english uae community name hamid abdullah saadi grade 10 4 n.
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English UAE COMMUNITY Name: Hamid Abdullah Saadi. . Grade: 10/4 PowerPoint Presentation
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English UAE COMMUNITY Name: Hamid Abdullah Saadi. . Grade: 10/4

English UAE COMMUNITY Name: Hamid Abdullah Saadi. . Grade: 10/4

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English UAE COMMUNITY Name: Hamid Abdullah Saadi. . Grade: 10/4

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  1. English UAE COMMUNITY Name: Hamid Abdullah Saadi. .Grade: 10/4

  2. This is one of our traditional sports in UAE. Camel racing is closely associated closely unique heritage and reflects the nomadic lifestyle. The camel races held in the past to mark important social occasions such as marriage ceremony, folk festivals or Senate visits to Bedouin villages. Camel racing today became traditional sport characterized by well organized and attract a large number of viewers of the public and members of the ruling family alike. Racing season runs from October to March during the winter months, usually held in the morning races of the weekend in the modern race tracks.

  3. The deserts are ours homeland in the past. Desert .. A never-ending story ... Whatever spin-Badawi and civil .. They love not being implemented.Is meditation .. Pulse is old and the new ... Is a quiet space overwhelms us comfortable endless.Is warmth in the summer .. And freezing cold in winterIs a haven for life past and present.

  4. This is one of our traditional wearing in UAE. For wadding The holiday clothes attend advance solutions days, was khandura (Arab) and dress them uniforms Emirati women in the festivities and social events .. The woman picks up and buy cloth and it is often natural silk luxury he brings from India The colors were mostly confined to the color red and its derivatives and green stitching khandura simple and classic called "Arab stitching" so that the final form khandura a long thin rectangle in the middle.Says His Highness Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan:Fragrant Bord peace sniffed you, O sweet boyhood AltsabaGulf women enjoy special Bmaiqh towards the use of perfumes, especially as it was herself drawn therefrom unspent him a little money.

  5. Coffee is one of the beautiful things that Twarthnaha of our fathers and grandfathers and preserve this legacy from generation to generation :::Not vacate the house in the United Arab Emirates in particular and the Gulf in general and having coffee and that have special significance and a large goat before to be a drink that appeals to more people ..They are different ways to prepare from one person to another and from one city to another and each person his temperament Pthouderh wayCoffee UAE ::: generally has a distinct flavor and smell wonderful because it contains cardamom, saffron and other adds ((path)) and some few of rose waterAssets and how to make coffee ::And these are inherited from parents to sons and are taught from a young age how to make coffee for guests ...First :: Dalla stuck the left hand and right hand holding AlvinyanThe cup is provided with the right hand. The recipient hand right person yet ...Secondly :: When pouring coffee in the cup, being the quantity flowing into the quarter AlphenjaNot Nmli another cup and monument Shi few ... • This is one of our traditional cultures inUAE . Drink Arabic Coffee with Sweets.