input and output devices n.
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Input and Output devices PowerPoint Presentation
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Input and Output devices

Input and Output devices

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Input and Output devices

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  1. Lesson 1 Input and Output devices • Input devices put data into the computer. • Output devices process data out of the computer. LO: Recognise and compare input and output and storage devices. Learning outcome: Give correct response to exam-type questions

  2. Examples of input devices Keyboard Mouse Touch pad Tracker ball Webcam/ video digitiser Digital Camera Joystick Magnetic strip / smart cards Scanner

  3. More input devices Midi instruments Sensors

  4. Output devices VDUs CRT Monitor Ink Jet Printer LCD/TFT Monitor Laser Printer Dot matrix printer Graph plotter Speaker Barcode Reader

  5. Storage devices Magnetic tape Hard disk USB disk CD ROM Floppy disk Cost Medium High Medium Low Low Slow Fast Medium Med/ Slow V. Slow Speed High High Medium Medium Low Capacity

  6. Optical storage devices CD-ROM CD-R (Recordable) DVD Digital Veratile Disk

  7. Exam Question… • Which of these are used as computer input devices? B. Inkjet printer A. Keyboard C. VDU D. Plotter

  8. Exam Question… • Which of these can be used as both input and output devices? B. Touch-screen A. Mouse C. Touch Pad D. Barcode reader

  9. Exam Question • Which of these are output devices A. Magnetic strip reader B. Mouse C. Webcam D. Tracker Ball

  10. Exam Question • Which of these are output devices A. VDU B. CRT Monitor C. Laser Printer D. 17” monitor

  11. Exam Question • Give three advantages of using a laser printer rather than a dot matrix 1 Quiet 2 Better quality 3 Faster

  12. Exam Question • Give one reason why a mouse may not be suitable for use with a laptop computer 1 Can get lost 2 May not be enough room to use it. 3 etc…

  13. Storage questions • How is data stored in a computer? • What is a ‘bit’ • What is a collection of bits called? • Arrange the following into ascending order: Megabyte Bit Kilobyte 8-bit byte Gigabyte 16-bit byte

  14. Prep User interface for entering numbers, text and symbols Keyboard Input Keystrokes Show graphics and writing to user Monitor Output Light Converts graphics on paper to electronic data Scanner Input Graphics Prep: Complete the above table for all input and output devices in the ICT textbook pages 2-7