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IoT Marketing Specialists

FUTURE JOBS READERS. Level 3- ①. IoT Marketing Specialists. A Connected World. How many computers or phones that can connect to the internet are there?.

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IoT Marketing Specialists

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  1. FUTURE JOBS READERS Level 3-① IoT Marketing Specialists

  2. AConnected World How many computers or phones that can connect to the internet are there? There are more than 8 billion computers and phones connected to the internet around the world. But there are less than 8 billion people on earth. • Connecting to the cyber world Does everyone on earth have a device that can connect to the internet? One person can have more than one device. No, not everyone has such a device. Some people have more than one. Others don’t have any.

  3. The Job of IoT Marketing Strategist What should the marketing strategy of a business do? Businesses need good strategies. A team discussing marketing strategy • A good marketing strategy should • let people know where they can find a product. • show people what is good about a product. • share this information with customers at the right place and time. Who comes up with this strategy? How? An IoT marketing strategist uses internet data to come up with good marketing strategies.

  4. Marketing and the Internet of Things (IoT) Interacting with a TV in the future How will marketing in the future be different than today? In the future, people will not just use their computers, phones, or other devices to connect to the internet. People will interact with their computers, phones, and other devices. This means people may interact with ads on computers, TVs, and other devices.

  5. Marketing in the Future What should marketing in the future focus on? Marketing in the future will focus a lot more on each person than it does today. Businesses will need to think about the relationship they have with each customer. This relationship will probably be developed through the internet. Creating relationships through the internet

  6. Getting Ready for the Future -Ⅰ University students What is a good way to prepare for a job as an IoT marketing strategist? A good way to prepare for this kind of job is to study business. It is important to know something about computers as well. Computer classes can teach you how to find and use computer data. Math classes can teach you how to understand computer data. A computer class

  7. Getting Ready for the Future -Ⅱ A university math class Are there other fields to study as well? Yes, other good classes to take include engineering, psychology, or design. Many different kinds of skills are useful in IoT marketing.

  8. Creating, Caring, and Connecting Ways to share information A creative man What kind of person makes a good IoT marketing strategist? • It takes more than just classes to make a good IoT marketing strategist. It takes a special kind of person , too. • A person with the following skills makes a good IoT marketing strategist. • creative • likes helping people • easily connects with people • can speak and write well for sharing information

  9. DifficultParts of the Job Working long hours Enjoying work What is difficult about this job? • This kind of work is not easy. Sometimes, IoT marketing strategists must work long hours. • And, when the project is done, very few people will say “Thank you” or “Well done” for all the hard work. An IoT marketing strategist has to enjoy the work for the work itself.

  10. Vocabulary • billionn. 1,000,000,000 • creative adj. having the ability to make or think of new things

  11. Vocabulary • datan. information, especially numbers and facts; information stored in a computer • device n. a small machine or tool that uses electrical power

  12. Vocabulary • interact v. to talk or do something with another • market n. a place where people come together to buy and sell goods

  13. Vocabulary • product n. a thing produced by labor • project n. a job or task that has several different parts to be done in order to complete it

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