this power point is an interactive review of chapter 2 material n.
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Regulation of Nursing Practice PowerPoint Presentation
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Regulation of Nursing Practice

Regulation of Nursing Practice

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Regulation of Nursing Practice

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  1. This Power Point is an “Interactive Review” of Chapter 2 material Regulation of Nursing Practice

  2. Licensure as a nurse assures the public that the person is _____________ to assume the specific duties. qualified

  3. The state ________ department entitles a person to practice a certain profession through the process of licensure. Health

  4. TRUE or FALSE? Licensure only assures minimal safety and competence of the individual. TRUE.

  5. TRUE or FALSE? All persons who are compensated for nursing services must be licensed. TRUE

  6. The Nursing Licensure Compact addresses: Interstate licensure for RNs & LPNs/VNs.

  7. The American Nurses Association (has) or (has not) endorsed the Nursing Licensure Compact. Has Not

  8. Entry requirements, Scope of practice, and Disciplinary actions are among the items defined by each state’s: Nurse Practice Act

  9. Changes to a state’s Nurse Practice Act are usually initiated by that state’s __________ _________ in response to a need identified by the professional community. Nurses Association

  10. If a nurse performs an act/procedure outside of his/her scope of practice and this leads to patient injury, the patient may have a _________ claim against the nurse. malpractice

  11. ____________ involves recognizing a nurse for certain qualifications that exceed basic competence. Credentialing

  12. True or False? It is possible for someone to graduate from a nursing program, but then be denied licensure by a state board based on a prior criminal conviction. True.

  13. Which persons are covered by RCW 18.130.180 ? “Any license holder under the jurisdiction of the chapter.”

  14. Under RCW 18.130.180, it is possible for a person to receive disciplinary action even if s/he is not convicted in a criminal proceeding. TRUE

  15. A Chiropractor places an advertisement in the paper stating that his “magic treatments will lead to a guaranteed cure.” This advertisement could be: (a) False (b) Fraudulent (c) Misleading (d) All of these

  16. According to RCW 18.79.260, a RN may delegate tasks of nursing care to other individuals if it is in the best interest of the: (a) RN (b) delegate (c) patient (d) hospital