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Top 10 Most Liked NFL Team Facebook Pages PowerPoint Presentation
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Top 10 Most Liked NFL Team Facebook Pages

Top 10 Most Liked NFL Team Facebook Pages

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Top 10 Most Liked NFL Team Facebook Pages

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  1. Top 10 Most Liked NFL Team Facebook Pages • Source-

  2. The NFL 2016 season playoffs have been underway the last seven weeks and those of us who weren’t able to make it to the actual games have been glued to our televisions (we’re sure this was a familiar scene in almost every home).

  3. Which Teams have the Most Popular Facebook Pages? Facebook likes for each team go up every season, and see a definite boost when they’re winning! So, as things stand at the end of week seven, let’s see which the top 10 most like NFL team pages on Facebook are, bearing in mind that the NFL as a whole currently has 14.8 million fans:

  4. Dallas Cowboys - 8,380,813 Likes By far the crowd favourite, with 8.3 million likes, the Dallas Cowboys’ Facebook page posts about the team’s games, their players, stats, game and event photos, and interesting team happenings.

  5. New England Patriots - 6,587,045 Likes Coming in a fairly close second (what’s a 2 million gap) with 6.5 million likes, the New England Patriots Facebook page is a hive of activity with fan’s comments; team news, pictures

  6. Pittsburgh Steelers - 6,387,621 Likes Tailing the Patriots very closely, the Pittsburgh Steelers have the third most popular Facebook page in the NFL with 6.38 million likes.

  7. Green Bay Packers - 5,304,981 Likes Coming in fourth with an impressive 5.3 million likes, the Green Bay Packers’ Facebook page gives fans the latest on player updates, pics and videos of what’s happening on the field and off it, and teasers on what to look forward to at future games

  8. Denver Broncos - 4,443,771 Likes From their position in the ninth place a little over a year ago, 4.43 million likes have moved the Denver Broncos up to the fifth most popular NFL team Facebook page

  9. San Francisco 49ers - 4,242,643 Likes Coming in sixth with 4.24 million likes are the San Francisco 49ers. Besides the player and team updates, this page also sees analyses of game performances and cool articles and videos of what the players are up to when they’re not on the field - a great way for their fans to connect with them and get a look inside their lives.

  10. Chicago Bears - 4,133,063 Likes Not too far behind the 49ers come the Chicago Bears, clocking in at 4.13 million likes. Player and roster updates, coach’s opinions, stats, current and historic news, pics and videos, and caption contests are some of the things that fans enjoy on this page.

  11. New Orleans Saints - 4,076,851 Likes Coming in at number eight, the New Orleans Saints’ Facebook page has a little over 4 million likes.

  12. Seattle Seahawks - 3,994,260 Likes Rounding out the top ten are the Seattle Seahawks in the ninth place with 3.99 million likes.

  13. New York Giants - 3,929,973 Likes Currently in tenth place are the New York Giants with 3.92 million likes. On this page, fans stay on top of player updates, roster changes,

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