or Unsafe? Be sure pot holders are dry before using on hot pans.

  41. Safe If a hot pad or oven mitt gets wet, don’t use it until it dries. A wet pad or cloth will easily transmit heat.

  42. Safe or Unsafe? Lift the lid of a pan on a range so the opening is toward you so the steam billows away from your face.

  43. Safe Steam burns are worse than water burns. Steam is the gas form of water and is hotter than the liquid form. Lift the lid top towards you and having the steam away from your face.

  44. Safe or Unsafe? Use a chair or box to reach a high shelf.

  45. Unsafe Use a stepstool to reach high areas. Step stools are built for the safety of reaching higher spaces.

  46. Safe or Unsafe? Be sure the cord is out of the way when using an appliance.

  47. Safe Make sure the cord is directly plugged into the outlet and out of the way of the appliance unit itself.

  48. Safe or Unsafe? Use aerosol spray cans near heat or flames.

  49. Unsafe The use of aerosol cans near heat or flames can be a serious hazard.

  50. Safe or Unsafe? When using a knife, cut away from your body.