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Lesson Two

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Lesson Two

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  1. Lesson Two Waiting for the Police

  2. Setting • This story is set in a boarding house where life, especially evening life, is notoriously dull for the odd collection of people who live there. • But one of the guests manages to think of something which does stir up quite a bit of interest.

  3. Characters try to keep everyone talking Mrs. Mayton landlady Mr. Monty Smith as polite as pale keep any ball rolling Miss Wicks oldest knitting all the time

  4. Characters young lovely Bella not particularly smart walk in sleep, doze all the time Mr. Calthrop middle-aged eccentric intelligent have a chilling effect possess a brain Mr. Penbury

  5. Structure Part I(Paras. 1—11) Part II (Paras. 12—33) Part III (Paras. 34—88) Part IV (Paras. 89—91) an idle discussion about where Mr. Wainwright has gone and serving to introduce the characters who live in the boarding-house. Mr. Penbury announces that Mr. Wainwright is dead. Mr. Penbury direct a general rehearsal of their alibis while waiting for the police. a suspense ending

  6. Humor The author skillfully mixed humorous elements in his story, which help to make the characterization and the plot more vivid and interesting. Read the following examples from the text and try to analyze the humorous effects.

  7. Humor He was as polite as he was pale. (be polite because of being pale) She had knitting for seventy years, and looked good for another seventy. (Hyperbole is used to achieve humor) Bella was the boarding-house lovely, but no one taken advantage of the fact. (No one is interested in her)

  8. Humor She had promised to knit at her funeral. (Is it possible to do sth. at one’s own funeral?) “Only one?” I answered “You’re luckier than I am.” (self-mockery to imply a lot people hate him) “But let me suggest that you give the statement to the police with slightly less emphasis.” (the satirical tone to imply that he might no be telling the truth.)

  9. form: the shape and structure of an objectinform: in 在 内+form形状;在心里造成形状就引申为通知 …… 符合,使一致 变形 告知错误的信息 履行,执行 改革,重新组成 转换,使 变形 形成,构成,编队 格式,形式,版式 …… conform deform misinform perform reform transform formation format

  10. scribe: from Late Latin “scrĪe” : to write:写,记下 归因于,归咎于 描写,记述,形容 记下 指示,规定,开药 订阅,签署 转录 ascribe describe inscribe prescribe subscribe transcribe

  11. erupt rupt:from Latin “rumpere” : to break abrupt bankrupt erupt corrupt disrupt interrupt rupture 突然,陡峭的 破产 喷出,爆发 腐烂,堕落 使中断,使破裂 打断,中断 破裂,裂开

  12. Suffix— -mit: Latin suffix: to send 呈交,放开admit: ad-=to 向,对 admit commit emit remit transmit 允许,接纳 把······交托给,提交 发出,放射 汇出,传送 传输,传达