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Apocalypse Logistics

Apocalypse Logistics

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Apocalypse Logistics

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  1. “Here for ALL your survival needs” Apocalypse Logistics Created By: Kelly Woodard, Lelani Tucker, Zachary Houston, Janis Brandes, Amethyst McDonald

  2. “Apocalypse Logistics is here for all your survival needs. Our products will give you the confidence you need to be sure you can survive any situation!” Our Mission Statement:

  3. SWOT ANALYSIS Apocalypse Logistics Weaknesses • Fledgling company • Logistics Strengths • American made, • Niche orientated • Dedicated to the absolute highest quality standards. S W Opportunities • There are no companies in the market currently offering the kind of product we do. • We are going into a market that is going to be needed for the hardcore survavilist. Threats • Other companies • Manufacturing: • Material cost. • Branding: T O

  4. S & W • Strengths- • American made meaning American Products. • Niche oriented- Our company has a focus on creating the best and most durable survival packs and gear in the world. • Strong Financial backing from a group of dedicated and passionate investors. • Hires American, a local company. • 5 year limited warranties and money back guarantees offered on all products. • Weaknesses- • Fledgling company-We’re new, entering a market that has some competition. We’ll make a lot of mistakes in the first year but we WILL learn from them. • Logistics-shipping, personnel, and manufacturing. There are a lot of factors we need to think of when running a business especially a manufacturing business.

  5. O & T • Opportunities- • The world is ran on fear and conspiracy. We are in a market where no matter if you are a hardcore survivalist or a paranoid person living in a shack fearing the government or aliens. If things go bad, we have you covered. • There are no other companies currently in the market that offers a specialized product with the highest quality product in the market. Our product is designed to give you the greatest chance of survival. • Threats- • Other companies- Other companies entering the market making similar products with cheaper products. • Manufacturing-getting our products manufactured here in the US. • Material costs-We plan to use the highest quality materials. Which will cost money. • Branding- As a new brand, we’d need to get our name out in the open. Against companies that have been out and creating longer.

  6. Our Company Goals: • Within the first year we plan to: • Do 5 or more trade shows of various kinds to get our name and product out there. • Sell at least 75 units. • Create a company website. • In 3 years: • Continue trade shows and do surveys to insure a better product. • Sell 100 up units • In 3-5 years: • Continue trade shows… make custom filled bags. • Branch out/ franchise.

  7. Product: • Our product is a top quality backpack with solar technology and survival tools. • Top quality being: • Solar energy integration-comes with solar cell tech to allow charging of all sorts of things. • Lightweight, edgy design, made with the strongest and lightest materials known to man. Durable, lightweight, and rugged • Kevlar reinforced panels. Kevlar is fire resistant and super durable. • Even weight distribution, doesn’t ride on your shoulders heavily, reducing fatigue. • Comes equipped with a variety of multifunctional tools to make the most of the bag!

  8. Some of the products we offer! Prototype Back pack Grovelhook Solar Panels

  9. Price: Our products will be a little spendy but we are guaranteeing a high quality product that WILL help you survive anything. Our prices would be… • Just the pack alone -$100.00 • With solar panels added-$200.00 • With croval shovel and first aid kit-$300.00 • With single person tent -$425.00

  10. Place: • We are planning to sell at all outdoor and survival tradeshows. • In any outdoor hunting/camping stores and online.

  11. Promotion: • All and any promotions that we do will help us become well known. • We will do promotions at the tradeshows, online, or in ads! • We will have highly respected survivalists, naturalists and travelers help promote our products.

  12. Implementation: • What research was done? • Our team researched many companies that have products and materials similar to our own to make sure we come up with the best and highest quality product. • How would employees be trained? • All employees will be shown how all items work and how to demonstrate them to potential customers. Were the core marketing objectives met with this product?

  13. Evaluation: • Once our product is implemented how will the company evaluate the product? • Each and every unit will come with customer survey cards and a technical support number for ALL questions and concerns. • The timespan to all products should be anywhere from 2- 10 years.

  14. Control. • How will the company maintain the product? • We will continue to add new products to the line to keep interest. • If the company needs to reposition the product what will the company do so that they will maintain customer satisfaction? • Since one of our main marketing strategies is tradeshows we would be constantly on the lookout for what the customer wants through person to person feedback. • Will the company have enough resources to maintain the product? • Yes, through sales and input we will be able to improve our survival packs. Also other industries that are related will be making new items we can include!