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A Look at …

A Look at …

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A Look at …

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  1. A Look at… The Senior Culminating Project

  2. ProjectRequirements • Project Proposal • Community Consultant • Research Paper • Annotated Bibliography • Learning Logs • Project Products • Reflective Paper • Letter of Introduction to Culminating Project Board • Presentation

  3. Presentation of the Project • Students give a presentation of 10 to 15 minutes before a panel of judges including staff, parents, students, and community members.

  4. High Risk Activities… There are always rules to follow, and this project is no exception. Your project must be legal and parent approved. Topics are limited to promote a serious state of mind and to avoid liability issues. Safety is the most important thing!

  5. High Risk Activities • No on-the-water/underwater projects (canoeing, kayaking, powerboat racing, water skiing, jet skiing, white water raft trips, rafting, shark chumming, scuba diving, etc.) • No above-the-ground projects (bungee jumping, skydiving, hang gliding, helicopter or airplane flying, hot air ballooning, etc.) • No mountain climbing, spelunking, rappelling, extreme snowboarding or skiing • No in-line skating or skateboarding or bicycling • No weapons or the making of weapons

  6. No racing of any motorized vehicle (auto racing, car bashes, soapbox races, stunting, tractor pulls, etc.) • No paint-balling • No athletic camps unless you have a Central Kitsap School District coach willing to be an advisor (extra insurance needed) • No cheer/drill competitions • No dog training projects • No tattooing/body piercing

  7. Costs? • Students should avoid expensive projects. Great learning occurs without spending a lot of money so costs do not need to be a worry for families. • Students also need to be realistic about project costs. Be up-front about the financial support for the project.

  8. Quotes from Students “The project prepared me for future options. I changed my mind about my dream job after I investigated my first choice. This project will change who you are.” Linda (2007)

  9. “This project showed me more about what it’s really like in the work place. My skills improved and it was easy to accomplish piece by piece.” Craig (2007)

  10. “Not knowing what I wanted as a career, I took a different path with my project and chose a hobby of mine. I learned more about photography and grew a new respect for it. Once a hobby, now my passion.” Tiffany (2007)

  11. “I wish I hadn’t procrastinated. I ended up having a lot of fun with my project.” Caitlyn (2007)

  12. Where to Get More Information • Ms. Eisele, Co-coordinator Room B-5, 662-2767 • Ms. Marklund, Co-coordinator Business Dept., 662-2791 • Ms. Thayer, Vice Principal • Senior Composition and Senior Social Studies Teachers, AP Teachers • OHS Culminating Project Website • OHS Culminating Project Bulletin Board