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Ten reasons why tape is here to stay PowerPoint Presentation
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Ten reasons why tape is here to stay

Ten reasons why tape is here to stay

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Ten reasons why tape is here to stay

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  1. Ten reasons why tape is here to stay Speaker Name – Title Date

  2. 1. Tape offers continuous fast-paced innovation LTO-6 Now with Linear Tape File System (LTFS) LTO-5 6.25 TB per cartridge at 1.4 TB/hour** And WORM And Data Encryption And Linear Tape File System (LTFS) LTO-4 3 TB per cartridge at 1 TB/hour* And WORM And Data Encryption And Linear Tape File System (LTFS) LTO-3 1.6 TB per cartridge at 864 GB/hour* And WORM And DataEncryption LTO-2 800 GB per cartridge at 576 GB/hour* And WORM LTO-1 400 GB per cartridge at 173 GB/hour* 200 GB per cartridge at 86 GB/hour* *Compressed at 2:1 **Compressed at 2.5:1due to larger compression history buffer

  3. 2. Delivers the lowest cost of ownership The most cost-effective way to handle massive data growth • LTO Ultrium offers the lowest cost of ownership in terms of: • Media cost - LTO-6 estimated at 2.5¢/Gbyte (compressed 2.5:1) • On-going energy costs for power and cooling– see following slide • High densities in a small footprint reduce cost of physical storage space

  4. 3. Tape is COOL! – literally! Tape requires very little energy for power or cooling • “In summary, we have documented that disk ismore than 15x more expensive than tape...and uses 238x more energy (costing more than the all costs for tape) for an archiving application of large binary files with a 45% annual growth rate, all over a 12-year period.” • David Reine and Mike Kahn, The Clipper Group, “Throughout ESG’s study and scenarios, the LTO Tape option was the least costly backup solution (in terms of TCO) over a 5-year period by a substantial margin.” Mark Peters, Enterprise Storage Group 2011

  5. 4. Tape provides the ‘last line of defence’ Offers protection that other solutions are unable to match – even in the cloud When Google Gmail suffered one of its worst outages in recent history, thousands of accounts were deleted by a software bug. Fortunately they were able to rely on backup tapes to save the day. Recovery Time Protection Level Protects Against Disk-based Tape-based

  6. 5. Delivers durable long-term storage More reliable, safe, durable and accessible than disk Accessible data retention Reliable data retention • Read after write verification for reliable writes • Servo tracking to help ensure precision tracking • Better error rate than disk! 1x10E17 bits vs. 1x10E15 bits • WORM support ensures data immutability • AES-256 bit encryption • Easily removable “off-line” storage • LTFS Tape minimises dependencies and maximises recoverability: • Self describing open standard • LTFS tapes ensure application independence, transportability and protection from obsolescence • LTFS enables ease of locating and restoring files • 30 year shelf life (5x longer than disk) • Inherently more stable magnetic medium than disk for long term storage • Available with WORM tape media to prevent accidental over-write Durable data retention Safe data retention

  7. 6. Tape offers added security Tape-based data encryption from LTO-4 onward to protect data at rest IDC predicts that during the next decade 100x more data will need to be protected for regulatory compliance, corporate governance, litigation support, records management, and data management initiatives. • Growing numbers of data breach – including high profile cases of lost media:

  8. 7. It’s uniquely positioned for the ‘BIG DATA’ challenge Tape provides a high capacity, low cost and highly scalable storage tier

  9. 8. An ideal solution for digital archiving With Linear Tape File System (LTFS) for enhanced usability • HP StoreOpen with LTFS - making tape as easy to useas disk: • View and access files on tape through your file browser • Use a number of standard disk-based functions including drag-and-drop functionality • Readily interchange LTFS tapes between platforms, vendors and different stages in the workflow • Protect investment – LTFS makes it easy to restore files after long-term archival without system or application dependencies • And automated media health and data integrity verification mitigates concerns of long-term data access • Providing cost-effective, dependable archive for growing volumes of digital assets Source: ESG 2010

  10. 9. Still the most popular for data protection And capacity demand continues to spiral upward 77%of enterprise companies surveyed continueto rely on tape for backup and archival in 2012 Source: Storage IT Decision Makers, June 2012 Tape media capacity shipments are reaching record levels with double digit growthyear on year. Tape capacity shipments continue to outstrip external disk capacity shipments CY12, Q2: 4,855 PB (uncompressed) 15% y-o-y growth Sources: IDC WW Disk Storage Tracker Q2 CY12 SCCG Tape Media Tracker Q2 CY12

  11. 10. Tape has a bright future There’s a large worldwide tape market and significant on-going investment • The tape market was worth $2.3bn in 2011 (hardware and media) and over $1bn in H1 2012 according to IDC and SCCG • The amount of data kept on tape is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 45 % from 2010 through 2015 according to INSIC (November 2011) • More than 4.3 million LTO Ultrium drives & 200 million LTO Tape cartridges have shipped since the technology was first launched • HP is the #1 for branded tape drive shipments and #1 for LTO Ultrium Tape Drives • HP alone has shipped more than 2.5 million LTO Ultrium Tape drives • LTO technology provider consortium of HP, IBM, Quantum continue to invest in LTO Ultrium technology. This industry standard format: • Drives the pace of innovation • Underpins availability and competitive pricing • Provides investment protection and compatibility • Offers a robust future roadmap Source: IDC Q4 2010

  12. Experts agree...Tape is here to stay! “Tape is still the least expensive media for capacity, and today’s tape is no slouch when it comes to speed either.” Howard Marks, Network Computing “The tape industry should stop making excuses and instead raise its head with pride. Tape is great for archiving and nothing else comes close, in fact the gap with disk competition is going to widen in tape’s favour.” Chris Mellor, The Register “Today, tape is on the cutting edge in providing highly cost-effective and reliable answers to certain data storage challenges. It turns out that what is outdated is not tape itself, but the perceptions of tape.” Mark Peters, Information Week

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