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  1. FI-WARE OverviewJuanjoHierroTelefonica Digital, Coordinator and Chief Architect,, @JuanjoHierro 1

  2. FI-WARE: a Platform focused on the needs of Application Developers and Providers Consumers People Businesses Apps/Services Provider Apps/ServicesDeveloper Open APIs Platform Provider

  3. FI-WARE: Targeting developers needs What How Connect apps to the physical world IoT-M2M Enablers Manage open data at large scale and transform it into knowledge Built-in APIs & tools Data/Context Enablers Benefit from open innovation(crowd-sourcing, apps composition) Integration and Composition Enablers Business & Delivery Framework (revenue-share, cross-selling, …) Reach target users, monetize Ensuring Privacy, Security and Trust Security Enablers Advanced Cloud Enablers Take the most of infrastructures while keeping costs lower and under control Enablers easing interface to Network and Devices access from everywhere, adapt to devices

  4. FI-WARE: Major Technical Chapters Technical Chapters How IoT Services Enablement IoT-M2M Enablers Built-in APIs & tools Data/Context Management Data/Context Enablers Integration and Composition Enablers Apps/Services Ecosystem & Delivery Business & Delivery Framework (revenue-share, cross-selling, …) Security Security Enablers Advanced Cloud Enablers Cloud Enablers easing interface to Network and Devices I2ND

  5. FI-WARE GenericEnablers (GEs) • A FI-WARE Generic Enabler (GE) = set of general-purpose platform functions available through well-defined APIs • FI-WARE GE Specifications are open (public and royalty-free) • FI-WARE GE implementation (FI-WARE GEi): • Platform product that implements a given GE Open Spec • There might be multiple compliant GEis of each GE Open Spec • Available FI-WARE GEis published on the FI-WARE Catalogue • The FI-WARE project will deliver at least one reference implementation of FI-WARE GEs: • Based upon results of previous R&D projects • Publicly available Technical Roadmapupdated in every release • Licensed with no costs within the FI-PPP program • Committed to commercialize implementation under FRAND conditions elsewhere or license it as open source otherwise

  6. Agile development of FI-WARE Releases • FI-WARE follows an Agile process • Each FI-WARE GEis have a Product Backlog • FI-WARE GEis made available on FI-WARE Testbed( OIL) then continuously updated • 1st Availability of FI-WARE GEis synchronized with Major Releases • Epics and Features described on the FI-WARE wiki • Planning documented in FI-WARE Technical Roadmap • UC Trials able to issue enhancement requests through the proper FI-WARE GEi support tracker • Enhancement request will be considered and incorporated in the roadmap if/when suitable • FI-WARE GEi availability and adoption by UC Trials followed up through shared cockpit 6

  7. FI-WARE Instances • Future Internet Applications run on top of “FI-WARE Instances”that are built by “FI-WARE Instance Providers” upon: • selection of FI-WARE GEis (products) from the FI-WARE Catalogue • assembly of selected FI-WARE GEis with proprietary added-value products Future Internet App FI-WARE Catalogue FI-WARE Instance assemble… FI-WARE GE implementations propietary product

  8. FI-WARE Instances • There is no single universal FI-WARE Instance Future Internet App A Future Internet App B FI-WARE Instance 1 FI-WARE Instance 2 FI-WARE Catalogue

  9. FI-WARE Instances • There is no single universal FI-WARE Instance FI-WARE Instance 3 FI-WARE Instance 1 FI-WARE Instance 2 FI-WARE Catalogue Future Internet App B Future Internet App A

  10. FI-WARE OIL (Open Innovation Lab) • The FI-WARE Open Innovation Lab will be a case example of a FI-WARE Instance. It: • Provides Cloud hosting capabilities so third parties can run experimental Future Internet Applications and test them • Incorporates a number of Generic Enablers “as a Service” exporting well-defined APIs • Will be operated under central control and be accessible from a dedicated website. • Connected to Common FI-WARE Capacity infrastructurefor trials • Developer contests during 2nd half of 2013 and beginning of 2014 • 100 M€ of funding for experimentation by developer SMEs in phase 3 of the FI-PPP 10

  11. Launch of the FI-WARE OIL • Launch of the FI-WARE OIL is planned at the end of July 2013 • All information relevant to a given FI-WARE GEi or packages of FI-WARE GEis (e.g., Cloud) will be available on the FI-WARE Catalogue • Every FI-WARE GEi will have a specific support tracker associated to it where questions, bug reports and enhancement requests can be issued • A FI-WARE OIL general tracker will be setup to cope with more general matters (e.g., creation of accounts, issues accessing or using the environment, etc) 11

  12. Building the FI-WARE ecosystem: the vision Commercial facility FI-WARE Catalogue • 3rd FI-WARE Open Call: • Take up of FI-WARE results by Internet application developers and entrepreneurs • Creation and support of a dynamic innovation ecosystem • Achieve maximum market visibility Tools for creation of dedicated GE instances Instructions for using Global shared GE instance Common pan-europeanFI-WARE shared facility for Trials (FI-WARE shared trial facility) Trial 2 FI-WARE Open Innovation Lab Specific UC Trial facilities Trial 1 12

  13. FI-WARE Open Innovation Lab: putting all @work Location platform Network of FI-WARE Backend Datacenters ID providers Experimental Facilities SMART Home Lab SMART City Lab SMART Biz Lab

  14. Key messages • FI-WARE is about software that works and creating a sustainable innovation ecosystem around it • Opportunities for application developers/entrepreneurs • Opportunities for platform service providers • We are putting in place the ingredients necessary to cook a good dish  • Pillars of the ecosystem we need to build • FI-WARE OIL • Xifi pan-european shared trial facility • Sustainable model beyond the FI-PPP • Application reference examples (UC projects) • Dissemination, attracting and engaging effort through implementation of the FI-WARE 3rd Open Call • Let’s go for the 3 stars Michelin !!

  15. Thanks !!