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Rec Trac Recreation Tracking Software PowerPoint Presentation
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Rec Trac Recreation Tracking Software

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Rec Trac Recreation Tracking Software
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Rec Trac Recreation Tracking Software

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  1. Rec Trac Recreation Tracking Software Stanley Chiang

  2. Intro Tutorial I Tutorial II Tutorial III Tutorial IV Table of Contents Company Logo

  3. Introduction • RecTrac is a comprehensive, fully integrated software package • Can automatically process many types of transactions involved in providing recreation and park services. • It offers extensive help in handling day-to-day operational functions, as well as managing program planning, marketing, and evaluation requirements. Company Logo

  4. RecTrac 9.5 thirteen integrated modules share the same database: • 1. Activity Registrations • 2. Facility Reservations • 3. League Scheduling • 4. Pass/ ID Card Management • 5. Point-of-Scale/ Inventory/ Tickets (including touch screen capability) • 6. Court Reservations • 7. Equipment & Site Rentals • 8. Locker Rentals • 9. Trip Reservations • 10. Personal Trainer Scheduling • 11. Golf Point-of-Sale/ Inventory/ Tee-Times • 12. Incident Processing • 13. System Administration Company Logo

  5. Database will be using household/family members. Contains user IDs, financial data, etc. • Using different models during the class. • including activities, passes, facilities, leagues, lockers, trips, courts, • inventory, personal trainers, tee-time management, etc. Company Logo

  6. How could RecTrac 9.5 Help us? • 1. Activity/program registrations, cancellations, transfers, rosters, waiting lists, enrollments, and instructor pay calculation. • 2. Quick and advanced court reservations. • 3. League and tournament scheduling, automatic facility and official assignment. • 4. Locker and lock assignments. • 5. Equipment and site rentals. • 6. Medical records, household and family member records. • 7. Financial distributions to general ledger and cost center codes. Company Logo

  7. Title Menus 1. File Maintenance 2. Inquiry 3. Daily Processing 4. Period End (Processing) 5. Reports 6. Utilities Menu Bar 1. Functions 2. Global 3. Activity Registration 4. Facility Reservation 5. Pass Management 6. League Scheduling 7. Point-of-Sale 8. Rentals 9. Court Reservation 10. Lockers 11. Trip Processing 12. Incident Report 13. System Administration 14. CYS-Youth Services (Military) 15. Personal Trainer Tutorial I Getting Started Company Logo

  8. Power Bar Six function buttons, help button, and the EXIT. Control the content of the drop-down bottom. Pull-Down Menus Item selected would change depending on what function module have chosen. Clicking on a menu item will allow you to perform that procedure or run that program. Hot Buttons Colorful User define buttons Quick and easy access that jumps to any program that choose from the main menu screen. Help Line Sculptured bar at the bottom of the screen displays the status of what you are doing. Press F1/Help key from any screen in any program to view field-level help. Tutorial 1 Getting Started Company Logo

  9. Logging in as a New User • The system administrator can set up each user with a unique menu with access allowed for functions he/she routinely performs. Original User: • Log in as User ID ZZZ and PASSWORD for the password. • This menu sets up to show a few programs from many of the modules. Company Logo

  10. Logging in as a New User New User: Try a different user to demonstrate other user menu. • a. From the Function menu, select Login As New User • b. In the User ID field, type FD. Press the Tab key to move cursor to the Password field. • c. In the Password field, type PASSWORD, Click OK or press Enter • d. Click OK on the User Options screen. Go back to Original User: • a. Log back in as the ZZZ user. • b. From the Func. menu, select Login As New User • c. In the User ID field, type ZZZ. Press the Tab key to move cursor to the Password field. • d. In the Password field, type PASSWORD, Click OK or press Enter. Company Logo

  11. Using Front Screen and Hot Key • Intro of Power Bar • Consists six function buttons. • For example: Daily Function • Hot Key • Quick and Easy Access to Programs Company Logo

  12. Processing Activity Registrations RecTrac allows for multiple activities to be set up, using 6 digit code, and a linked 2 character alpha numeric section code. Activity registration features include: • 1. Tracking minimum enrollments and maximum enrollments • 2. Age and grade restrictions; resident and non-resident restrictions • 3. Waiting lists and lottery enrollments • 4. Prerequisite activities • 5. Prerequisite pass or membership • 6. Individual and class transfers • 7. Attendance tracking • 8. Activity income and expense tracking • 9. Tracking all fees and payments Company Logo

  13. Tutorial 2Processing Activity Registrations Getting Started In this session we will process activity registrations for two different family members from the same household. Procedure • 1. Click the Activity Registrations hot button. • 2. The first screen is the activity registration Household selection screen. • 3. In the Lookup field, type new. Press Enter. • 4. Proceed to the “Newcomb, Laura” household listing on the Household Listing screen. Company Logo

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  23. Tutorial 3Processing Activity registrations • In this section, we will process activity registrations for two different family. • Review Questions • What do the function buttons control? • How do you access the hot key screen? • What is the primary function of the hot key screen? Company Logo

  24. Practice Exercises Company Logo

  25. Tutorial 4 Processing Facility Reservations • In this section, we will reserve a facility for an organization. • RecTrac Facility Reservations will manage the facility scheduling needs. • Allows unlimited facilities to be created and managed in the system. All fees are user-defined. • In this section, we will reserve a facility for an organization. • Could also process facility reservation through the Global Sales section of this tutorial. Company Logo

  26. Review Questions • How many facilities can you set up in your RecTrac database? • How do you view the availability of a facility during the reservation process? • Before continuing to the payment screen, where do you look to view the reservations that you will pay for? • In what format is the report created? Company Logo

