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eSurvey Adjustments PowerPoint Presentation
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eSurvey Adjustments

eSurvey Adjustments

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eSurvey Adjustments

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  1. eSurvey Adjustments 1 This PowerPoint is specific to those Press Ganey services with an adjustment. Not all services are currently adjusted. Please reach out to your account team for the most updated list.

  2. What We’ll Cover Today • Survey process • eSurvey adjustment • eSurvey Impact on reporting: • Adjusted data • Unadjusted data

  3. Survey Process

  4. Overview of the Process At patient visit, front desk confirms email address (collects email for walk-in patients) Patient schedules visit Scheduler enters patient email address in system. If email is already in system, confirm email with patient Patient completes experience Patient name and email sent to Press Ganey after visit Press Ganey sends survey to patient Survey results added to database Reports are available in online tool Survey results are compiled and tabulated

  5. eSurvey Invitation Email From: <Organization Name> ( Subject: <Organization Name> would like your feedback! Dear {FirstName} You recently visited <organization name> and we need your feedback. Please take a few minutes to answer a brief survey and share your thoughts about your recent visit. Your input will help us to understand what we do well and what we can do better. If you have received this email regarding a minor child’s visit, please complete the survey on their behalf. To ensure confidentiality, this survey is administered by an independent third-party, Press Ganey Associates, Inc. Your participation will help us to improve the quality of care that we provide to you, your family, friends, and neighbors. {{Url}} If clicking the above link does not take you to the survey or a verification screen, please copy and paste the entire link into your web browser. You can also go to and enter the following PIN: {{PIN}} Thank you for your feedback. Sincerely, John Smith CEO This is an unmonitored email box, please do not reply to this email. If you have specific questions for your healthcare provider, please contact them directly. To unsubscribe from future Press Ganey online patient satisfaction survey notices, click here.

  6. eSurveys are “As Easy As 1-2-3” 1. Enter your date of birth Read the letter and click “Start Survey” 2.

  7. 3. Take the Survey in 5-10 Minutes! • Available for patients to take via: • Computer • Tablet • Smart Phone

  8. Calculating the eSurvey Adjustment

  9. Why the Adjustment The Press Ganey eSurvey Adjustment Creates Balance People take a paper survey in the same way they take an email survey. However, the demographics of the survey respondents may differ.

  10. Calculating the Adjustment How the eSurvey Client Specific Adjustment is calculated: • Press Ganey reviews the demographic patterns of your patients once 300 esurveys and 300 paper surveys are returned. • A subset of esurveys are systematically and randomly selected to get a mix similar to your paper data • All paper returns + this subset of esurveys = adjusted sample

  11. So, if Press Ganey adjusts my data when I get 300 esurvey returns and 300 paper survey returns…

  12. What Happens Until I Reach 300/300? • Your data will be adjusted by using a Regional or National adjustment. • If there are enough organizations in your AHA Region that use esurvey, a regional adjustment is used. • If there are not enough organizations in your AHA Region that use esurvey, the national adjustment is used. • Both adjustments are re-calculated on a quarterly basis. • 300 paper and 300 esurvey returns trigger your organization specific adjustment. • This adjustment is re-calculated monthly.

  13. So How Do We Define Adjusted and Unadjusted? What is the unadjusted sample? • All paper returns + all esurvey returns = Unadjusted (Total) Sample What is the adjusted sample? • All paper returns + subset of esurveys = Adjusted sample

  14. Where Can I Find My Adjusted and Unadjusted Data?

  15. Adjustment Reporting Guide Note: All percentile ranks are based on adjusted data

  16. Improvement Portal Reporting Adjusted • Percentile Ranks, Mean Scores and Top Box Scores in the Improvement Portal Performance Summary Quick Report, and Performance Satisfaction Dashboard are adjusted. Adjusted

  17. Improvement Portal Reporting Your adjusted or unadjusted data can be selected in the Trend or Comparison Quick Reports. To make your selection, just choose “Adjusted” or “Unadjusted” in the Adjustment settings box. The default is adjusted (mean or top box) score

  18. Improvement Portal Reporting • Your adjusted or unadjusted data can be selected in Performance Scorecard. To make your selection, choose “Adjusted” or “Unadjusted” under Sample Type within the Score Types section of Preferences. • The default is adjusted (mean or top box) score

  19. Press Ganey Online Reporting Flash Reports To select from the adjusted or unadjusted sample, just toggle the radio button within the Sample Type heading to “Adjusted” or “Total” depending on the data you want to review.

  20. Press Ganey Online Reporting InfoEDGE To only review your adjusted sample, check the box next to “Included” within the Adjusted Sample Filter. To review your unadjusted sample, you do not need to select anything here.

  21. Don’t Forget About These Reports! Unadjusted • Monthly CAHPS Summary Reports – the top box score is unadjusted, but the rank is adjusted. • Press Ganey Database Reports – the mean score is adjusted, and the rank is too! Adjusted Adjusted Adjusted

  22. Which Do I Use? • Use your unadjusted samplewhen you want to: • Review all patient responses included regardless of mode • Focus on improvement & action planning • Use your adjusted samplewhen you want to: • Continue trending that started when you only had paper survey returns • Compare your organization to other organizations • Track performance against goals set when you only had paper survey returns (scorecards, official reports to your board, etc.)

  23. Don’t Forget to Use Your Quick Guide! • Defines adjusted and unadjusted. • Provides a brief table indicating where you can find each data type. • Includes screenshots illustrating how to make selections in Press Ganey’s Online tools.

  24. Thank You! Please reach out to your Press Ganey Account team if you have any questions.