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Motion graphics and video composing PowerPoint Presentation
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Motion graphics and video composing

Motion graphics and video composing

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Motion graphics and video composing

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  1. Motion graphics and video composing Yodit Demisse(Judy)

  2. Motion Graphics and Video Composing • Motion graphics is that used to footage and animation to create motion and rotation. • Moving images around in space and time, almost always after creating some of the images from synthetic, graphic elements. • Video composing is Joining movies together in space to make one video, cutting out some of the areas of the duration video. Film title sequence TV show graphics Computer game TV/ advert Music video Internet banner graphics

  3. Film title sequence: is a method which film or TV presenting the meaning of their title. The film sequence I have chose is the hunger games. As you can see, on the trailer 2:36mintets title sequence for the hunger games katniss everdeen voluntarily for her younger sister, she takes the place in the hunger games, the camera amid on her and the guy to televised fight to the death, the tittle sequence is at the beginning of the film trailer it shows that the motion picture association of America, NIC have approved for the ‘appropriate audience’ to view it. And at the end of it shows the title of the film and when it will be relised, creativity and over all style of this title sequence. The whole composition was very clean

  4. TV show graphics: The TV show graphics I have chosen is eastandars. The title sequence show that eastandars set in albert square in east London the story line is about different family in the square how they life depending on in to another family, they way they living the life and how the people are, basically how the London life style As you can see on the link at the first you can see the whole city of London spicilly east side of London the albert square, it shows you lots of place of the albert square and on the logo you can see how different houses and family also different things going on the TV show, at the end of the link shows you on what TV channel come and it shows on bbc one.

  5. Computer games motion graphics: the computer games motion graphics I chose is simulator game, Simulator Games is that try to accurately seems real world situations, physics, and events as accurately as possible. There are several varieties of simulation games, but they are probably only three that are very well known, specifically Racing Simulators, Flight Simulators, and 'Sim’ type games. Simulator games usually played from a first person perspective, to help the player. As you can see on the video you can See that how the graiphics looks reaand well easy toplay the games, If you pause it at 0:35 you can see that explained how the game is and how you can play the game till the end, also the colouris very good its not bright.

  6. TV advert: The TV advert I chose is channel 5 if you can see on the link i shared you can see that a woman walking towred the hall, they use bright coloure to attrative the adiounce to watch cannale 5 and the way they use motoin graphics with the backgrund.

  7. Music video: the music video I chose is Beyoncé Run the world(girls) i chosethisvideo becouseitshowsthathowsheshows the worldhowwomanhave a power and theyway the film and put the motiongraphicsisgoodifcansee on the video at 1:57 youcanseehow the powercome out from herdruging the fox with hertwohands. Also the video tellsthatsheis the main but thereare a lots of peopel dancing with her.

  8. Internet banner graphics: The web banner graphics I choes is As you can see on the link you can see a difference kind of a web banner to made with a different graphics deigned which looks good to to show the adiounce that can use or made.