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Initiative Presentation

Initiative Presentation

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Initiative Presentation

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  1. Governance Initiative Presentation

  2. Summary • Context and Vision • Alenet Project Overview • Alenet Structure and Streams Cod. AT-PO-1103-02-A-1

  3. Product Technologies Roadmap "Market Value" Technologies Roadmap • Aeronautical Platform Systems of Systems • Aircraft Integrated Operative Environment Integration • Smart Structure • Nanotechnologies • Green Aircraft • Multifunctional Embedded Structure • Electrical Systems • Health Management • Advanced Structure and Material • On Board Systems 2007 2010 2015 2020 Cod. AT-PO-1103-02-A-1

  4. Enabling Technologies Roadmap "Market Enabler" Technologies Roadmap • Virtual validation of process and operation scenarios Integration • Physical and Virtual Integrated Validation • Full Lifecycle Simulation • Collaborative Extended Enterprise • Multi-disciplinary and Multi-physics • Virtual Prototyping & Testing • High Power Computing • Extended Workflow • Integrated DMU CAE 2007 2010 2015 2020 Cod. AT-PO-1103-02-A-1

  5. External and Internal Factors Exogenous factors Endogenous Factors • Concept of Extended Enterprise more and more developed and asserted • Global Collaborative Environment as necessity • Growing Competition from Emerging Countries • R&D evolution: • Project Team more and more de-located • “real-time” Collaboration • Design and production new methodologies and techniques • Innovation with Federative team • Intellectual Property Rights management inside the Extended Enterprise • Offset as lever for market share increase • Alenia Aeronautica Multiplicity role according to the various programs • Significant increasing of activity plan • Efficiency increasing in defense of the revenue • Necessity of evolution and optimization of the supplier base • Necessity to capitalize the know-how developed in the engineering activities and in the production processes • Leveraging on the long period rate with the customer • Next 5 years plan: doubled revenues Alenia Aeronautica is subjected to many external and internal factors that push both toward new competitive positions and toward a reorganization of the company value chain. Cod. AT-PO-1103-02-A-1

  6. Alenia Aeronautica Business Models Alenia Aeronautica has to be flexible enough to support the following business models Integration between major item manufacturers New partnership models (small prime) • High volume of activities (design and fabrication) towards subcontractor (collaborative engineering environment) • Information consolidation for the certification for the prime • Integration with the suppliers distributed at the global level (Russia, China,…) • Sharing the Project documentation (e.g. share information on interfaced items) • Sharing the information with the subcontractors of other major equipment manufacturers Integration with the clients as a prime contractor Collaboration models with AMI more tight • Management and consolidation of the requirements demanded by customers • Evolution of the model of customer collaboration towards value added services (e.g. configuration, operative documentation,…) • Direct integration with the national client and reduction of the relationships currently managed through the consortium • Compliance with AER-00-00-6 Cod. AT-PO-1103-02-A-1

  7. Summary • Context and Vision • Alenet Project Overview • Alenet Structure and Streams Cod. AT-PO-1103-02-A-1

  8. Methodology Process Alenet Organization Competence Tools Change Envelope and Approach Alenet project is a turnaround project focused on designing and implementing an extended enterprise operating model that guarantees every business role for Alenia Aeronautica and that provides more value to their customers and partners • Improve Concurrent Engineering • Improve collaboration with clients, partners and suppliers along whole product lifecycle • Optimize business processes by leveraging on new ICT technologies • Enable processes to improve knowledge management • Identify organizational changes to improve concurrence and external collaboration • Set specific organizational mechanism to manage and to protect know how • Standardize internal processes and way of work • Identify, collect and leveraging on best practices (defined internally and externally) • Update internal methodologies to best of breed • Identify optimum skills profile • Map current skills situation • Manage skills gaps and plan the transition • Adjust internal ICT applications to current market standards • Put applications to support collaboration and concurrence • Guarantee a robust and effective vault to manage product-related information Processi Cross-Funzionali Cod. AT-PO-1103-02-A-1

  9. Application field IT , HR , CFO Sales&Marketing Studi Avanz. e avamprogetto Projecting / Operation SBUL PRODUCT/ PROCESS DEVELOPMENT, PRODUCTION PDT. SUPPORT PDT. DEFINITION Application Field The application field of the Alenet project is a sub-group of the product lifecycle: the identified requirements (which are managed during the whole lifecycle) are the input, the product delivered to the client is the output. Cod. AT-PO-1103-02-A-1

