what happen to buzz lightyear n.
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What happen to buzz lightyear ? PowerPoint Presentation
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What happen to buzz lightyear ?

What happen to buzz lightyear ?

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What happen to buzz lightyear ?

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  1. What happen to buzz lightyear ? By :alex

  2. Introduction • Thetopic was that buzz light-year had been poised attending a cooking show and some of the evidence had been left out by the criminal who had done it and it was up to us to figure out who it was.

  3. Hypothesis • There were certain evidence left at the crime scene and we had to figure out what those were, my hypothesis is that some one who was evil to began with did it such as icky Vicky.

  4. Materials • Some of the materials we used were. • Pork,light,98% hot dog • Sucrose, baking soda, sodium polyacryate ,sodium chloride, ascorbic acid . • Plastic, aluminum, zinc, copper, iron, and sulfur • Pure water, alcohol, salt water, vinegar, grape drink, and lemonade with pulp • Ruler, and magnifying glass , goggels

  5. Procedures • For the hot dog lab we took the weight of each dog the color and how it reacted with certain types of acid and found the pre and post squeeze mass of each hot dog. • For the powder lab we tested solubility to see witch powders would dissolve in a certain amount of time. we also check the conductivity of each powder, then we looked at the powders underneath a magnifying glass to see the textures. Lastly we say what would happen to the powders under heat. • Liquids: to discover the mystery liquid we first looked at the drink for color or particles in the drink next we put the water and other drinks together for the density , we then mixed it with sodium chloride to see how each reacted. Along with conductivity and flamiblity

  6. Procedures con. • Wraps: to test the wraps we looked at the warps to see if they were shiny dull transparent etc. we dropped the warps in water to find there density we also put hydro choleric acid on the metals to see how they reactedwe took the conductivity of each also.

  7. Data and observations • I noticed that the metals were all shiny but to where the sulfur and plastic were not. The hot dogs reacted it the acid by turning different colors that really helped with the finding of the cch (crime scene hot dog) we also found out that the culprit to poising buzz was Shrek

  8. conclusion • I have come to the conclusion the Shrek had poisoned buzz through the cooking show .

  9. refrences • Mrs.langhans lab room