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BLC Value Guide to Home Renovation

BLC Value Guide to Home Renovation. Online subscription for real estate professionals, investors and homeowners Renovating value Know where and what to renovate Specific for each area Mission statement Focus on advising and creating long-term wealth for our subscribers

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BLC Value Guide to Home Renovation

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  1. BLC Value Guide to Home Renovation • Online subscription for real estate professionals, investors and homeowners • Renovating value • Know where and what to renovate • Specific for each area • Mission statement • Focus on advising and creating long-term wealth for our subscribers • Focus on accomplishing our goal through producing a quality, timely and effective product that is built on integrity and hard work

  2. The Potential Market • Primary goal: growing user base • Reach 100,000 users by the end of fiscal year • Potential audience: Between real estate professionals and contracts – approximately 2.7 million people • This does not include homeowners or investors

  3. Situation Analysis • SWOT • Strengths • One of a kind product • Access information from anywhere • Weaknesses • Small staff – keeping up with data inputting • Opportunities • Perfect timing for launch • Competitors have a weak marketing strategy • Threats • Competing platforms offering information for free of charge.

  4. Business Model Canvas • Key Partners • Customer Relationship • Customer Segments • Cost • Revenue

  5. CRM Plan • Primary Focus – Long term relationships • Three pillars of relationship marketing • Active users • Relationship intensity pyramid • Learning about our customers • Web log analysis • Cookies • Creating a competitive advantage with client-side tools • Agents • Individualized web portals • Non-Active Users • Gain trust • Functionality of site • Asking the right questions • Measuring success

  6. Advertising • Two advertising vehicles • Google’s AdWords • Low cost • Active traffic • Focus on proper keywords • Affiliate marketing • Build relationships • Improvement conversion rate

  7. Target Market Analysis • Segmentation bases Variables • Psychographic Activities • Demographic Income • The psychographic base with the activities variable illustrates the Do-it-yourself homeowner that engages in home renovation projects. • The demographic base with the variable of income illustrates the target group of people that are financially able to afford a contractor to perform their renovations. • Target Market • Individuals interested in completing home renovations for personal preference and or financial gain via resale in the United States. • Target personas • Do-it-yourself homeowner that is constantly working nights and weekends to improve his or her home. • The financially able homeowner will use our service to determine what home renovations will provide them the most return on their investment. • Real Estate investor looking for the best opportunities to capitalize on flipping houses and would use our service to locate the best areas to accomplish those goals.

  8. Targeting Strategy • Our targeting strategy is to market our service to the aforementioned personas while selling advertising to home improvement stores and or contractors to fund the site. We believe we can create the necessary traffic to our site from our customers to support advertising from local contractors, home improvement retailers, and material and tool manufacturers.

  9. Primary Market Research • Primary Market Research – 30 participants • 60% of survey participants have renovated some part of their home. • Of the participants that completed home renovations, 50% completed the renovations their self and 50% hired a contractor to complete the renovation. • Over 60% of participants completed the renovations for personal preference • 90% of participants felt renovating the Kitchen would provide the most return on investment • 89.6% of participants would let value added to the home influence their renovation decisions. • 89.6% of participants would spend time researching which renovations would add the most value to their home. • -86.21% believe that renovations in certain parts of the country would bring a higher return than other parts of the country. • - 82.76% would still complete the renovation even if they would not receive as high a return as a homeowner in another part of the country.

  10. Strategy • Differentiation Strategy • Our strategy is based on service differentiation. Our plan is to provide a valuable service that no other company offers. We provide a service to help individuals considering home renovations make informed decisions related to the type of renovations that will produce the best return on their investment. • Positioning Strategy • Our positioning strategy is based on service and benefits. The benefit of our service is the information that can be used to make informed decisions regarding renovations and the return on investment that can be expected in the consumer’s geographic area. Our site will offer other resources such as help finding a local contractor or “How-to” directions for those Do-it-yourself homeowners • Competitors • Remodeling.net was the only competitor we found that offered a similar web based service to ours. Remodeling.net’s service was limited to regions of the United States as where our service will eventually reach the state and city level.

  11. Website • Simple and Clean • Environment/Atmospheric • Trust • Quickly get them to purchase screen • Order Form requires we have their address

  12. Website • Convert shopper to buyer • Banner Ads

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