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The Bunyans

The Bunyans

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The Bunyans

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  1. The Bunyans Week 28 Day 3

  2. Question Of The Day What are some things in your area that could be called colossal?

  3. Focus Skill: Figurative Language Page 722

  4. As we read the next selection, look for features of expository text such as: • facts, photographs, explanations, information.

  5. ~Authors use phrases that make their writing more interesting and help readers picture the events. *These phrases often include figurative language.* ~In figurative language, the meaning of a group of words may be different from the words’ individual meanings. Page 722

  6. A simile is a comparison that uses like or as.The man is as strong as an ox. Page 722

  7. A metaphor describes a thing as something else.The rainbow was a bright ribbon across the sky.

  8. An idiom is a word group with a special meaning.Jen spilled the beans about the surprise party.

  9. Personification gives human qualities to an animal or object.The marbles tried to escape. Page 722

  10. Hyperbole is an obvious exaggeration.I must have seen a million birds that day.

  11. **Copy the following chart in to your Reading notes Page 723

  12. Figurative Language Practice: Look for an example of figurative language on page 729 in your reading book. In paragraph 5, (with a grin on his face as wide as the Missouri River-simile and hyperbole)

  13. On page 735 look at paragraph 4 for another example of figurative language. (What’s the big idea…-idiom)

  14. Look for an example of figurative language on page 740. In paragraph 2, (spitting image-idiom; what he’s up to-idiom; only time will tell-idiom)

  15. Comprehension Strategy !! All readers come across some things as they read that are unclear to them !! ~~Good readers pay attention to how well they are understanding what they read, and when they realize they are not comprehending something, they pause to clear up their confusion. Rereading is one way of clearing up confusion.

  16. Lesson 28 Vocabulary

  17. behemoth Something called a behemoth is extremely large.

  18. cordially To say something cordially is to say it in a warm, friendly way.

  19. hearty If a meal is hearty, it is satisfying and includes plenty of good food.

  20. fanciful Something that is fanciful is not real but comes from the imagination.

  21. scenic A scenic place has lovely natural features, such as trees, cliffs, or bodies of water.

  22. colossal Something that is colossal if huge.

  23. illusion An illusion is something that is not really what it appears to be.

  24. Practice Book page 163

  25. Page 744

  26. Fluency: Expression Open your reading book to page 729. Follow along as I read the passage. Pay attention to my use of volume and tone to communicate the characters’ feelings as well as the overall mood of the passage. After I have read the passage you will choral-read with me.

  27. Spelling Words : Homophones There They’re Their Sent Scent Hour Our Seam Seem Plain Plane piece peace Two Too To Whole Hole Pail Pale Challenge Words: Chord Cord Heir Morning Mourning

  28. Writing Prompt Many states contain landmarks or natural wonders. Think about a landmark or natural wonder you’ve seen or read about. Now, write a tall tale about how that landmark or natural wonder was found.