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App Development and Android Platform PowerPoint Presentation
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App Development and Android Platform

App Development and Android Platform

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App Development and Android Platform

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  1. App Development and Android Platform

  2. Technology seems to be evolving at a rapid rate and significant changes are being made in the fields of computing and mobile technology. With the rapid growth of technology, App development has seen radical changes in the recent years. The App stores of various OS keep flooding with huge numbers of applications daily. • One of the leaders in the Smartphone industry- Android OS also offers its customers with exceptional applications. These applications can be used for business purpose, entertainment, health, news, media, sports, game, and much more. It has come to a point, where the customer demands are met, and apps are made to serve customers. We can also see an enhanced form of App development which utilizes the Smartphone’s various features to provide ultimate app experience. Most Smartphones have a high-end camera, GPS, Gyroscope, and advanced features that can be utilized for various application utilization. Since Android is a free and open operating system promoted by Google, it has helped in the growth of Smartphone to a large extent.

  3. App development in the Android platform is a challenging job for app developers. Some of the main factors those are important in Android App Development - • Android can be used in Multiple Devices – Since Android is an open and free OS, various Smartphone companies utilize this facility. Some of the top Smartphone device making companies includes- Samsung, HTC, LG, and Sony. With multiple devices utilizing this facility, the App developer has to understand each device varies in its hardware, screen size, and other features. Depending on the device selected for the app development purpose the developer can customize the application.

  4. Open source system- Since Android is an open source system, there is a huge challenge for the developers. They need to re-align the app programming and this process differs much from other closed source systems like the iOS platform. • While developing an application in an open source system, any modification or development process starts from square one and any modification can be made at anytime from anywhere. • Payment of apps- One of the biggest challenges for an Android App Developer is generating income for an app. The Android system is promoted by Google Inc. and most of the applications are free for customers. Services like Gmail, Maps, and search are open to people and it is difficult to generate income for individual app developers. • To generate higher revenue from the applications in the Android market it might be challenging for a developer.