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Social Insterest Freak review and Exclusive $26,400 Bonus PowerPoint Presentation
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Social Insterest Freak review and Exclusive $26,400 Bonus

Social Insterest Freak review and Exclusive $26,400 Bonus

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Social Insterest Freak review and Exclusive $26,400 Bonus

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  1. SOCIAL INTEREST FREAK - #1 Facebook Audience Targeting Software Social Interest Freak - a CRAZY Facebook software unleashed! Let see this review in detail.

  2. SOCIAL INTEREST FREAK - OVERVIEW Homepage: Social Interest Freak Official Page Product Name: Social Interest Freak Type of Product: SaaS Software Authors: Ali G. Target niche: Social Marketing, Lazer Target Ads Software, Social Media Ads Optimization. Official Price: $97 Special Discount: 25%-OFF Discount (Just valid within 24hrs) Bonuses:Yes! You will get 2 extremely giant bonus packs. Click to see $12700 Bonuses pack and $9700 Bonuses pack! It's very huge - You will get 2 wonderful bonus bundle that could help you earn +$135,000 in 18 months. SOCIAL INTEREST FREAK - WHAT IS IT? It is a powerful Facebook Software that allows you to LASER-TARGET your Facebook Ad Campaigns like never before. This technology was only available to Facebook Managed Corporate Clients before Social Interest Freak was created. Now, this power is at the Finger-Tips of the ‘Average Joe & Jane’ marketers in the world. All built off the latest Facebook API (Application Program Interface) that was released to developers only a few weeks ago! Social Interest Freak is an amazing new Facebook targeting tool that lets you uncover interests, behaviors, demographics and other advanced targets and then target a combination of these

  3. targets using intersection, union and exclusion. To date, no other software tool out there lets you do this in such an easy drag and drop manner. With Social Interest Freak, the average user now has the same power as the select few advertisers who are able to utilize this powerful targeting capability on the Facebook ads platform. The first Facebook targeting tool of its kind with a killer sales page to ensure high EPCs (Earnings Per Click) for the best Facebook software tool of the year. Letting you know of a NEW Facebook software tool that has JUST hit the market... by the creator of Social Lead Freak, which was one of the biggest Facebook Marketing products to ever be released in early 2013. Now, he's released his new 'Social Interest Freak' desktop software that is built on Adobe AIR just like Social Lead Freak, so it's fully compatible for both PC's & Macs. New for 2015 & Beyond. You want to see the new Social Interest Freak in action? Just keep reading... SOCIAL INTEREST FREAK - KEY FEATURES Social Interest Freak uses the latest Facebook API that was released to developers only a few weeks ago. So this is Cutting Edge Technology at your Finger Tips! The Facebook Marketing & Targeting, which his new Social Interest Freak does, was only available to Corporate level advertisers, that set up direct accounts with Facebook, so basically major companies that spend millions on Facebook for Marketing. But now, The Average Joe or Jane marketer, small business owner & budding entrepreneur can all market in the same ways as the Big Boys do.

  4. Social Interest Freak lets you take advantage of the latest breakthrough(s) in Facebook Ads Targeting: 1.Facebook Interest 'AND' targeting with as many levels as you would like. Super focus on your audience. (never possible before) 2.Ability to omit details of pre-set Interest(s) in Facebook Ads Manager. (never possible before) 3.Now you can fine tune your Facebook Ad campaign with Demographic parameters of Facebook Users. (education, job title, etc.) 4.You can also add that your Facebook Ad campaigns are only targeting Facebook Users with 'certain online behaviors', for example Facebook Users that have spent $$$ online. [VERY powerful and smart] (never waste ads on Facebook users that have never spent $ online). 5.Advanced Targeting Parameters based on Facebook Users Income Levels and so much more. 6.ALL this done with super-simple 'Drag & Drop' Ease AND all linked to your Facebook Ads Manager... So everything you do in Social Interest Freak is automatically updated in your Facebook Ads Account(s). Social Interest Freak instantly updates your Facebook Ad Campaign targeting with 'One- Click'. Definitely get in on this amazing solution for ALL your Facebook Marketing, regardless of what Niche you're in. Bring back the "Heydays" of Facebook marketing once again! SOCIAL INTEREST FREAK - HOW TO USE IT? It is an easy-to-use Software Solution. Definitely get in on this amazing solution for ALL your Facebook Marketing, regardless of what niche you're in. Through only 3 simple steps: Step #1: Pick your interests, behaviors and demographics to target. Step #2: Copy the targets to the targeter tab with one click of a button. Step #3: Drag and drop the targets and then click one button to update the adset.

  5. Check-Out His Powerful Video Demo That Show-Cases ALL That It Does. >>><<< SOCIAL INTEREST FREAK - WHY SHOULD YOU USE IT? People are always talking about finding your 'unfair advantage' and utilizing that. Let's face up to overwhelming unfair advantage, business isn't a level playing field. Never has been, never will be. Because the reality is that to win in business, you need an unfair advantage. For the longest time, big advertisers with deep pockets have always had the advantage over the little guy. Actually, it's not just the money they have to spend, it's the tools they have access to that give them the extra edge. When it comes to Facebook advertising, these guys are able to really drill down and be extremely specific about who they want to target. They can do interest intersection targeting, to target only those people who like interest a AND interest b AND interest c AND so on. They can exclude people who do not like a particular interest. All these tools are not available to the average joe, and thus far are unreachable for the little guy! But now, it's your turn. With Social Interest Freak, you can easily access to these powerful targeting capabilities instantly! You even get to go above and beyond to target behaviors, including people who have made payments over the last 30 days, or even target based on a household income level... and so much more. Successful marketers are always on the look out for tools that can give them that extra edge over others, because sometimes, that edge is all that's required to leave the rest in the dust. Today, Social Interest Freak is YOUR unfair advantage.

  6. Windows of opportunity don't stay open forever, so the faster you take action, the better off you'll be. Because the flip side is that if you wait, this window of opportunity will close and someone else will have the advantage over you. Don't let that happen - get the unfair advantage for yourself. It's the smartest way to really win in this game. TAKE ACTION RIGHT NOW... You will also get 2 giant bonus packs that value over $24,000 from us! ALL THAT YOU NEED TO DO NOW IS CLICK HERE TO GET A SOCIAL INTEREST FREAK AND GRAB ITS HUGE BONUSES INSTANTLY!!!!

  7. Hurry Up... Take Action Right Now! But it just limited to the first 20 fastest people! Don't waste your precious time! Take action right now! Right Here!! Click here to see more detail of: 1.Giant Bonus Pack at $12700 2.Special Bonus Pack at $9700 Three simple steps to claim these massive bonus packs! Step 1: Press (Ctrl + Shift + Delete) Or Clean/Delete all cookie and cache of your internet browser. Step 2:Click Here to Social Interest Freak Step 3: After completing the transaction, forward the receipt to my email at this contact page! You will receive 2 bonus packs (Giant Pack at $12700 + Special Pack at $9700)within20 Hours.

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