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Backing up

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Backing up

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  1. Backing up Vitor Baptista Senior Development Manager, EMEABRS

  2. Key Customer Challenges • Maintain or improve service levels • Expensive to maintain multiple copies of databases • Costly to replicate for backup, test and development • Unreliable and expensive recovery • Unnecessary disk/tape required for daily full backups

  3. With Data Domain Deduplication Storage Systems, You Can… Retain longer Keep backups onsite longer with less disk for fast, reliable restores, and eliminate the use of tape for operational recovery Replicate smarter Move only deduplicated data over existing networks with up to 99% bandwidth efficiency for cost-effective disaster recovery Recover reliably Continuous fault detection and self-healing ensure data recoverability to meet service level agreements WAN

  4. Key Advantages of BRS Solution • Scalability to consolidate backup for database dumps • Efficient backups in Test/Dev Environments • Deduplication of database backups to make daily full backups possible • Enables network-efficient replication and cost effective recovery • Leverages 3rd Party and/or EMC Backup Solutions

  5. Putting the Database Story Together Production Database Backup App Module OR Backup Server RMAN/SQL Dumps Test/Dev DB Dump via CIFS/NFS General Backup Clients • Data Domain system • Value to the Customer • Tapeless database protection • Network-efficient replication for fast time-to-DR readiness and up to 99% bandwidth efficiency • Data Domain system Remote Test/Dev & DR Site

  6. Having the Database Discussion Current Solution Tape or disk for backup, test and dev • Pain Points • Expensive to maintain multiple copies of databases • Costly to replicate for backup, test and dev • Unreliable and expensive recovery • A lot of disk/tape required for needed daily full backups • EMC Solution • Data Domain deduplication storage systems • Benefits • Data Domain systems provide up to 28.5 PB logical capacity for consolidated backup and test/dev database dumps • Shrinks database backups to make daily fulls possible • Enables network-efficient replication and cost effective recovery Positioning Who: > 500 GB of databases, distributed enterprises offer best ROI;Database Administrators (DBAs) How: Consolidatebackup, test and dev on asingle system

  7. My databases have high change rates and archive/transaction logs which do not make them a strong candidates for deduplication.  Data Domain variable length deduplication enables industry leading dedupe rates in the database backup space.  Customers with daily change rates of 10-15% and 4-6 weeks retention are enjoying 7-10x deduplication rates. I need to tape-out daily and my native database dump utility cannot tape-out.  Use Data Domain with NetWorker or existing backup application with a database backup modules instead of native database utilities. Also, dig into tape requirements, replicated Data Domain systems eliminate need for tape.  I can’t backup as fast or efficiently as I can stream to tape DBAs care about single stream / per job performance, so emphasize Data Domain SISL and resulting single stream performance. Also discuss the performance benefits of DD Boost if using supported backup application. I want to reduce my backup application licensing by using native database dump utilities, but  scheduling backups would be difficult. An enterprise scheduler application like ControlM, can schedule/manage database dumps to Data Domain. If the timing is right, discuss the TCO advantage of Avamar with Data Domain compared to traditional backup apps. Having the Database Discussion Objection Handling Database

  8. IBM, Symantec, CommVault Cannot leverage native RMAN functionality such as incremental merge with backup clients. Must pay large licensing fees per client or per up front TB. Does not provide DBAs full control over DB backup. Cannot use DB backup for clone copies. IBM, ExaGrid, HP, Quantum No support for Data Domain Boost; Do not offer Data Domain Data Invulnerability architecture, inline deduplication or flexible replication options. VTL-only systems cannot serve as a target for database dump utilities.  Competition with Database Database Telling the Story

  9. SAP Oracle Microsoft NextGeneration Backup & Recovery DEDUPLICATION APPLICATION SUPPORT VIRTUALIZATION Avamar DataDomain DD Boost Data Protection Advisor Networker Mozy Tape CLOUD FILE SYSTEMS AND SERVER RECOVERY REMOTE AND BRANCH OFFICES EMC STORAGE PLATFORMS Atmos VNX family Symmetrix