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M11 复习提纲

M11 复习提纲. 第 12 组. 单词分辨. through 和 across, 穿过;通过 through 强调从立体空间穿过 across 强调从平面上穿过 person 和 people, 人 person ,可数名词,指某一个人 people ,集合名词,只有复数形式;多指人类、人群、人们.

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M11 复习提纲

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  1. M11复习提纲 第12组

  2. 单词分辨 • through和across,穿过;通过 through强调从立体空间穿过 across强调从平面上穿过 • person和people,人 person,可数名词,指某一个人 people,集合名词,只有复数形式;多指人类、人群、人们

  3. above,on和over,均含在… …之上之意,但用法不同: 1)on强调两物接触 2)over指一物在另一物的垂直上方,多暗示悬空,但也含“覆盖于… …之上”之意 3)above指位置高于某物,但不一定在正上方,也不接触另一物

  4. go through think of work on+ Ving send sb. into space be called on television in the end reach sp. reach an altitude of… train for … rest for… 重点短语

  5. 重点句型 • What do you think of…?=How do you like…? • What’s the date today? • What day is it today?

  6. 经典题目 • It’s cold. The mother put a sheet(被单) ____ the baby. A.on B.over C.above • 月亮正位于树稍上。 The moon is now _____________. • There is a bridge o _____ the river. • 那条河流经我们城市。 The river ____________our city. B above the tree ver goes through

  7. 5.他穿过了街道。 He ___________the street.6.I have done much of the work. Could you please finish__ intwo days? A. the rest B. the other C. another7. He e_____his letter off with good wishes to his friend.8.The earth looks more beautiful in__ space. A. the B. a C. \ goes across A nded C

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