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BOOK 3 UNIT 5 MY FUTURE By li Yanhong PowerPoint Presentation
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BOOK 3 UNIT 5 MY FUTURE By li Yanhong

BOOK 3 UNIT 5 MY FUTURE By li Yanhong

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BOOK 3 UNIT 5 MY FUTURE By li Yanhong

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  1. BOOK 3 UNIT 5 MY FUTURE By li Yanhong

  2. Future

  3. A riddle What is always in front of you, but you can never see it? Your future

  4. Future

  5. Future • Tomorrow is future. • Next month is future. • Next year is future, too.

  6. Lesson 33 Mybe you’ll be a teacher

  7. Talk about • What is he / she ? • What is he /she good at ?

  8. a basketball player He is good at playing basketball

  9. a driver He is good at driving.

  10. a teacher She is good at talking to others.

  11. a singer. She is good at singing.

  12. a cook. He is good at cooking.

  13. What are you good at ? What will you be?

  14. New words future : n 未来 scary :adj 吓人的 might : aux 也许 sick : adj 病的 carefully:adv 小心地, 仔细地 in the future

  15. listen and Answer 1.What is LiMing going to be in the future ? Why? 2.What is Jenny going to be in the future? Why? He is going to be a teacher. Because he is good at talk to people. She is going to be a doctor. Because she is always helping people and she is a good student.

  16. scary : adj 吓人的,害怕的(主语--物) scared : adj 吓坏的,惊慌的 (主语--人) It’s scary to go out at night. scare : v 惊吓,使恐慌 He is too scared to answer this question. You scared me just now. This scary storymade me scared

  17. 1.I don’t know what’s I’m going to be when I’m a man. 2. I don’t know where I’ll live? 3.What do you think I’ll be when I’m older. 4.Can you tell me what I’m going to be in the future. 5.You might be a doctor when you are older.

  18. So+系动词be/情态动词/助动词+主语: 某人 某物也是如此 So _____ he. does Eg: I have a computer. were So ____ his parents. He was at home. did He went to Zhangbei . So ____Jenny. Danny will be a singer. will So ___ I. Jenny can swim . can So ____ we.

  19. Maybe may be Maybe maybe may be 1. _____ he is a teacher. 2.He _____ in the library. 3. _____ he is ill. 4. They may be at home now. (改为同义句) ______ they ______ at home now 5.Maybe he is late for school. (改为同义句) He ______ be late for school. Maybe are may

  20. sick 与ill 生病: sick可作表语或定语, 作表语时含有“恶心的” 意思。 ill只作表语不作定语(be ill in bed) Eg: He was ill \ sick yesterday. Danny had a cough and felt sick yesterday. He is looking after his sick father.

  21. Try your best in the future 1. What will you be __________(在将来)? 2. They ______(也许) read books in the classroom. 3. The students often do their homework _________(仔细地) 4. It’s ________(吓人的)to walk along the street in the evening. . might carefully scary

  22. Try your best 5.I’m very________(惊慌的) to see that _______(吓人的) man. 6. His mother is _____(生病的)in bed. 7. He must look after his ______(生病的) sister. 8. My little sister sings very well. (改为同义句) My little sister is ______ ______ singing. 9. Talking about the future is scary for me. (改同义句) ______ scary for me ______ talk about the future. scared scary ill sick good at It’s to

  23. Summary

  24. Activity 1.Where will you live? 2.What will your job be? 3.Will you be happy? Draw a picture about your future, then talk about it.

  25. Homework • Write down the report you made in your exercise books. • 2. Make a survey of your classmates, “What do they want to be in the future?”