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personal evangelism unit north american mission board n.
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Personal Evangelism Unit North American Mission Board PowerPoint Presentation
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Personal Evangelism Unit North American Mission Board

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Personal Evangelism Unit North American Mission Board
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Personal Evangelism Unit North American Mission Board

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  1. WELCOME! Follow-up Training Personal Evangelism Unit North American Mission Board

  2. Imagine that you have just accepted Christ. What do you need? • Bible Study • To grow in your faith • To learn to pray • To get involved in a ministry • To join the church/Sunday School • Christian friends • Assurance • To be baptized • Your questions answered

  3. Schematic of a new believer • Has little or no theological knowledge • Probably does not own a Bible • Is very excited about “spiritual things” • Very open to growth & confusion • Does not know how to pray • Defines his/her faith by other “believer’s” behavior/actions/attitudes • May still be in a sin-lifestyle • Still has “unsaved” friends • May wonder if what has happened is really true

  4. What is the attitude of some Christians toward new believers? • They are too immature • They will grow all by themselves • They are too worldly • They are not my responsibility • They disrupt my circle of friends • They are too excited about God

  5. Successful follow-up requires: • Love • Patience • A sense of obligation • Commitment • A strategy

  6. What may happen to a new believer in the first 24 hours? He may be ridiculed He may be rejected/isolated He may lose a friend He may face a moral dilemma and not know what to do He may be asked to compromise his convictions He may sin and feel guilty He may be asked a question to which he will not know the answer He may question the validity of his salvation He may watch Christian TV and get more confused His life may not immediately get better.

  7. Which makes follow-up so vital to the early development of the new believer!

  8. Why? Because we live in culture that has disdain and often open antagonism for Christianity. No longer is there a general respect for Judeo-Christian principles.

  9. Our culture views conservative Christians as: Intolerant Bigoted Close-minded Fanatical

  10. Satan would love to lead believers into spiritual ruin. Jesus said to Peter: Simon, Simon, Satan has asked to sift you as wheat. But I have prayed for you, Simon, that your faith may not fail. (Luke 22:31)

  11. Churches that do not have an ongoing strategy for follow-up are guilty of committing spiritual infanticide.

  12. Biblical Dynamics of Follow-up Acts 9:7-19 The Conversion of Saul Acts 9:10-11 Acts 9:6, 12 Acts 9:8 Acts 9:13-14 Acts 9:15-16 Acts 9:18 Acts 9:19 Commanded by Christ Expected by the new believer Needed by the new believer Takes us out of our comfort zones Participates in accomplishing God’s will in the life of the new believer Enhances the growth of the new believer Is done by more than one person

  13. What could have happened to Paul if Ananias had been disobedient to the Lord’s call to follow-up?

  14. A Personal Follow-up Covenant With God as my helper, I will do whatever it takes to insure that any new believer in my circle of influence becomes a growing Christian and a productive member of a local church.

  15. A Church Follow-up Covenant With God as our helper, we will develop an on-going follow-up strategy to insure that all new believers that He leads to us, are successfully incorporated and assimilated into our local fellowship.