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Moon shots

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Moon shots

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  1. Moon shots

  2. The moon is reflected as supporters watch and cheer amid the Confederation of African Football (CAF) Champions League amass A soccer match between Al-Ahly and Zesco United at Suez Army stadium in Suez on Aug. 12. (KHALED DESOUKI/AFP/Getty Images)

  3. A full collect moon ascends close to the Scituate Lighthouse as a group remained on the embankment alongside it to watch it rise. (John Tlumacki/Globe Staff)

  4. The full moon is seen from Yangon on September 16. (YE AUNG THU/AFP/Getty Images)

  5. A Palestinian Bedouin man rides his camel before the moon while others go to a neighborhood camel rivalry amid a legacy and conventional celebration exercises in Deir el-Balah, focal Gaza Strip, Sept. 16. (Adel Hana/Associated Press)

  6. A sun powered shroud in the sky of in Dar es Salaam. The wonder, known as an annular sun powered obscuration, happens when there is a close immaculate arrangement of the Earth, Moon and Sun. (DANIEL HAYDUK/AFP/Getty Images)

  7. The moon ascends over the Blue Mountains and vineyards along Old Milton Highway, Sept. 15, in Walla, Wash. (Michael Lopez/Walla Union-Bulletin by means of AP)

  8. A white stork (ciconia) sits in its home backdropped by the moon in the night sky, in Sieversdorf, Germany, late August 14. (PATRICK PLEUL/EPA)

  9. The full moon ascends over the Brooklyn Bridge in New York on August 28. (KENA BETANCUR/AFP/Getty Images)

  10. A plane going to Los Angeles International Airport crosses the Harvest Moon in Whittier, Sept. 15. (Scratch Ut/Associated Press)

  11. Members of the flame mythical serpent move group hold up the "monster" as it winds through the tight lanes and houses amid the Tai Hang Fire Dragon Dance in Hong Kong. The century-long custom includes waving incense-lit, straw-filled mythical beasts to convey endowments to spectators under the full moon amid the yearly Mid-Autumn Festival. (ISAAC LAWRENCE/AFP/Getty Images)

  12. A man looks through binoculars at an annular sunlight based obscuration, on September 1, in Saint-Louis, on the Indian Ocean island of La Reunion. (RICHARD BOUHET/AFP/Getty Images)

  13. The moon covers the sun, leaving a ring of flame impact around the moon, amid an annular sunlight based shroud on Sept 1 on Saint-Louis, on the Indian Ocean island of La Reunion. (RICHARD BOUHET/AFP/Getty Images)

  14. Scores of Vaux's Swifts come in for an arrival with the moon out of sight for a night perch in the old, block fireplace at Chapman Elementary School in Portland, Ore., Sept. 13. A huge number of Vaux's Swifts assemble each year as of now in the stack as they get ready to move to Central America and Venezuela. (Wear Ryan/Associated Press)

  15. A Religious Affairs officer checks the moon locating to decide the day of Eid al-Adha in Makassar, Indonesia's South Sulawesi territory, September 1. (ANTARA FOTO/Abriawan Abhe/by means of REUTERS)

  16. A lady strolls past rabbit light models encompassing a simulated moon workmanship establishment at a shopping center in conjunction with the up and coming Mooncake Festival in Beijing, China, Sept. 14. (Andy Wong/Associated Press)

  17. The full moon is seen from Yangon on September 16. (YE AUNG THU/AFP/Getty Images)

  18. People utilize a puddle of water to take a gander at an annular sunlight based shroud in the sky of in Dar es Salaam on Sept. 1. (DANIEL HAYDUK/AFP/Getty Images)

  19. A full moon is seen past shaded lights set up in Victoria Park to commend the Chinese mid-Autumn Festival in Hong Kong, China, September 15. (ALEX HOFFORD/EPA)

  20. A full moon ascends over Heinz Field amid a football game between the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Philadelphia Eagles in Pittsburgh, Aug. 18. (Fred Vuich/Associated Press)

  21. The moon ascends over McAllen close to the U.S.- Mexico verge on August 18, in McAllen, Texas. (John Moore/Getty Images)

  22. Members of people in general take a gander at a fine art entitled 'Historical center of the Moon', a 7 meter distance across inflatable moon secured with symbolism of the lunar surface, on the opening day of the Bristol International Balloon Fiesta in Bristol, western England on August 11. (OLI SCARFF/AFP/Getty Images)

  23. The moon ascends behind arcade enlightenments on Blackpool promenade on August 16 in Blackpool, England. (Christopher Furlong/Getty Images)

  24. Free Syrian armed force contenders stand on of a slope as the moon is found out of sight in the south of Nawa city, in Deraa Governorate, Syria August 16. (ALAA AL FAQIR/Reuters)

  25. A blushed harvest moon ascends behind a radio pole remaining close Replin, Germany, September 16. (PATRICK PLEUL/EPA)

  26. A full moon ascends behind an old religious headstone's latern secured by spider webs in town 'Sudislav Nad Orlici close town of Usti Nad Orlici, Czech Republic, late August 17. (FILIP SINGER/EPA)

  27. People look through overshadowing seeing glasses, telescopes or photograph cameras an annular sunlight based obscuration, on September 1, in Saint-Louis, on the Indian Ocean island of La Reunion. (RICHARD BOUHET/AFP/Getty Images)

  28. The moon ascends over blazed earth along Cajon Blvd. off the I-15 turnpike after a rapidly spreading fire blazed through Aug. 17, close Keenbrook, Calif. Angeles and Las Vegas. (Kevin Sullivan/The Orange County Register by means of AP)

  29. A picture bring with a moderate shade speed demonstrates a sickle moon behind an indirect 'Around the globe' at the Dippemess funfair in Frankfurt Main, Germany, September 12. (Forthcoming RUMPENHORST/EPA)

  30. The waxing moon ascends through an old tree close Jacobsdorf in Brandenburg, Eastern Germany on September 14. (PATRICK PLEUL/AFP/Getty Images)

  31. U.S. Outskirt Patrol administrator Jose Perales tracks undocumented migrants under a full moon on August 17, in Roma, Texas. (John Moore/Getty Images)

  32. Fireworks petards detonate before the full moon amid festivities for the banquet of Saint Leonard, benefactor of the town of Kirkop, in focal Malta, August 18. (DARRIN ZAMMIT LUPI/Reuters)