  10. Alenet Project Modules Cross-functional management of product/process technical doc. Requirements management and performance achievement Changes management Project and Product Time and Costs Management Product Set Ups: green + optional Build Optimization Make or Buy Collaboration Concurrency Model Alenet operates on the core activities of the Product Lifecycle both directly and through primary enabling factors (ICT Security and infrastructure policies) following an approach structured per modules and phases Cod. AT-PO-1103-02-A-1

  11. Customer Delivery Option Catalog Certification Mapping Standard to Serial Numbers Program Master Table Monitoring Customer contract Program Steering Conformity Investigations Commissions Decision Applicability As Contracted Document / Content Management Change Dossier Deviations Program Management Change control & Traceability Workflow Management Change Orchestration RequirementManagement As Designed As Planned Resources As Built(As Delivered) As Maintained Collaboration Network Product, Process & Resources Management Knowledge Management C A EManagement C A DManagement C A TManagement C A MManagement C A P PManagement Product / Simulation and Prototyping ( virtual & physical ) Catia v4 Catia v5 Word Excel HMS CAPP CASE Et…. Security / Communication Management Creation Tools Technology Infrastructure, System Integration Alenet Model Cod. AT-PO-1103-02-A-1

  12. Summary • Context and Vision • Alenet Project Overview • Alenet Structure and Streams Cod. AT-PO-1103-02-A-1

  13. The world’s most successful firms are becoming “specialized enterprises” focusing on a few critical components Componentized Enterprise Specialized Enterprise Enterprise Optimized Business Components Business Components Internal Specialization Traditional Enterprise Networked Enterprise Silo 1 ExternalPartner Silo 1 Business Unit Optimized Silo 2 Silo 2 Silo 3 Silo 3 Business Functions Business Functions Internally Integrated Industry Networked External Specialization Alenet Project Streams: CBM Executive Summary #4 Cod. AT-PO-1103-02-A-1

  14. Alenet Project Streams: BPR M3 M5 M7 M13 Product Development Process Development FEASABILITY CONCEPT DEFINITION DEVELOPMENT SERIES Support Development Master Geometry Design Principles Space Allocation Mock-up Simulation Design Reference Base Frontier Models Definition Mock-up Definition Dossier Tooling Principles Tooling Design Numeric Command Support Specification Shop Floor Instructions Support Requirements Support Elements Design Support Elements Development Support Processes (Conf Mngt, Review, etc …) Integrated Project Teams (IPT) Cod. AT-PO-1103-02-A-1

  15. Configuration & Change Management Digital Mock-up Management Manufacturing Engineering Digital Manufacturing Management Alenet Project Streams: PLM Cod. AT-PO-1103-02-A-1

  16. High Power Computing Full Scale Testing Alenet Project Streams: VPPS Virtual Product Virtual Laboratory Virtual Manufacturing Virtual Utilization Concept Performance Industrialization Operation Vision Concept Experience Definition Synthesis Manufacturing Maintenance Recycling Multi-disciplinary Simulation Process, Data & Knowledge Management Cod. AT-PO-1103-02-A-1

  17. Key Application View Data / information Alenet Project Streams: System Integration\Infrastructure Unique point of information exchange with partners/suppliers for technical (engineering/manufacturing) data TEMPI STANDARD PLM Legacy Legacy ERP CONFIGURATION THROUGH CHANGE MANAGEMENT Schematic, wiring list, … P/N and electrical data Mod STATUS: DESIGNED Mod. STATUS: EMBODIEMENT AS TO BE BUILT Legacy CLASSIFICATION SW code Only For Reference (to Be Confirmed) AS DESIGNED AS PLANNED P/N P/N, MBOM Assembled S/N Legacy Manuf. cycles Assembly Cycles 3D / 2D parts mod NC part PGM • Assembled P/N • Assembled SN (parts and equipment) • Missing PN • Outstandingworks • Work orders 3D / 2D Tool FUNCTIONAL VIEW Legacy AS BUILT Requirements AS DELIVERED Waiver/Concession PLANT AUTOMATION SDM CAE CAE DATA Output report Models Analysis input conditions Only master data are represented Cod. AT-PO-1103-02-A-1

  18. Wrap-up Conclusions • In order to face successfully the incoming change of the worldwide business model, Alenia is engaged in a challenging evolution of technology and process • This innovation is a mandatory requirement to sustain the market competitiveness for a global player role pursued by Alenia • Alenet Project has been conceived in this perspective through two main streams of: • New Integrated PLM • Virtual Prototyping and Testing Cod. AT-PO-1103-02-A-1

  19. Governance Initiative presentation The End