  27. Practice Exercises Company Logo

  28. Tutorial 5Processing Pass Registrations • RecTrac Pass Management administers all the membership types in the system. • In this section, we will register an entire family for passes. • Also process a pass registration through the Global Sales section. Company Logo

  29. Tutorial 5 Processing Pass Registrations • Review questions • The tutorial mentions two restrictions that you can impose on a pass type. What are they? • List three ways that you can look up a household on the Household Selection screen. • What is the default entry in the New Amt Paid field on the Payment Update screen? • When processing a pass registration, what is the additional component that takes place after you print or preview the receipt? Company Logo

  30. Practice Exercises 5 Company Logo

  31. Tutorial 6Processing Pass Renewals • In this section, we will process a pass renewal for a pass type membership. • Selecting the program from the drop down menu to proceed to the Pass Renewal program. • Review Question • What navigation method did we use to get to the Pass Renewals program in the tutorial? • What is the default entry in the Mem Date field? Company Logo

  32. Practice Exercises 6 A Renew Jeremy Howard’s Individual (I) pass type. Jeremy is listed under Joe Howard’s household record. Jeremy will pay for this transaction with check #1015. Do not take his picture but be sure to preview the receipt for accuracy. B Renew Donna Botey’s Family (F) pass type. She will pay for the renewal with cash. Preview the receipt before continuing with the tutorial. Company Logo

  33. Tutorial 7Processing Pass Transfers • This session allows you to transfer someone from one pass type to another. • Review Question • How can you determine a member’s current pass type? • Describe the two ways that fees may be calculated for the new pass type. Company Logo

  34. Practice Exercises • Transfer Bruce Gepfert from a Family pass type to a Golf Resident Adult pass type. Bruce will pay the resulting fee in cash. • Process a pass transfer for Andrew Parker. He is listed under Randy Parker’s household record. Andrew wishes to transfer his student pass type into an individual pass type. He will pay for the transaction with check #1948. Preview the receipt to complete the transfer. Company Logo

  35. Tutorial 8Processing Global Sales • In this section we will process three transactions across three different modules. • Review Questions • According to the tutorial, we can modify the global Sales screen for each _______. • How many receipts are printed for each global sale? • What does the Fees button allow you to do? • Explain how to use the multi-pick capability in the Family Member browser. • What does it mean when a class is highlighted in red on the pick list? • How would you quickly ‘jump ahead’ in a pick list to a pass type that begins with an ‘F’ ? • Name two ways you can enter facility reservation dates and times. Company Logo

  36. Practice Exercises Company Logo

  37. Tutorial 9Processing Global Cancellations and Changes • This section of the tutorial will practice how to cancel an activity registration and a pass membership. • Review Questions • When processing a cancellation, there are two fee fields that are involved. What are these fields? • List the four refund types you can shoose from. Company Logo

  38. Practice Exercises Company Logo

  39. Tutorial 10Processing Locker Rentals • In this section, we will rent two lockers, one to a man in the men’s locker room and a second locker to his wife in the woment’s locker room area. • Review Question: • Briefly describe the two methods for selecting the appropriate locker for a customer. • On the Locker Rentals screen, what is the difference between the Bal Due field and the Total Due field? Company Logo

  40. Practice Exercise A Rent a full size locker in the Women’s locker romm to Cindy Roeder. Cindy will pay the fee with check #1511. Preview the receipt. B Ralph Owens would like to rent a keyed locker in the men’s locker room. Ralph will pay for his transaction with a $20 bill. Preview the receipt to complete the transaction. Company Logo

  41. Tutorial 11Processing Campsite Rentals • Review Question: • What is a quick shortcut key to use to advance a date field by one day? • What functions does the rental class perform? • If you want to track history on each individual rental item, what type of rental item should you use? • When should you use the No Validate rental type? • What rental type does not utilize fees? Company Logo

  42. Practice Exercise 11 Company Logo

  43. Tutorial 12Checking Rental Items Out through Rental Processing • Review Question: • How does RecTrac determine the default length of time that an item should check out? • How did you know that there were comments linked to this rental item reservation? Company Logo

  44. Practice Exercise A Rick Stevens would like to rent your 16’ canoe (CANOE-01) today. He will pay for the transaction with a $20 bill. B Timothy French would like to rent a 15’ fishing boat (BOAT-01) to go fishing today. He will pay for the transaction with check #1257. Preview the receipt to complete the transaction. Company Logo

  45. Tutorial 13Processing Quick Rental Reservations • No fees are involved with quick rental. • Makes it easy for you to track who has the item. • Review Question: • Describe the type of rentals for which you should use quick rental processing. • If you have twelve tennis racquets and don’t wish to track who has each specific racquet, what does the lesson suggest you use as a rental type? • When should you use the Daily use button on the Quick Rentals screen? Company Logo

  46. Practice Exercise 13 A Process the following quick rentals: Racquetball Racquets #1 and #2 (RBRCKET01) and RBRCKET02) to Kathy Buckingham and a soccer ball (SOCC-BALL) to Joe Johnston. B Then, check the items above back in by double clicking on each entry in the Current Rental Log browser. Notice each item is listed individually a status of ‘IN‘ (Make sure the Auto Return toggle is still selected). Company Logo

  47. Tutorial 14Setting Up a League • RecTrac League Scheduling can manage multiple sports leagues. • Provides round robin and single and double elimination tournaments. • Review Question: • What are the three league types that RecTrac Allows? • How many teams can each league accommodate? • What code determines the fee linked to a league? Company Logo

  48. Thank You !